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Submersible Pump – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A submersible pump is the device of choice when it comes to moving water from one place to another continuously and in large quantities. However, due to the wide variety of products available, choosing one can be difficult. For this reason, we will mention some of the most popular, such as the Greencut BAS125C water pump, which can be used professionally or domestically, since it has 1250 W of power and incorporates 14 turbines for optimal performance. On the other hand, the Einhell GC-DP 7835 can pump up to 15,700 liters per hour and is suitable for clean and dirty water.

The 9 Best Submersible Pumps – Opinions 2022

Regardless of whether it is an overflowing basement, a swimming pool to be cleaned or you simply need to draw water from a well, this device can be the most successful solution. For this reason, we have made a list of some of the best submersible pumps of 2022, to help you choose a piece of equipment that suits your needs.

submersible well pump

1. Greencut BAS125C Submersible Well Water Pump 

It is a submersible well pump designed to work with clear water. In this case, it has a good performance motor that can generate a power of 1,250 W and 1.7 HP, enough to provide a water flow of up to 5,460 liters per hour.

As for the pumping height, it can reach from 25 to 101 m, which allows you to adapt it to wells of different depths for greater versatility. It is important to mention that the outlet diameter is 3.17 cm, which can speed up pumping to move large amounts of water.

In addition, it is made up of a stainless steel casing that can prevent oxidation to extend the useful life of the equipment. As if that were not enough, it is certified against the effects of prolonged immersion and withstands contact with dust and other dirt.

The best submersible pump of the moment should be resistant and efficient, like this model. However, it is good to review its main features in greater depth before making a decision.


Power: It offers a power of 1.7 CV and 1250 W, so it has a good performance.

Height: It is capable of pumping water at a height between 25 and 101 m, for greater versatility.

Outlet: The outlet diameter of the flow is 3.17 cm, wide enough to pump more water in less time.



Materials: The motor control box is made of plastic, so it is not very resistant to falls and strong impacts.

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Dirty water submersible pump

2. Einhell GC-DP 7835 Dirty water pump 

It is a submersible dirty water pump that can be used in wells, ponds and gardens. In this sense, it has a power of 780 W, enough to extract a volume of water of up to 15,700 liters per hour.

For added functionality, it has a water level detector that can give you non-stop pumping for increased efficiency. In addition, it offers a water flow with a maximum height of 8 m, which is appropriate for placing the pump in areas of a certain depth.

In terms of design, it includes a housing made of impact-resistant plastic and fine steel, capable of withstanding wear and constant use to promote a long service life. As if that were not enough, it has a top handle that facilitates transport and has a space to collect the power cable.

Many think this is the best value for money submersible pump as it provides what you need and doesn’t cost too much money. Therefore, we invite you to review its pros and cons.


Performance: It offers a power of 780 W, which allows it to pump water at a rate of 15,700 liters per hour, which indicates good performance.

Handle: It has a carrying handle at the top to move the device easily.

Compatibility: The water outlet is compatible with 25 and 32 mm hoses for greater versatility.



Bottom: It is possible that a few centimeters of water remain to be evacuated at the bottom, since the suction turbine is approximately 10 cm from the ground.

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solar submersible pump

3. Maxin Pool Fountain Power Pump Panel Kit

This solar submersible pump works automatically as it does not require a battery or electrical power. In this sense, it has a high-tech panel that uses sunlight to generate the energy necessary to activate the pump, resulting in a more ecological hydraulic system.

Regarding the water output, the submersible pump has several nozzles that can provide flows of different patterns, which increases versatility. Therefore, this model is suitable for placing in fish tanks, ponds, bird baths, among others.

It is important to mention that it can pump up to 150 liters per hour, enough to favor the circulation of water in very small spaces. On the other hand, the flow of water can reach a height of up to 70 cm, which will depend on the intensity of sunlight.

It is normal to wonder which is the best submersible pump when looking at the wide variety of models available. To help you, we detail the pros and cons of this device.


Ecological: It has a solar panel that receives sunlight to produce energy, which provides a more ecological operation.

Size: The panel has a compact design of only 11 x 11 cm, so it takes up little space.

Output: It has different heads that can provide different water patterns, which provides greater functionality.



Power: It can generate a maximum power of 1.2 W, which could be very little when compared to other submersible models in the selection.

