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Wheelbarrow – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide in 2022

Buying a wheelbarrow will not only allow you to move everything you need in the same trip, but it will also help you not strain your body so much by carrying the excessive weight that you could easily move in one of these products. One of the most outstanding is the Worx WG050, which can be used for multiple functions, thanks to the variety of accessories included in the package and is capable of supporting up to 136 kg of weight. In addition, it has tires suitable for uneven terrain. For its part, the Amazon Basics JC162 wheelbarrow has a folding approach, so it is easy to store and assemble. It supports up to 120 kilos of weight and offers adequate interior space to carry a little of everything.

Opinions on the best forklifts on the market

Wheelbarrows are more than just carrying objects, since not all of them will serve the same purpose. Do you want one for a construction site, to carry your purchases or for your garden? Here you will find an option for each scenario, allowing you to make a specific choice that suits your needs.


Worx WG050

This hand truck is multifunctional, since it has several additional elements that allow different tasks to be carried out at home. In this sense, it has folding arms that are used to move large volume objects such as bags of cement, sand and other construction materials. In addition, it has a support to transport cylindrical elements of different sizes.

On the other hand, it includes a base to use it as a loading trolley, which allows you to move large appliances, such as a refrigerator, from one place to another. In addition, it comes with a net to easily transport large stones and another to more easily carry heavy pots. 

It can be used as a common wheelbarrow with a capacity of 136 kg, to transport rubble, firewood, soil, among others. It is made of resistant steel and is very practical, since it measures 106.5 x 46 x 30.5 cm. 

According to the opinion of some users, this model is among the best forklifts of 2022. For this reason, it is worth reviewing its main features in more detail. 


Multifunction: Thanks to the included accessories, this product can be used to move different elements.

Folding: It has a system of folding arms to quickly move from one function to another. Also, this makes it easier to store. 

Material: It has a resistant steel structure to maintain stability and increase its useful life. 


Weight: This wheelbarrow weighs 19 kg when empty, so it may be heavy for some people.

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folding wheelbarrow

Amazon Basics JC162 

The Amazon Basics JC162 folding wheelbarrow is a perfect solution to carry everything you want around your garden with ease. This model is manufactured with a metal structure that is very easy to deploy and that has a resistance to carry up to 120 kilos of weight.

The movement is solvent, with four free-rotating wheels that adapt adequately to all types of terrain. The handle is also missing, with a good-sized bar that is used to comfortably move the truck wherever it is necessary.

As for the folding mechanism, this is very simple to execute. In addition, it leaves the piece stored in an easy-to-carry size. Something that makes it easier to store it in the transport bag, which is included with the product. So if you don’t know which wheelbarrow to buy, this solution will solve all your needs.

We leave you everything you need to know about this complete garden wheelbarrow, suitable for all kinds of uses.


Resistance : This model supports up to 120 kilos of weight on its surface, having a good storage volume.

Assembly : The assembly of the truck is easy and will only take a few minutes.

Handle : The handle is a good size and makes it easy to carry the wheelbarrow wherever you want.

Foldable : Its folding approach allows the product to be stored comfortably when necessary.


Fabric : The fabric interior should be treated with care, especially if you are carrying objects that could damage this area.

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wheelbarrow climbs stairs

Silverline 736265

No one thinks of a stair-climbing wheelbarrow until they have to carry something weighing 50kg up several floors. Fortunately, this product can do that and more. Although the weight mentioned is what can be carried safely up the stairs, this wheelbarrow supports up to 120 kilograms in other circumstances. Made of steel and painted in a rust-resistant bright blue color, this item is ready for constant use and will last for quite some time.

It has 3 wheels on each side to give better mobility, especially when lifting heavy objects up the stairs, preventing the base from colliding with them. The base of the wheelbarrow is foldable for easy storage without taking up much space. It has dimensions 47 x 63 x 107 cm and weighs 11.11 kilograms. The handle of the wheelbarrow is covered in an ergonomic material that will not tire your hands.

