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Wellies – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Until a few years ago, wellies were only associated with children or construction workers, drains and works that have contact with water. But, in rainy climates, this accessory can also be an important accessory for a casual look. If you don’t have time to do an exhaustive review, we recommend the Neoker Wellington Boots model, for having an attractive design, being available in various colors and adapting to different outfits. If you are looking for children’s boots, the Beck Basic 486 are one of the most popular, made of synthetic leather with a mid-cut design for standard protection. 

The 8 Best Wellington Boots – Opinions 2022

With the arrival of autumn, wellies occupy the first row in the shoe cabinets of the whole family and, thanks to the new styles in these shoes, they can also be the ideal complement to your look. It does not matter if you are looking for a children’s, women’s or men’s model, here we present our selection of the best wellies of 2022 and, surely, you will get the ones you need. 

Wellies for women

1. Neoker Women’s Water Boot Garden Work Rain Non-slip Wellington

For most women, buying wellies does not only mean looking for waterproof footwear, but choosing one that is stylish, easily combined with clothing and, above all, comfortable.

In this sense, the Neoker women’s wellies could fit within this profile due to their elegant design, determined by the rhombus texture of the shaft and the variety of colors in which it is available, black being the most popular among users..

Considering that these may be the best wellies, we must mention that they are made of a synthetic material on the outside, while on the inside they have a handmade textile lining. 

As for the heel, it has a height of 3.5 cm, being of the wide type. For its part, the rubber sole offers a good grip on wet surfaces and its design drains water efficiently.

Due to their qualities, many users believe that these are the best boots of the moment and for this reason we summarize their pros and cons in the following section.


Design: Its appearance is modern and elegant to match different outfits.

Colors: You can choose this model in black, blue and khaki, to match your outfit.

Lining: The interior has a soft and comfortable fabric lining to walk comfortably.

Traction: The rubber sole favors traction on wet floors, offering greater safety.


Size: The boots fit snug, so ordering a size up is recommended if you want to wear thicker socks.

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2. Ladeheid Women’s PVC Non-Slip Wellington Boots LA-967

In the search for wellies for women, we could not exclude this Ladeheid model that has a traditional design with a mid-high shaft and a wide heel, ideal for excursions in the mountains, gardening or regular use during the summer season. rain. 

The LA-967 boots are made of improved and flexible PVC, which favors the movement of the feet, as well as offering good resistance and easy cleaning, being considered one of the best wellies of 2022.

The highlight of this model of women’s boots is the dozen colors in which it is available, from neutral black and graphite tones to striking combinations such as blue-pink, white-blue, green-black and other colors that will not go unnoticed. We should also mention that this shoe is 100% waterproof and very light, according to user opinions.

With a large stock of waterproof shoes, Ladeheid is valued by its buyers as the best brand of wellies, so don’t forget to review the positive and negative aspects of this women’s shoe. 


Resistance: The flexibility of the PVC in these boots increases their resistance and durability, for greater comfort during use.

Colors: There are 12 shades to choose from this model and give a little color to rainy days.

Cane: The medium-high cane prevents the entry of water and allows good mobility of the legs.


Thermal insulation: The soles do not isolate the cold, so it is recommended to wear thick socks with this shoe.

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Wellies for girl

3. Beck Basic Kids Wellington Boots

Traditional wellies cannot be missing from a little girl’s wardrobe, especially if she likes to watch Peppa Pig and mud puddles are irresistible to her. 

For this reason, the Beck Basic can be a good option for wellies for girls despite their unisex design, as they are simple, comfortable and fulfill their waterproof function very well, according to buyers’ opinions.

The quality of this product is determined by its PVC construction on the outside, a soft textile lining on the inside and a rubber outsole, to offer efficient traction on wet and marshy floors. In addition, they have a very competitive cost, so they can be classified as the best price-quality wellies.

For the comfort of small users, the heel of the boots is flat and the sizes are complete, so you can order a larger number or two larger pairs to have a spare. This will not affect your budget much, since they are the cheapest boots in our selection. 


Comfort: The boots are comfortable, and their placement is very simple for girls who want to dress on their own.

Sizing and colors: The shoes are available from size 21 and various colors, so you can choose the right size for your daughter and the boots in her favorite color.

Price: The boots have a competitive price, without diminishing the quality of their materials.


Insoles: Soft insoles are missing to increase the comfort of the boots.