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Spain submersible pump

4. Espa Leader Bora 95 4 M Submersible Well Pump

It is an Espa submersible pump that can be used to pump clean water in pressure equipment, domestic supply, sprinkler irrigation, among others. In this sense, it is possible to submerge it to a depth of up to 7 m, as long as the water temperature is at a maximum of 40 ° C.

Also, it offers a power of 1200 W, so it can provide a maximum flow of 5500 liters per hour, which is a good performance. In addition, it is capable of reaching a pumping height of 54 m, enough to introduce the pump into small wells and other deeper places.

As for the design, it has a stainless steel structure, which provides hardness and resistance to shocks, which increases its useful life. It also offers IP68 protection, to prevent the entry of dust and allow permanent immersion without reducing its durability.

Espa is considered by many to be the best brand of submersible pumps. Therefore, if you are looking for a powerful and high-quality model, you might be interested in the Bora 95 4 M.


Resistance: It has a stainless steel structure and has IP68 protection, so it offers a long useful life.

Float: Includes a float that stops the pump when the space runs out of water, which prevents operational problems.

Performance: It offers 1200 W of power to generate a water flow of up to 5500 liters per hour.



Weight: This pump has a weight of 13 kg, so it is a little heavier than other models, so it is not practical to move.

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12V submersible pump

5. Shyliyu Submersible Water Pumps 12V 

It is a 12V submersible pump that can generate a power of 130 W. It is also available in a 24V presentation with 260 W, which allows you to choose the most suitable one according to your needs.

In this sense, it serves to supply water in different situations and environments, either professionally in construction areas or domestically in gardens and aquariums. Likewise, it is important to note that it can be used in clean or dirty water, making it one of the most versatile.

On the other hand, the cylindrical body of the pump is made of stainless steel, so it is able to withstand constant use, abrasion and shock for greater durability. Similarly, it has a plastic handle that allows you to transport it comfortably.

The best submersible pump must be suitable for use in ponds, wells, fountains, among others. For this reason, we mention the pros and cons of this model.


Performance: It has 130 W of power, to generate a water flow of up to 3000 liters per hour.

Versatility: It is a versatile pump, since it is capable of pumping dirty or clean water.

Size: It measures 18 x 14 x 26 cm, making it a compact model that can be inserted into narrow spaces.



Outlet: The diameter of the water outlet could be larger than expected, so in some cases it is necessary to use an adapter for a better grip.

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24V submersible pump

6. Eco-Worthy Submersible Water Well Pump

This 24V submersible pump can be powered by a battery, wind generator or solar panel system, allowing you to adapt it to your possibilities. In addition, it offers 120 W of power to provide optimal performance.

Importantly, it has enough strength to pump water to a height of 70m, which makes it suitable for livestock irrigation, remote house water supply and well emptying, thus offering different usage possibilities. Similarly, it is designed to withstand immersion up to 30 m.

On the other hand, this pump generates almost no noise, is resistant to corrosion and has protection against changes in temperature, thus providing a long service life. As if that were not enough, its power connector is sealed to prevent water condensation.

If you need a versatile water pump that can be adapted to your home’s energy system, it is recommended that you take a closer look at this option.


Pumping: It is capable of pumping water to a height of 70 m, which increases its functionality.

Immersion: This pump can remain submerged to a maximum depth of 30 meters.

Resistance: Its casing has been made of stainless steel, so it can resist corrosion and temperature changes.



Flow: It offers a water flow of 720 liters per hour, so it may be at a disadvantage compared to other pumps with a higher capacity.

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Submersible Fountain Pump

7. MVPower Submersible Water Pump 

This is a submersible pump for fountain, pond, aquarium or hydroponic system. In this sense, it can be used to speed up the flow, filter dirt in small spaces and oxygenate the water, which provides your fish and other aquatic animals with a cleaner and healthier ecosystem.

In terms of performance, it offers a power of 40 W, enough to produce a maximum flow of 3,000 liters per hour, which increases its efficiency. To increase connection possibilities, the water outlet is compatible with 19, 22 and 25mm hoses.

In terms of design, the casing is made of ABS plastic, the shaft is made of ceramic, and the motor is made of pure copper, providing great durability. As if that were not enough, it generates almost no noise, which helps to create a more comfortable environment.

If you want a submersible pump at an affordable price, then you should really get to know this device as it is one of the cheapest on the list.