This could be the best stair climbing truck, because in addition to the safety that this process requires, this model also pays attention to comfort.


Load: If you want to transport things on any flat surface, you can carry up to 120 kg. If you want to climb the stairs you will have up to 50 kg of safe load capacity.

Resistance: This model is anti-corrosive and is made of steel, resistant to frequent use.

Wheels: The 6 wheels of the product provide excellent and quite simple mobilization.


Turning: The turning angle of the wheels is small, based on buyers’ information, and this can complicate things.

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cargo truck

Ayerbe M86594

If you are looking for a practical and functional forklift, you may be interested in this model, as it has a folding shovel measuring 50 x 40 x 2 cm, which makes it easier to transport large items. In this sense, it offers a maximum capacity of 350 kg, however, the structure without load weighs 16 kg, making it lighter than other models. 

It incorporates a pair of pneumatic wheels with a diameter of 25 cm, which are joined by a 20 x 2 mm metal axle, making them suitable for different types of terrain. It is good to mention that they are inflatable and there are spare parts to replace the wheels if necessary.

It is made of resistant metal that allows a long useful life. In addition, it has an attractive yellow finish with black handles that favor a more comfortable grip.

Loading forklifts must support enough weight and at the same time be practical, as is the case with this model from the Ayerbe brand. 


Folding: One of the advantages of this model is that it has a folding shovel, which allows it to be stored more comfortably.

Durability: It is a very durable wheelbarrow, since it has been made with high quality metal.

Wheels : The pneumatic wheels allow it to be used on flat and uneven terrain, which favors versatility.


Fastening: It is possible that the folding shovel is not well fastened when it is folded, so it is preferable to adjust it in case of not using it to avoid inconveniences.

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hand truck

TecTake 800092

If it is about fabric wheelbarrows, this could be the best wheelbarrow of the moment, because, despite not having a steel or iron shell, its resistance is of the same quality and inside it can carry approximately up to 550 kilograms of maximum load. Therefore, it has the capacity to carry the heaviest things without complications. In addition, the dimensions of 14 cm x 51.5 cm x 65 cm provide a considerable space to organize everything.

This product can be used in gardening, agriculture and construction. The purchase comes with all the manuals and materials necessary for assembly and, while the support is made of metal, the interior has a canvas made of polyester. The wheelbarrow has folding sides for more comfortable storage and the canvas can be removed for easy cleaning. The handle has a padded space to give you more comfort when holding the product and moving it.

This green hand truck is much stronger than it looks, making it the best mix of comfort, safety, practicality and durability.


Wheels: This wheelbarrow comes with four wheels so you don’t have to lift it to transport things.

Capacity: The load capacity rivals that of traditional steel trucks, with a maximum of 550 kg. A big advantage.

Folding: Its quality of folding sides makes storage easier.


Brake: As it does not have a brake, it is somewhat difficult to lower the load on a slope, especially since it is a not very robust truck.

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transport truck

Deuba 101178

It is a transport cart that has a special star-shaped wheel system, which makes it easier to move heavy loads up stairs. In this sense, it is indicated for removals and other similar activities at the domestic level.

It measures 65 x 47 x 115 cm when unfolded, but can be folded for storage. In addition, the shovel is also foldable, so that the dimensions of the truck can be reduced to 43 x 47 x 79 cm so as not to take up much space.

For their part, the wheels measure 16 cm in diameter and are designed for use in the city. This wheelbarrow has been manufactured with steel tube, so it is very durable and supports a maximum load of 200 kg, in addition, it has plastic handles for greater support. 

If you want a wheelbarrow that allows you to carry heavy objects from one place to another but at the same time is practical, then this model may interest you.


Wheels: It has a star-shaped wheel system, which offers good performance when raising and lowering objects through stairs.

Foldable: It measures only 43 x 47 x 79 cm when folded, so you can store it in small spaces.

Capacity: This model has the capacity to move items weighing up to 200 kg.