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Wellies for children

4. Ladeheid Unisex Kids EVA Wellington Boots LA-CA-01

If you are looking for wellies for children, you should check out this Ladeheid model that is available in a wide variety of colors and has the relief of a funny frog on the outside. With this element it will be possible to reinforce the learning of laterality in the little ones.

Regarding the materials of this shoe, we highlight that it is made entirely of EVA, a waterproof and very light material, without sacrificing comfort or resistance. In addition, you will not have to invest a lot of money in acquiring them, as they are cheap wellies.

Also, thinking about the stability of the little ones when walking, the heel of the boots has a special reinforcement, while the upper handles allow the little ones to pull them to put them on without help, promoting their autonomy.

We know that it is not easy to decide which wellies to buy when it comes to children. Therefore, we recommend reviewing the positive and negative aspects of this model.


Material: The EVA construction of these boots is responsible for their light weight and comfortable use, since they only weigh 200 g.

Learning: The frog design allows children to learn to distinguish which boot goes on which foot, since the frog must face out. 

Protection: The inner insoles of the boots have an antibacterial and deodorant treatment, to protect the delicate feet of children.


Size: These boots come in a larger size, but this does not affect their functionality if worn with thick socks.

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Wellies for men

5. Dunlop Protective Footwear DUO18 DEE

The history of the manufacturer is an aspect to consider if you want to know which are the best wellies. In this sense, the Dunlop brand has been manufacturing this traditional footwear for almost a century, used by generations of families to carry out domestic work and by companies seeking the best personal protective equipment for their workers.

In the case of the K580011 men’s wellies, Dunlop offers a mid-cut design that makes them easy to put on and take off. The PVC construction, on the other hand, maintains a high level of waterproofing so feet are always dry, no matter what the wet conditions.

Regarding its design, you should know that this shoe has a 2 cm high flat heel, a synthetic sole with efficient traction and its use is indicated for leisure activities, as well as domestic and rural work in which there is contact with wet ground. or swampy. 

Now we analyze the characteristics of this model in the format of pros and cons.


Design: The mid-cut facilitates the placement of these boots and because they are wide in the calf they do not limit movement. 

Comfort: The outer material is soft and the inner material is breathable, preventing the feet from sweating excessively, which translates into greater comfort when walking.

Price: This shoe has an adjusted price, considering that it is a good quality product and a recognized brand.


Smell: When new, the boots have a strong plastic smell.

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Wellington boots for work men

6. Panter M79424 Tall Wellies with Toe Cap and Insole

Personal protective equipment is needed in some professions for different conditions, including frequent contact with water and foot injuries. For this reason, there are wellies for work men, which have steel protection on the toe and insole to prevent feet from hurting if a heavy object falls on them. 

Such is the case of the Panter M79424 footwear, which has a high-top design that reaches below the knee and because they are safety boots, they have steel reinforcements, which influences their weight. Another aspect to consider is that despite their high level of protection, they remain affordable, as they stand out for being cheap.

As for the outer material, it is resistant and flexible so as not to limit movements in the different work areas. For its part, the PVC sole offers efficient traction on floors with oil, grease or hydrocarbon spills.

This model is suitable for areas of construction, mechanics and various trades, so it is convenient to review its positive and negative aspects that we describe below. 


Protection: They are waterproof safety boots that have steel protection in the insole and toecap, to protect the feet from blows or perforations.

Flexibility: The outer material of the boot has good flexibility, so it favors different types of movements, without compromising its resistance.

Traction: The sole offers efficient traction on greasy surfaces, offering greater anti-slip protection.


Weight: Due to the steel reinforcements, the boots are heavy, especially for those who are not used to wearing them.

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yellow wellies

7. Uvex Nora Rubber Safety Boot Men

Considering safety at work, especially in areas with slippery floors, oil spills and other physical risks, it is necessary to have footwear that protects the feet from different types of injuries. 

A recommendation from users, which also stands out for its attractiveness, are these yellow Uvex Nora wellies, which have a steel reinforcement in the toecap and midsole. The first prevents finger injuries from the impact of heavy objects and the second protects the feet from punctures or penetrating puncture wounds caused by sharp objects on the ground.

It should be noted that these boots also have protection against oils, fuels, fats, disinfection products, bleach or acids. On the other hand, the anatomical design reduces foot fatigue, while the external material allows good mobility. 

Without a doubt, these are recommended wellies to protect your feet during heavy and risky work, so they deserve an analysis of their characteristics.


