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Rat Trap – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

The rat trap is an equipment that should not be missing at home, since we do not know when these unwelcome guests will appear in the kitchen, shed, garage, among other spaces. The models are usually varied, so we will find cages that respect the life of these animals, even equipment capable of electrocuting or immobilizing them. For example, the Fixman 197512 is a trap with a traditional cage-type design, in which the door closes automatically when the rodent touches the bait, in this way, you can catch it without causing damage. For its part, Woodstream Victor M240 offers you an electrical system with a powerful electrical discharge that will strike down the rodent after entering the trap.

The 8 Best Rat Traps – Opinions 2022

Finding a rat trap that suits your needs may not be a difficult task, considering that there is a wide variety of designs on the market. In any case, we present eight models that have managed to position themselves among the best of this year.

large rat trap

1. Fixman 197512 Rodent Trapping Cage

It is a trap for large rats that has a traditional operation, since it is made up of a cage made of wire grids, which allow the rat to breathe while it is caged. This way, you can release it somewhere else without having to hurt it.

In addition, the surface of the cage is made of plywood, which is rigid and reusable, so you won’t have to spend money on another trap if more rodents appear.

Regarding its operation, this cage has a spring mechanism that is activated when the rat enters the cage and pulls the bait. On the other hand, it is important to mention that the cage measures 25 x 9 x 9 cm, so it is large enough to catch adult rodents.

If you need a rat trap that does not cost a lot of money, you should know that this is one of the cheapest on the list. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Mechanism: Offers a spring mechanism that closes the cage door when the rat pulls the hook.

Design: It has a wire mesh structure that allows you to see if there is an animal inside without having to get close to the cage.

Size: It is a large trap to capture large rodents effectively.


Humidity: The lower part of the cage is made of wood, so it could deteriorate if it is constantly exposed to humidity.

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2. Kimimara Mousetraps Trap

For many users, the best rat trap of the moment is one that is humane in nature. Unlike those that eliminate the prey once activated, these models simply enclose the animal, allowing it to be released away from where it is causing problems.

This is the approach of this Kimimara proposal. Its design has an activation ramp, in which the bait is located. Stepping on it, the door closes and the rat is trapped, being easy to release later. A simple and safe operation, both for captured animals and for people and pets.

The measurements of the product are 28.5 centimeters long by 14 wide and 12.5 high, being possible to capture adult species or of a certain entity. The piece is finished off with a closed metal construction and a carrying handle, which protect us when freeing the captive.

If you need a large rat trap, you are interested in knowing everything that this model has ready for you.


Easy to use: The design is very easy to use and activate, so mounting the cage is hassle-free.

Humane : Its humane design does not harm animals and allows them to be released far from your home.

Quality : Thanks to the resistance of its materials, the product will continue to serve you for a long time.


Activation: Due to the design and the activation system of the cage, the smartest animals can pick up the food and avoid the trap.

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electric rat trap

3. Woodstream Victor M240 100% effective electronic trap

This is a product with the seal of the well-known Woodstream house, which, due to its simple aesthetics and effective operation, has managed to position itself among the best rat traps of 2022. Its structure has a rectangular format in black, discreet design and light weight.. Plus, it takes up little space, so you can place the trap in the garage, shed, living room, or any other area of ​​the house.

Also, it is important to note that the interior of this electric rat trap is suitable for large and small rodents. In its internal part, it annexes a system of three electrical plates, which provide a powerful discharge when detecting the presence of the animal.

On the other hand, on the outside you will find a compartment with its respective safety cover, for the placement of the batteries. There is also a green light indicator, to alert you to the level of life of said batteries, and a red light indicator, to specify the right time to get rid of the rodent.

Woodstream might be the best rat trap brand. Next, the good and the bad of one of his models.


Indicators: The built-in light indicators alert you to the operation of the equipment.

Reusable: It is an electrical equipment that can be used countless times.

Electric shock: You won’t have to worry about the rodent coming out unharmed, since the electric shock is sudden.

Cleaning: The quick cleaning of the trap is carried out with a damp and a dry cloth.



Batteries: Although it is indicated that the battery lasts for 50 catches, it may run out before.

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4. Protect Home Electric Rat Trap

Many users are not in favor of traditional mousetraps, because sometimes the animals do not die at the first hit and this causes them unnecessary suffering. So, as an alternative, we find options on the market such as the Protect Home M241 electric rat trap.

This box-shaped model has a door to place the bait on one side and a wide access on the other, through which the animals will enter. Once they taste the bait, a shock is triggered, ensuring a painless finish for the unsuspecting visitor.

Best of all, the trap does not require a plug, but works with four type C batteries, which run up to 50 downloads for each set of batteries. Once the process is finished, it is enough to eliminate the rat, clean the product and put it back in its place, being totally reusable.

If you do not know if this trap is the one that you should buy, we leave you everything you need to know about it.


Lethal: With this product a discharge is generated that guarantees a mortality rate of 100% for rats.

Batteries : Thanks to its battery operation, you can place the trap wherever you want, without the need for plugs.

Reusable : The trap is completely reusable, simply cleaning the inside once it has been used.


