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Mouse Trap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Mice are harmful rodents that contaminate food and cause serious illness in humans. Eliminating them from our environment can be a difficult task, given the speed with which they multiply; so traps could be the safest and most hygienic option. One of the models that might interest you is the Giverny 6 units, a reusable, resistant trap, easy to configure and with a sensitive pedal. Another efficient alternative is the Silverline Tools Fixman 197512, a cage-type model that easily captures them alive, so you can later release them into the wild.

The 9 Best Mouse Traps – Opinions 2022

When you put rat poison in, you run the risk of dealing with the bad odor of the decomposing body; in addition to the danger that the use of these toxic substances represents for children and pets. For this reason, we present a selection of the best traps that could help you control these rodents.

homemade trap for live mice

1. Giverny Easy and Safe Rat & Mouse Trap

Compared to a homemade trap for live mice, this model could help you eliminate these undesirable animals. In this sense, Giverny has designed this trap in an improved format, which uses a capture mechanism similar to that of the old models, with which you will be able to catch these rodents quickly and safely.

It is considered by many to be among the best mousetraps of 2022, since it is a resistant product made of ABS plastic and with a high rate of effectiveness. You can mount the trap either indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs.

On the other hand, it has a design that allows you to put the bait with ease and, thanks to its simple configuration, you only need to squeeze the trap on its back until it is locked and ready for use.

If what you are looking for is a small, manageable and effective trap, this model could interest you. Read on and learn more about this product.


Pack: With the purchase you will receive 6 units to cover various areas; You will also receive a pair of latex gloves for added hygiene.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 10 x 14 x 8 cm, which favors that you can put it anywhere.

Reusable: It is reusable, because it is made of ABS plastic, since you can easily clean it.


Pets: You should be careful with your pets and avoid mounting the trap in a place that is easily accessible to them, as it could cause serious injuries.

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mouse trap

2. Silverline Tools Fixman 197512 Rodent Trapping Cage

If you are one of the humanitarian people, who are looking for a trap to catch live mice that later allows them to be released into the wild; this Silverline model is designed for you. Not only is it one of the cheap traps on the market, but it also offers you high-quality materials. For this reason, it could be considered the best price-quality mousetrap.

Among its most outstanding features we have its cage-type format, which is made of resistant wire mesh and a plywood base, which favors that you can use it as many times as you want.

Its capture mechanism is simple and efficient, since the door closes quickly once the mouse enters and tries to take the food, leaving it trapped inside. In addition, it also has a carrying handle that improves handling.

With an experience of more than 40 years in the market, manufacturing high quality tools and products, Silverline could be the best mousetrap brand. Analyze the pros and cons of this model


Materials: It is a durable and reusable cage, since it is made of metal and a high-quality plywood base.

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 25 x 9 x 9 cm, which allows you to put it in small spaces.

Utility : It is recommended to catch live mice without causing any harm.


Large animals: This cage might not be the one for you if you’re looking to catch large rabbits or weasels.

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electric mousetrap

3. Qywsj Electronic Killer Professional Mouse Trap

The best mouse trap should not only catch these rodents efficiently, but also provide you with hygiene, safety and easy handling. All these qualities are present in this modern model that works with electricity, generating an electrical discharge of 7,000 to 9,000 volts that kills the mouse instantly, avoiding unnecessary suffering.

It is an electric mousetrap, which works connected to a power outlet, but if it is the case that you do not have one nearby; You can also use it with batteries. Its interior has metal plates that you can activate using its switch, once the mouse makes contact with the plates it dies electrocuted.

It is a reusable model and its cleaning is very simple. In addition, you can use it in different environments such as lofts, terraces, homes, warehouses, restaurants, kitchens, etc.

It is a reliable, hygienic product and, in addition, it favors a painless death. Next, we present its main characteristics.


Functionality: It is a trap that works in two ways: connected to a power outlet or by means of batteries; which allows you to use it in various areas.

Efficiency: Thanks to the electrical discharge generated, the mouse is instantly electrocuted.

Safety: Its safety switch prevents any discharge, in order to protect children and pets.


Accidental discharges: The manufacturer recommends its disconnection when you go to clean it, in order to avoid accidental discharges.