Reinforcements: Being safety boots, they have a steel reinforcement in the toecap and midsole, protecting the foot extensively.

Design: The heel is 3 cm high and is of a wide type for greater stability when walking, in addition, the normal width in the foot favors its adjustment.

Quality: The PVC construction determines a good flexibility, so as not to limit the user’s movements in the work area.


Adaptation: At first it can be hard to walk with them until the user adapts.

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safety wellies

8. Nora Megajan Unisex Fire & Safety Boots

In the construction industry, metallurgy, agriculture, among others, it is necessary to wear safety wellies that, in addition to keeping feet dry, reduce the risk of injuries that disable the worker to carry out their activities. 

And in this category, the Nora Megajan boots stand out with a height of 34 cm and made from a mixture of polymers, which determine their resistance to chemical substances, animal fats, hydrocarbons or vegetable oils, being very useful in different industrial sectors. 

For its part, the anatomical design of the shoe is seen in the flexibility of the outer material and the softness of the inner lining, which give greater comfort to the leg and foot. In this sense, the extraction of the foot is also improved.

Regarding the sole, it is made of rubber and has deep channels so that the water drains efficiently, increasing its resistance to slipping.

This model is a good option to consider to invest your money, but first take a look at the pros and cons that we summarize of its characteristics.


Maintenance: The smooth design on the front of the boots reduces the accumulation of dirt, which is why they are considered self-cleaning. 

Unisex: This shoe is totally unisex, both due to the shape of the shaft and the width of the shoe, as well as its availability in neutral colours.

Safety: The different safety elements, such as reinforcements in the hull and protection against chemical agents, make this model an appropriate product for different industrial activities. 


Cost: Nora boots look expensive at first glance, but all the built-in protections are worth the purchase.

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Accessories for wellies

Wellies socks

Caterpillar Men’s 6 Pair CAT Socks

With wellies you cannot use any type of sock because the synthetic material does not allow efficient air circulation in this area.

Caterpillar recognizes this fact, which is why it has designed thermally regulated wellies socks to maintain the proper temperature of the feet. In addition, they incorporate reinforcements on the fingers and heels to reduce the appearance of blisters.

On the other hand, its combined construction of 75% cotton, 24% polyamide and 1% elastane, favor the resistance of the fabric, preventing them from breaking in the critical areas of the heel and toes.

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Shopping guide

So that the rain does not cloud your plans, it is good to have a pair (or more) of waterproof boots in the closet. This footwear is also useful for gardening or work in different types of industry, for which they must have specific characteristics. We explain this information better in our guide to buying the best wellies, with which you will learn what you need to choose the footwear that suits your needs.


For wellies to be completely waterproof, they must be made of PVC, rubber, EVA or other synthetic materials that do not absorb water and prevent liquids from entering the foot. 

Consequently, the quality of the material can directly affect the weight of the boots, its resistance, durability and freedom of movement. Of course, it also influences when determining how much this versatile shoe costs. 

On the other hand, the type of manufacturing also determines its level of waterproofing, since some can be vulcanized, that is, the parts of the boot are joined to form a piece by means of the action of heat. Another form of construction is with the use of waterproof glues, to join the sole of the boot with the rest of the shoe. 

Our recommendation is to choose vulcanized models, as their resistance and impermeability is greater. 

lining and sole

When making a comparison of wellies, it is important to identify what type of lining they have, as some models designed for winter or cold autumn include an inner wool lining to keep your feet warm. This shoe will not be comfortable for you to work on a sunny day in the garden or wash the car in the summer.

However, most conventional wellies only have an inner textile lining and are not very breathable. These are models suitable for the household activities mentioned above and can be used almost any time of the year.

Regarding the sole, you should know that this is an element of great importance in the design of wellies, since the anti-slip capacity of the shoe on wet surfaces, muddy terrain or slippery slopes depends on it.

In general, the sole is made of rubber and has a somewhat deep channel design that allows efficient drainage of water. This is great if you’re crossing creeks or slightly deep passes, but on very dirt terrain, mud sticks between the channels and builds up, making walking boots heavier. 


In the search for good and cheap boots, you do not have to do without style and elegance, since there are currently offers of this type of functional footwear with a casual design that is easy to combine with different outfits.

In the case of children’s wellies, you can choose from classic and simple models to colorful designs with fun prints or engravings. For adults, there are also no limitations, as the availability of modern wellies in different colors is increasing, which you can combine for a casual look or to stand out at work. 