Suction cups: It has 4 strong and detachable suction cups that can provide greater stability.

Outlet: It incorporates an outlet at the top, which helps to oxygenate and filter impurities from the water.

Silent: It generates almost no noise, so it is suitable for placing in aquariums, fountains and ponds without causing inconvenience.



Elevation: It can only raise the water to a height of 2.8 m, so it is not a suitable pump for wells or places of great depth.

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Clean water submersible pump

8. Trotec Submersible Clear Water Pump TWP 4005 E

It is a submersible clean water pump, which has a power of 400 W and is capable of moving up to 7,000 liters of water per hour. Therefore, it is a high-performance device that can be used for draining flat surfaces, as well as for pumping swimming pools or flooded basements.

It is important to mention that the water outlet is compatible with 25 and 32 mm diameter hoses to adapt it to your needs. Likewise, it is a pump suitable for clean water, but it can process large particles of up to 5 mm in diameter.

To increase resistance, it has IPX8 protection, which prevents water from entering the device when it is submerged for a long time, which increases its durability.

If you are still wondering which submersible pump to buy, it is convenient that you take into account the pros and cons of this model before selecting one.


Suction: It is capable of sucking up water at a height of 3 mm from the ground, which provides better finishes.

Immersion: It can be submerged to a depth of 7.5 m and offers IPX8 protection to prevent the entry of water during immersion.

Performance: It has 400 W of power, which allows it to pump up to 7,000 liters of water per hour.



Instructions: The package does not include an instruction manual in Spanish. However, it is possible to download it from the manufacturer’s website.

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small submersible pump

9. Flintronic Mini Water Pump 

This small submersible pump is suitable for aquariums, birdbaths, fountains, and more. In this sense, it has a filter function that reduces dirt particles inside the tank and, at the same time, helps to oxygenate the water.

On the other hand, it can offer from 1 to 3 W of power and is capable of providing a flow rate of 200 liters per hour, enough to circulate water correctly in small spaces. Also, this model is powered via a 1.4cm USB cable, which might be more convenient for running the pump.

It is important to note that its casing is made of plastic, but the shaft is made of ceramic and the motor is made of pure copper, which increases its resistance. As if that were not enough, it has suction cups on the inside to provide stability to the structure.

This is one of the cheapest submersible pumps in the selection, so it is convenient that you know its most important positive and negative aspects before making the purchase.


Power: It is powered through a USB connector, so it is one of the most practical.

Functions: It is capable of increasing the circulation of water in the space while filtering dirt.

Practicality: It is only 3.7 x 4 x 2.6 cm in size and weighs only 100 grams, making it easy to install and transport.



Noise: It could be noisy compared to other similar models, so it is recommended not to place it in rest rooms.

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Accessories for submersible pump

Flexible hose for submersible pump

Silverline 633827 Layflat Water Discharge Hose

It is a flexible hose for submersible pump that is 10 m long and 25 mm in diameter.

However, you can get it in the presentations of 32, 40 and 50 mm thickness to choose the one that best suits your equipment.

Also, it comes in a bright blue color for easy viewing from a distance.

As for the materials, it is made of PVC, so it is flexible and resistant to provide greater durability.

In this sense, it is designed to be used for emptying swimming pools, ponds, ditches and flooded areas, making it a versatile hose.

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Shopping guide

All submersible pumps have one main function, which is to move water from one place to another. However, not all of them do it the same way or work optimally in all scenarios. Therefore, we have made a guide to buy the best submersible pump, with the most important aspects that you should know before selecting one.


There are two main types of submersible pumps: clean water and dirty water. In this sense, each one is suitable for different environments. For example, the former is mainly used for pure water or water with very small dirt particles, while dirty water pumps are especially suitable for highly polluted water bodies, in which a large amount of solid elements float.

Clean water pumps are generally used for tank trucks and other public bodies to supply pure or drinking water in a short time. Likewise, if your basement is full of water or a faulty washing machine causes a flood, a clean water submersible pump can help solve the problem. Also, it is used to empty swimming pools and draw water from wells, making it very versatile.

Dirty water pumps, on the other hand, come in handy for vacuuming out digging holes or muddy ponds. Likewise, they are suitable for construction sites where we can find water with gravel, sand or small stones floating. In this case, a powerful pump is necessary to allow the passage of large particles.