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humane mouse trap

4. Navaris 2X Trap for Rats and Other Small Animals

If you don’t want to deal with dead animals, this humane mouse trap could be the best solution to catch them alive without beating them or using poisons. It is also a product that favors cleaning and hygiene, since it is made entirely of resistant and easily washable plastic.

It is a trap that has a mousetrap type format without bars; however, its door has holes that provide adequate ventilation for the animal. Its capture system includes a sensitive plate, which closes the door by means of a spring, leaving the mouse inside without the possibility of escape.

Given its compact size of 6.1 x 6.5 x 17 cm, it is a trap that you can use in any space in your home to catch small mice and then release them into the wild.

Due to its innovative design, which does not mistreat the animal and catches it efficiently, this could be the best mousetrap of the moment. Read on and rate its highlights.


Pack: With the purchase, the manufacturer offers you a pack of two traps, which you can use where you need it most.

Cleaning: Once you release the mouse you can easily clean and disinfect the trap, thanks to its structure made of plastic.

Configuration: It is a model that you can configure easily and without any risk.



Release: As it is a trap that captures live mice, you should consider releasing them at least 500 meters away.

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glue mouse trap

5. Wemk Mouse Traps 20 Pieces Sticky Pad

Mice and rats not only cause damage to the structures and wiring of homes and businesses, but they are also carriers of serious diseases to humans such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, among others. For this reason, if these harmful rodents are invading your spaces, you need to have a tool that easily catches them.

This model is a mouse trap with very viscous glue, which favors the capture not only of mice, but also of other harmful animals such as scorpions, spiders and cockroaches. Its glue is made of environmentally friendly material and is non-toxic to people.

It has a resistant, foldable surface, made of thick and easily disposable cardboard, which favors its use. In addition, with the purchase you will receive a practical pack of 20 pads, to put in different areas and catch various rodents.

After evaluating its most outstanding features, we present a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of this trap.


Cleaning: Given its disposable quality, you will not have to clean or disinfect; just take the pad wrap the mouse and throw away in a closed bag.

Utility: Thanks to its sticky surface you can catch mice, spiders, scorpions, cockroaches and other insects.

Non-toxic: Its glue is made with ecological and toxic-free materials for people.


External use: In order not to harm other animals such as birds or squirrels, the manufacturer recommends avoiding placing the trap in external areas.

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Cage with mouse trap

6. MouseMotel Highly Sensitive Easy-to-Use Mouse Trap

A cage with a mouse trap, like this model, could be the best alternative to control the proliferation of these rodents, without their extermination being necessary. Once they are trapped, it is advisable to release them in any natural area at a distance of no less than 500 meters.

Because they are animals capable of chewing anything, except for steel objects; This compassionate model has two metal plates that provide strength and durability to the structure. Likewise, it has a sensitive trigger with which you can catch anything from small mice to rats.

The design of the MotelMouse cage allows it to be easily assembled by any adult. Likewise, it is a safe model for children and pets; In addition, being made of ABS plastic, it is resistant, washable and reusable. Also, you will receive instructions and advice to achieve successful captures.

If you want to catch rodents in a humane way and thus set a good example for your children, but you don’t know which mousetrap to buy; This model could meet your expectations.


Humane Design: Its design helps capture mice alive, so you can release them into the wild with ease.

Sensitivity: It has a highly sensitive trigger, which offers a high capture rate, even with baby mice.

Materials: Its structure is made of ABS plastic with metal plates, which provides resistance and long life.


Large rats: Given its dimensions and design, it is a suitable product for trapping only small rodents.

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sticky mouse trap

7. Zoore 4 Pack Professional Mouse Trap

If your property has unwelcome guests such as rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders, small snakes or scorpions, you need an easy-to-use product on hand that gives you the confidence to eliminate these dangerous and disease-carrying animals. In this sense, a sticky mouse trap could be a suitable solution.

It is a trap with a pad-shaped design, made of flexible and resistant cardboard, which you can easily adapt to your needs. For this, you can put it on the ground with an opening of 180°, you can also place it at 45°, in a “U” shape and even form a small tunnel that will allow you to easily catch the mouse. 