Outdoor: This model is not suitable for outdoor use, so it is an indoor trap.

Activation : It is key to verify the correct activation of the trap, indicated by a green light.

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rat trap cage

5. RatzFatz Professional Mouse Trap High Grade Cage

With this RatzFatz product, you will be able to clarify your doubts about which is the best rat trap, since many users recommend it, due to its cage-shaped design and automatic closing mechanism on the door, to prevent the rodent from entering. escape.

The best thing about this design is that it does not use poison or electricity plates that torture or kill the animal. On the contrary, it is a piece of equipment that respects the life of mice or rats, because it simply traps them in a spacious stainless steel structure, with a length, width, height format corresponding to 31.5 x 13 x 13 centimeters, respectively.

Said rat trap cage has grid-like walls, so that the animal can breathe naturally, as well as a door with hooks that are easy to manually adjust, which are released quickly, with the weight exerted by the rodent when entering the trap.

Those who do not know which rat trap to buy might be interested in this product with convenient advantages and disadvantages.


Reusable: This is a cage that can be reused indefinitely, due to its metallic design.

Format: Its spacious format is suitable for capturing large rats without hurting them.

Hooks: The hook mechanism on the frame door is manually adjusted and automatically triggered.

Breathable: The animal can be in the cage for hours without suffocating, because the walls are mesh.



Humidity: As far as possible, try not to expose the equipment to humidity, to prevent its deterioration.

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6. Navaris 4X Rat Trap Set of 4 traps

If you have rodents at home and want to get rid of them, without hurting or killing them, you should review this product with the Navaris quality seal. It is a rat trap cage, with which you can catch these annoying animals safely, since it does not have any type of poison, glue or electric shock, which could accidentally harm your pets.

The structure has a width, length, height corresponding to 6.1 x 17 x 6.5 centimeters, so you can place it anywhere, without taking up much space. However, its interior format is large enough for a small mouse or rat. 

In addition, you will be interested to know that the equipment was made of BPA-free ABS polymer and incorporates some stainless steel parts for the door opening and closing mechanism. Likewise, it has a system of holes, so that the rodent breathes and does not suffocate.

This is a positively valued product, due to its resistant and safe design. More details below.


Cleaning: You can clean the cage with water, because the polymer and stainless steel used resist humidity.

Format: The structure has a suitable format for capturing a small mouse or rat.

Breathing: The rodent will be able to breathe properly, thanks to holes in one wall of the cage.

Safety: This is a safe system, because it does not use poison and respects the life of the rodent.



Closing: The closing of the trap could be a bit abrupt and hurt the tail of the animal.

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electronic rat trap

7. Pest-Stop Electronic Rat Trap

With this electronic rat trap, you will be able to eliminate this type of rodents with great effectiveness, since the equipment has been provided with a pair of electric plates, with the capacity to emit a powerful discharge that will end the life of the animal immediately. This system is activated after the rodent enters the trap, which will be detected by the sensor integrated inside the structure.

This is a piece of equipment that makes use of intelligent technology, to provide an intuitive handling method and effective operation. In this sense, you will only have to place, in the indicated compartment, the batteries necessary for the power supply of the trap.

Then, place the device in a strategic place and introduce a small bait inside the structure to attract the rat or mouse, press the power button and check the light identifier on the casing.

Here you can learn the pros and cons of a highly effective electric rat trap.


Simple use: This is an intuitive trap to use, so you only have to place the bait and press the power button.

Indicators: Thanks to the light indicators, you will be aware of the operating status of the equipment and battery charge.

Non-toxic: After starting the trap, no type of toxic agent is released.

Technology: The plates detect the presence of the rodent and generate an electric discharge.



Batteries: Electricity consumption is likely to be high, although this will depend on how often the mechanism is activated.

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rat glue trap

8. Zoore Professional Mouse Trap

This glue trap for rats is not only capable of capturing rodents, but also insects of all kinds, such as ants, cockroaches, flies, among others, which favors its versatility. In this sense, the adhesive that makes up its surface is highly sticky, so it prevents animals from moving once they walk or perch on it.

The set has 4 stickers, so it is possible to leave them on different surfaces throughout the house to extend the range of capture of rodents, which increases its functionality.

On the other hand, the trap measures 22 x 34 in DIN A4 format, so it offers a sufficiently large surface to catch large animals. As if that were not enough, it is an easy-to-use product, which provides greater practicality.

If you are looking for the best value for money rat trap, then you should know that this is one of the cheapest and also provides great effectiveness. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Versatility: These traps have been created to capture not only rodents, but also cockroaches, spiders, ants, among others.

Set: It is a set that brings 4 adhesive surfaces that you can place in different rooms for greater functionality.

Size: Each sticker sheet has dimensions of 22 x 34 cm, so you can capture small and large animals.


Humanity: This product could capture rodents in a somewhat cruel way, since once attached the animals slowly starve to death.

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Shopping guide

With this guide to buying the best rat trap, you will be able to find out the main quality indicators that are recommended to be checked prior to purchasing the product, in order to have a long-lasting, effective model that really suits the needs of use. each user.