Resistance: Although it is functional in the home, it is not recommended for constant and demanding use at an industrial level.

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sprayer truck

Champion CP4-502

With this product it will not be necessary to carry backpacks with the fumigant product on your back, as this truck has a tank with a maximum capacity of 50 liters and a 10-meter hose for better distribution of the product. Its tank is made of high-density polyethylene and its 4-stroke engine provides a continuous flow of the fumigant without any problem.

The purchase comes with a manual of instructions for use and maintenance, to prevent the sprayer from wearing out quickly. It is a wide product, with dimensions of 85 x 53 x 71 cm and 29.5 kilograms of weight. The two wheels of the wheelbarrow will allow for easier transport, with an ergonomic grip to prevent you from getting tired easily. The brand is internationally recognized for its quality and this model stands out for that very reason.

A fumigation truck can be the solution to control the pest and, if this is what you need and you do not know which is the best truck to buy, this model could help you with this.


Capacity: The 50 liters of fumigant liquid are enough to take care of large gardens.

Deposit: High-density polyethylene protects the internal part and gives it resistance.

Engine: The 4-stroke engine provides enough power for the spray product to flow without interruption for as long as you need.


Weight: The structure is heavy and counting the liters of fumigant, it can be somewhat uncomfortable to carry if you do not have much strength.

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forklift accessories

wheelbarrow wheel

Wolf Pack 11110605

This wheelbarrow wheel, despite weighing only 1.04 kilograms, can support up to approximately 300 kilograms without a problem, so it can go with trucks that have similar load capacities. The size of the shaft is 2 cm and the diameter reaches 26 cm. For its part, the plastic rim has the classic black color of the tires, contrasting with a red rim that stands out and provides a touch of modernity.

It is suitable for use in wheelbarrows of different types such as gardening, as the  bearings reduce the effort by carrying heavy weight from one side to the other.

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Solid wheel for wheelbarrow

Wolf Pack 11110068

A solid wheelbarrow wheel is the solution for those who don’t want too much wear on their wheels when traveling over muddy or hard-to-reach surfaces. This model has the right features for this, making it ideal for trucks used on construction sites.

Its robust frame gives it the strength needed for constant use, while its bright yellow color makes it stand out. It weighs 2.7 kilograms and has a diameter of 37 cm, suitable dimensions for the model. Punctures are not a problem with this hard rubber and the metal interior gives the truck a better fit.

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How to choose the best trucks?

Wheelbarrows come in various sizes, colors and shapes, so choosing just one can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what to look for to best perform what you need. Here you can read some important features to consider when making a purchase.

Shopping guide

Load and dimensions

When making a guide to buying the best wheelbarrow, most people look for the load capacity that the wheelbarrow has to carry the necessary things from one place to another. The maximum capacity varies exponentially from one model to another because not all products are created for the same purpose. For example, construction trucks can support up to more than 500 kilograms of load, while a transport truck can move between 50 and 120 kilograms, in most cases.

Knowing what you need to carry in the forklift is decisive in making a good choice, selecting a model with the necessary load capacity to be able to carry what you require.

This characteristic is directly related to the dimensions of the truck, since if your product can carry more than 200 kilograms but does not have enough space to carry the objects you need, then you will still have to make several trips to carry everything. A good and economical alternative is one that gives you space and support to have everything, so paying attention to the measurements of the truck and complementing them with the maximum load of the product can help you make the best choice.

Remember that the maximum safe load capacity can vary depending on which way the load will be carried. If it is in a straight line, this load support will be greater, however, on routes with many curves, on ramps or going up and down stairs, the maximum safe load that can be carried can be reduced.

Weight and materials

When you find yourself comparing forklifts, never forget to check the weight of the structure of said product. Keep in mind that you will carry a lot of weight on the wheelbarrow, therefore, buying one that is not excessively heavy on its own will make it easier for you to transport the objects you need, since you will not add extra kilograms to the load that you will have to mobilize.