It is a product whose ecological glue is not toxic for people or pets; Likewise, it can withstand different temperatures, so you can use it at any time of the year.

This is an easy to use and highly effective trap. We invite you to evaluate a summary of its most outstanding parameters.


Dimensions: Its dimensions are 34 x 22 cm, a characteristic that allows the capture of rats and mice.

Flexibility: Thanks to the flexible cardboard with which it is made, it is a trap that you can adapt to different spaces.

Pack: You will receive a pack of 4 units of adhesive pieces, very useful for capturing mice and insects.


Suffering: If you are one of the people who does not agree with animal cruelty, you could look for another type of trap.

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electronic mouse trap

8. Pest-Stop Electronic Mouse Trap

Mice are destructive animals capable of biting cables, furniture, shoes, clothes, books, etc.; That is why you must stop the growth of its population in time and one of the most recommended options by many is the use of an electronic mouse trap, like this modern and efficient model.

It is a device that gives you advanced technology to detect the animal and thus activate its electrical discharge mechanism. To do this, it has a system of two patented “Smart Circuit” plates that electrocutes the mouse quickly.

It is an electronic device that works with batteries and according to the manufacturer, its efficiency and savings allow you to catch up to 100 mice with each set of batteries. In addition, it integrates a green light that indicates that the trap is active. For this reason, if you are wondering which is the best mousetrap, you could take this model into account.

As it is a clean capture system, it is a trap that deserves your attention. Read a little more and know the pros and cons of it.


Smart Circuit: It is a product equipped with an intelligent mechanism that detects the mouse and activates its circuit.

Red light: Its flashing red light warns you that the battery is low, so you can take precautions.

Easy cleaning: Once the mouse is dead you will only have to open the trap and dump its contents into the trash in a sealed plastic bag.


Cable: The inclusion of a power cable, which connects the trap to a power outlet, is missing.

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mouse trap

9. RatzFatz Humane Cage for Mice and Other Rodents

If you don’t want to kill rodents using poison or trapping mechanisms that shock or electrocute them, you could use this trap to catch mice effortlessly. Here the animal is locked in its cage-like structure without suffering damage, so that you can later take it somewhere in nature. In this way the mouse can be part of the ecosystem or feed other wild animals such as owls or snakes.

It is a product designed to catch rodents such as mice and small rats. To do this, it has a sensitive trigger and a spring mechanism that locks the door once the mouse has entered through the food. In addition, it is a cage made of metal with a wooden floor; resistant and easily washable materials, so you can use it as many times as necessary.

Because it is an animal-friendly product and also because it is one of the cheapest traps, you could consider it in your comparison. Next, its advantages and disadvantages


Friendly design: It is a trap with an environmentally friendly design, since it captures mice alive.

Arched door: Thanks to this feature, once the rodent is trapped, its tail will not be damaged by hooking on the door.

Ready to use: You will receive the trap fully assembled and ready to be used wherever you need.


Sheet metal: In order to provide durability, a more robust material would be appreciated in the metal sheets of both doors.

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Shopping guide

Mice are rodents that have shared our environment for thousands of years and have adapted to the countryside and the city. They can attack and contaminate food with faeces, urine and hair, from the time they are in the gardens, during processing, storage, transport and even in the supermarket and in homes. In this guide to buying the best mousetrap, we present you with information of interest, which you could take into account before choosing the most appropriate capture mechanism to keep these invaders away.


Mice usually live in garbage dumps and sewers, so they are transmitters of serious diseases, such as bubonic plague, typhoid fever, salmonellosis, hepatitis and others. In addition, they cause considerable damage to wiring, structures and furniture. Hence the importance of keeping them away from our environment and for this, using traps is one of the best options, since with them you can get rid of the rodent alive or dead.

They could also be a suitable alternative if you don’t want to risk using poisons, which could be life-threatening to pets and wildlife.


In a comparison of mousetraps you will see that there are several types, from the simplest to the most modern and complex. Starting with traditional traps, which we have always known, these products are provided with a trigger and a spring, which serve to catch the mouse when it goes for food. In this group you could find a good and cheap trap that catches the mouse efficiently.