Additionally, it is good to know that there are some compact size models that are intended for filtering impurities from clean water. However, they are mainly suitable for fish tanks, aquariums, ponds and small spaces with aquatic life, since these devices cannot move large amounts of water.


When making a comparison of submersible pumps, we can discover that the delivery rate is very important when choosing a model, since it can even define how much it costs and its usefulness. In this regard, if you have a little water damage in your basement, then a good, inexpensive pump with a low flow rate may suffice. In this case, a machine that can transfer between 150 and 3000 liters per hour is recommended.

On the other hand, if you want to constantly draw water from wells to increase the water supply in the house or irrigate plantations, then you must have a high-performance equipment. Therefore, models that provide from 5,500 to 7,000 liters per hour are recommended. Similarly, there are pumps for professional use that can move about 16,000 liters per hour, but they usually have a higher price.

height and immersion

The maximum delivery height of a submersible pump is a very relevant aspect if you plan to use it to move water over a long distance, as happens in wells. In this sense, we can find models that provide from a few meters to 100 m of flow height and even more. Also, some pumps can offer from a few centimeters to several meters of height, so they are designed for recreational use in fountains or to circulate water in fish tanks and aquariums.

When it comes to submersion, most pumps can be submerged for a long time, but not all pumps perform optimally at any depth. In this sense, there are models suitable for shallow wells and others that are suitable for depths of 30 m or more.

Also, it is good to know that some submersible pumps have a float. This element ensures that the machine turns on and off depending on the water level. In this way, you can maintain a constant flow of water for a long period of time, as well as stop the device in case the water is scarce.


For a submersible pump to last long, it is necessary to ensure that the important parts are made of a resistant material, as this can provide a robust structure. In this sense, stainless steel submersible pumps are the most used in wells or places of great depth, where they have to work automatically for long periods of time. However, the disadvantage of stainless steel is weight, which could make it difficult to install and move the pump.

On the other hand, submersible pumps made of plastic are lighter. In addition, there is currently a wide variety of plastics such as ABS and PVC that usually provide robust structures, capable of withstanding contact with external agents and resisting daily operation without major complications. However, these types of pumps do not withstand shocks, which you should consider if you plan to use them in difficult environments.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How does a submersible water pump work?

A submersible pump, as its name indicates, works completely submerged in water, so the motor that comes in the body of the device is hermetically sealed. In this way, the internal gears and circuits are completely isolated from moisture.

Broadly speaking, we can say that the operation is as follows. When turning on the device, the kinetic energy is converted into centrifugal energy by the action of the motor. This allows pressure to be increased to lift the water up and out of the well. However, some pumps may have a slightly different way of working depending on the make and model. 

Q2: How to put pressure switch in submersible pump?

The pressure switch is the mechanical relay that activates or deactivates according to the pressure of the water in the pipe. Therefore, it is a fundamental part of a typical circuit in a pressure scheme. It works with two independent screws, one to adjust the pump shut-off pressure and the other to control the minimum pressure difference for the pump to start. 

To connect the device, you must have two electrical cables with three contacts: one is for power and the other comes from the water pump. The pressure switch has holes on the sides to insert these cables. In this case, the ground wires go on the bottom screws, while the phase 1 and phase 2 wires go on the top 4 screws. It is important to follow the color code of the cables to avoid confusion.

Q3: How to install a submersible pump?

Generally, it is recommended to hire a professional technical service to carry out this type of installation. However, it is good to know that it is not an overly complex process. So if you have some experience with electrical and hydraulic assemblies, you may be able to do it yourself. For this, you need to have all the accessories that come with the device. If your pump does not have connectors, you must purchase them separately. 

The elements that are connected directly to the pump usually have a thread, so it is necessary to apply special Teflon for pipes, so that the connection is completely sealed. For greater tightening capacity, we must use a wrench. You will also need a polyurethane hose through which the water will circulate and a coated steel cable, which will serve to submerge the pump and extract it when necessary.

Q4: How to disassemble a submersible pump?

The first step in disassembling the pump is to unplug the power cord, as this is the safest way to work. These types of pumps are usually several meters below the ground, so to get them out of the well you have to pull the auxiliary steel cable. The process must be slow to prevent the pump from hitting the walls inside the well. Once it is on the surface, you can proceed to remove the hydraulic and electrical connections, to finally take the device to the technical service or replace it with a new one in case it has reached its useful life.

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