Electric shock

Electric rat traps are products that incorporate superior technology to conventional models, which could significantly influence how much the equipment costs. However, they are a good option if you are looking for a device that kills rodents in a couple of minutes.

After purchasing this product, it is important that you verify the type of electrical circuit integrated into the case. In this sense, the recommendation would be that it be a pair of electric plates, in case the trap is for hunting small mice, while, for large rats, the ideal is a device with three plates, to a higher power.

Let us remember that the heart of these rodents has the capacity to recover from a low-intensity electrical impact, so the discharge must last at least two minutes to completely end their lives.

Opening and closing mechanism

Those who are committed to respecting the life of rodents, releasing them after trapping them, prefer the use of cage-type traps with a conventional model. These are structures that incorporate an adjustment door, generally manual, and a convenient mechanical closure.

Precisely, thanks to said opening and closing system, it is possible to trap the rodents inside the cage without hurting, torturing or killing them. Therefore, if your objective is this, you will have to verify that the product incorporates a highly sensitive mechanism, so that it is activated immediately when the rat or mouse enters the structure. Therefore, the way of opening and closing is one of the main characteristics evaluated in any comparison of rat traps.

Generally, the designs with opening and closing mechanisms incorporate a system of hooks, which allow you to adjust the door from the outside to keep it open, while, on the inside, they have an activation lever, which is located at the entrance of the door. cage for the rodent to step on.

Likewise, this system can be right in the area where the bait is placed, so that, when it eats it, the mechanism is triggered and the door closes, preventing the animal from escaping.

Manufacturing raw material

Getting a good and cheap rat trap is the ideal of anyone who is looking for a product of this type. However, the equipment must not only meet these characteristics, but must also have been manufactured with high quality raw material. In this way, you will be in the presence of a structure that can be used indefinitely.

For example, when reviewing the purchase catalogs with the rat traps with the highest positioning in the market, we will find a wide variety of traditional models, whose structure has been built with stainless steel or galvanized aluminum mesh.

These are alloys resistant to deformation, so you will not have problems with respect to the weight of the rodent. Also, being metals with protection against corrosion, they will allow you to provide the trap with adequate cleaning and disinfection with hot water.

On the other hand, electrical equipment has an insulating type polymer casing, that is, it resists the electrical discharge carried out inside. In addition, these synthetic materials usually have a pleasant soft touch, a robust body and are easy to clean after the death of the rodent.


Regardless of the electric or conventional model of the rat trap purchased, you will need to manipulate it, to place it in the selected area of ​​​​your home or open field. Also, when you catch the rodent, you will have to take the cage to get rid of it. Therefore, it is important that the structure incorporates a secure fastening system.

In this sense, there are many brands that are committed to placing a handle in the upper area of ​​the trap, strategically attached so that you do not have problems when transporting the trap. In this way, you will not be in direct contact with the rodent.

Likewise, some electric models, despite not having been provided with a handle, have an ergonomic exterior that adapts to the shape of the hand, allowing you to hold the structure with total comfort.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a rat trap?

Regardless of the type of rat trap you are going to use, its use will be completely intuitive for anyone. You just have to select the right place.

If it is an electrical device, you will need to add batteries and press the power button. For their part, conventional cages require the manual fixing of the door, which will be activated to close when the rodent enters it. In both cases, you will need to place bait. Finally, the adherent sheets with attractant must be placed on the ground and wait for the rodent to step on said surface. 

Q2: How to make a rat trap?

If you plan to make your own rat trap, it is important that you access a website specialized in the subject, which allows you to review some models along with the patterns, most used dimensions and the respective step by step for its construction.

After identifying the design, you must capture the sketch of the trap on paper, acquire the metal or wood material and start cutting the pieces to create the structure. This can be a rectangular box with a solid floor and upper face, while, for the walls, you can opt for a grid system so that the rodent can breathe. Depending on the material, it is possible to weld the pieces or fix them with nails. Remember to take care of the finishes, polish and varnish the structures.

Finally, there is the closing mechanism of the cage, which you can create by means of a highly sensitive lever and some springs directed towards the door, which cause automatic closing when the animal enters.

Q3: What bait to put in a rat trap?

When it comes to baiting your rat trap, the options are varied. In this sense, you can try cheese, dog food, peanuts, nougat with nuts, chocolate, a small piece of meat, among others. Remember that, if after two days, the mouse or rat has not been caught, you will have to change the bait to try to attract the rodent successfully.

Q4: Where to put a rat trap?

The placement of the rat trap will depend on the part of the house where we have seen the rodent move most frequently. In general, it is the kitchen, the garage, a closet, the ceiling, among others. Similarly, if you have a barn or farm, you can place the cages outdoors, to trap rats or mice.

Q5: Which is better, electric or conventional rat trap?

The choice between an electric rat trap and a conventional one does not depend on whether one is better or worse than the other, since they are completely different technologies, which will also catch this type of rodent with great efficiency.

The difference lies in the fact that electrical equipment kills the animal by supplying it with a powerful shock that immediately kills it, while conventional designs allow it to be caught without hurting or torturing it, with the purpose of releasing it in the open field.

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