Likewise, you can find glue traps. It is a cardboard format that has an adherent glue. You put it on the ground with bait and the rodent, when it climbs on the surface, will stick to it. The bad thing is that they are associated with a slow and painful death.

There are also cage-type traps. These products have a mechanism that allows the rodent to be caught alive. To do this, they integrate a mechanism that is activated once the animal has entered inside and are recommended for people who prefer to release mice into nature without harm.

Finally, the market also has a type of modern trap, it is the models that work with electricity. It is a product that applies an electric shock to the rodent when it enters the interior of the trap, killing it instantly. They are reliable, safe traps that do not contaminate; but its cost is usually high.

On the other hand, although it is not a trap as such, there are ultrasonic sound models. These devices plug into electrical outlets and keep mice and rats away using ultrasonic waves.


The quality of the materials could tell you how much a trap costs, since its durability and resistance depend on it. Depending on the chosen material you can have a reusable and easy to clean trap; likewise, you can decide whether to put it outdoors or not.

Today the materials used for traps have evolved considerably, regardless of whether it is a traditional or modern model. For this reason, ABS plastic, aluminum, PVC, galvanized steel and stainless steel are the elements most used by manufacturers.

When it comes to cage-type traps, it is advisable that the lattice and doors are made of high quality metal, in order to prevent the escape of the animals once trapped.

In the case of traditional traps, it is best that they are made of resistant plastic; since this material, unlike wood and iron, present in the old models, is more hygienic and easier to clean.

Size and handling

The dimensions of the trap are closely related to the size of the rodent you want to catch. Hunting a small mouse is not the same as catching a large rat. For this reason, you should pay attention to the measures offered by the product based on your needs. Likewise, evaluate the place where you are going to put it; Putting the trap in a barn is not the same as putting it in a pantry.

When it comes to handling, try to get a cheat that offers easy setup and easy handling. The idea is that you can prepare it and deactivate it without this representing a laborious task. Without neglecting the importance of wearing gloves and avoiding contact with the animal.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to put a mouse trap?

Eliminating these rodents is not an easy matter, so you must be patient in this task. First, you must identify the areas where rodents pass and place the trap along the baseboards. This is because mice avoid running through the center of rooms or rooms; since they prefer to do it as close as possible to the walls.

In the case of a cage-type trap, choose a bait that is palatable to the animal, then insert the food into the hook located at the end of the trap. Then, you will have to adjust the mechanism of the door and the hook of the bait, so that when the mouse approaches, attracted by the food, the hook that stops the door moves closing it and thus, the animal will be trapped inside.

Q2: How to make a mouse trap?

You can make a mouse water trap using recycled items. This type of trap is especially useful in cases where you are looking to control the population of these rodents; as in stables or cellars.

For this project, you need a 20-liter bucket or bucket, a wire longer than the diameter of the bucket, a plastic bottle with a lid, and a 4mm drill bit.

Start by piercing the bucket at its edge, at two opposite ends; Similarly, pierce the plastic bottle at the top and bottom. The idea is that the wire goes through the bottle and at the same time the bucket, so that the bottle is suspended at the top where it can easily rotate on itself.

Next, apply mouse bait to the bottle and fill a third of the bucket with water. When the mice try to get to the suet, the bottle will rotate and the animals will fall into the water.

Q3: How to clean a mouse trap?

To clean a mouse trap you must take security measures, so that you avoid any contact with these animals that carry serious diseases. First, wear latex gloves and a mask; spray the mouse with a solution of bleach and water and let it soak.

Then, if you want to reuse the trap, remove the mouse and put it in a sealed plastic bag, which you should throw away in a garbage container with a lid. Proceed to disinfect the trap with bleach or any other product suitable for it. Finally, without removing the gloves, wash them with disinfectant and wash your hands with plenty of soap and water.

Q4: What food to put in a mouse trap?

Mice are rodents that prefer foods rich in carbohydrates, so among the foods that you can use to set up a trap are seeds, fruits, grains, peanut butter, cheese, chocolate and even a piece of burnt stale bread or pet food. The important thing is to fix it well to the trap, since the mouse could take it without releasing the trigger.

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