When talking about design, we cannot forget to mention the height of the boots, since these can be mid-cut, that is, up to the middle of the calf; medium-high cane and high cane, reaching a few millimeters below the knee. Also, low-cut models are available that cover a little above the ankle, but they are not as efficient at keeping water out, especially if you have to jump through a puddle. 

Regarding this point, the activity for which we need to buy wellies also influences, considering the fact that many users only need them for leisure activities or occasional use. While industrial workers or other sectors need this element as part of their personal protective equipment, and we delve into that in the next section. 


If you are looking for wellies to work, this is the most important feature to determine the purchase of a model. Initially, you must identify the injury risks that exist in your workplace to know if your boots should have steel reinforcement in the midsole and toe, to avoid foot injuries.

Similarly, if there is exposure to chemical agents, the boots must be made with different anti-abrasive polymers that resist contact with dangerous, toxic or acidic substances and maintain the integrity of the footwear, to prevent the skin from being affected by said chemicals.

On the other hand, the height of the boot may also determine its usefulness for certain activities, recommending those with a high cane for the industrial sectors with more risks. This model must allow good flexibility so as not to limit the user’s movements when walking.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use wellies?

This footwear is designed so that your feet do not get wet on rainy days or when you do outdoor activities, where you are exposed to contact with abundant water. However, for a few years these boots have become an important element in autumn and winter outfits, a modern accessory to give your look a sophisticated or fun touch, depending on the style of the shoe.

Q2: How to widen wellies?

You can try using leather boot stretchers or some home techniques like moistening paper balls with plenty of rubbing alcohol and stuffing the boots, leaving them that way for a couple of days.

If this doesn’t work, try taking them to a shoemaker, he may offer you a more effective solution.

Q3: What kind of plastic are wellies made of?

Typically, these shoes are made from rubber or polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC. Some children’s models have used EVA rubber for its manufacture, due to its good level of impermeability and light weight. On the other hand, the high security models are made with different polymers that give them greater resistance to the abrasiveness of chemical substances and toxic agents, while maintaining a good level of flexibility.

Q4: What sock to wear with wellies?

Considering that wellies are used on rainy and cold days, many users recommend wearing thick or wool socks to keep your feet warm. However, when you wear the boots for gardening and hot days, your feet can sweat a lot, so cotton socks are convenient to promote perspiration. However, specialized socks must be used in safety wellies, designed with a thermal system that regulates the temperature inside the shoe. In addition, they must be made of cotton, elastane and other synthetic fabrics to offer good resistance in the toe and heel area.

Q5: How to fix cracked wellies?

Being made of plastic or rubber, wellies can be repaired using a patch of a material similar to that of footwear. In some hardware stores you can get a repair kit designed for wellies, or you can use the same kit for bicycles or inflatable pools. 

When starting out, it is recommended to clean the boots thoroughly with a soft cloth or brush to remove all dirt. You must dry the surface to be repaired well so that the glue adheres to the patch and there are no deformations.

Follow the kit instructions and place newspaper padding on the inside of the boot, in case the glue drips. Finally, let the footwear dry well for several days before using it again. 

Q6: How to dry wellies inside?

You can put balls of newspaper inside the boots and change them every two or three hours with dry paper, so that it absorbs moisture more quickly. But, if you don’t have much time and need to wear the boots again, you can use a hair dryer on low power for several minutes to heat up the inside of the boot so it dries faster.

Q7: How to clean wellies?

Removing any external dirt from the wellies is very simple, you just have to rinse all the mud residue on the surface with clean water. You can also use a soft cloth with neutral detergent to clean them better.

In the case of the sole, if the mud has dried, you should try harder to remove all the debris embedded in the channels. To make it easier, you can let them soak for a couple of hours, so that the soil softens and it is easier to remove it.

After washing the boots well and rinsing them with clean water, you can let them air dry, avoiding direct exposure to heat or sun.

Now, if it comes to cleaning the interior, the process can be more confusing. Most of these wellies include an internal lining that accumulates dirt and bad odours, due to the lack of perspiration in that area, requiring regular disinfection of this lining.

For cleaning, you can dilute a tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent in two cups of warm water. Dampen a clean cloth well with this mixture and rub the inside of the boots. Rinse the fabric in the solution and repeat the procedure. Then use another cloth dipped in warm water to rinse the inside of the boot. 

Repeat the operation until no detergent comes out and let them dry in the air, avoiding direct exposure to the sun or high temperatures.

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