The materials used in the manufacture of wheelbarrows are diverse and these will determine the extra weight of the wheelbarrow, as well as its resistance. Some of the most used elements in the creation of these products are steel, plastic and fabric. The first material is more than anything used in construction trucks to be able to work with sharp or robust objects without the risk of the material tearing or giving way under the weight.

If you know that you will only transport garden objects, toys, supermarket purchases or other products considered “light”, then a fabric and plastic wheelbarrow, in addition to being an economical product, will give you the resistance and performance you need. However, if you know that you will be moving very heavy objects that could damage the fabric or break the plastic, then have as your first option the models that have steel or iron as the main manufacturing element.


Ergonomics should always be among the most important features when making your comparison, if you want your choice to be the right one in the long term. Buying a wheelbarrow that does not have an ergonomic grip can not only wear out your hands, but it can also cause you to not distribute your weight well and adopt a poor position to be able to transport things and start to hurt areas of your back, arms, shoulders and neck.

Some wheelbarrows come with just one wheel, while others come with two, three, or even four, depending on the model. The more wheels the product has, the less effort will fall on you, since the wheels facilitate movement. These can be made of various materials, have different thicknesses and sizes, all to suit the truck. The great importance of this part is that the wheels provide stability, so before looking at the price, make sure you know that the base of your wheelbarrow is of quality.

Certain wheels have additional accessories such as brakes, to avoid accidents with forklifts moving from place due to a surface that is not completely flat or due to other causes. While this is not a necessary feature on single-wheel trucks, it is a desirable feature on those with two or more.

This can influence how much it costs, but it is necessary to have a stable, durable and resistant product.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to grease a wheelbarrow?

Any bearing oil, unless the instructions state otherwise, will help maintain the wheelbarrow’s wheels for ease of use. Just add a little on the axle and bearing so the wheel moves smoothly.

Q2: How to make a wooden wheelbarrow?

Get 4 pieces of wood of different dimensions to make the structure of the shell. The base must be between 60 x 40 centimeters, approximately, while the sides must be a few centimeters shorter in length and have a width of 20 centimeters less than the base. The piece of wood that will serve as the back area should be the smallest. You must also buy a wheel that will serve as a means of mobilization.

Trim the wood and shape it with a jigsaw. Polish the wood well to avoid splinters. Join the base with the back using screws and, after doing this, continue with the sides.

Make wooden slats that will serve as a frame for the wheelbarrow and attach them to the base, remember that the wheel will be on these slats, so leave the necessary holes. 

Do the same with the mangoes. Use varnish to give it more protection or paint if you wish, and when everything is dry, install the wheel.

Q3: How to assemble a wheelbarrow?

Unless the hardware store is close to your home, the carts will usually come unassembled and you will have to do the assembly at home. This takes a few minutes and can be  done without professional help.

The most common wheelbarrow is the one wheel, garden and construction, and this is the easiest to assemble.

Take the bridge in your hands and screw the side brackets to it, securing each screw with a nut. At the top of the brackets, screw on the heels, if you have them, securing with the nuts again.

The shell is the place where the things will go and this will have to be screwed on all four corners, from the inside towards the frame. The frame is the longest piece, which will serve as a support at the front, where the wheel will go. After doing this, attach the bridge and brackets to the frame.

Flip the cart over and install the wheel to the frame. Fix it with bolts and nuts.

Q4: How to change the wheel of a wheelbarrow?

Flip the wheelbarrow over or lay it down until the wheel is on top. With a wrench loosen the fixing nuts that are on the wheel axle.

By loosening the clamp on the axle, you will be able to remove the wheel very easily. Remove the cover, that is, the tire, so that you only have the rim and place the new tire around it. It needs to be well secured. Using the wrench again, secure the wheel to the wheelbarrow.

Q5: How many cubic meters does a wheelbarrow have?

The trucks do not have universal measurements among all the models, since not all of them are manufactured for the same purpose.

Between the garden and construction wheelbarrows, there are approximate measures that range from 0.20 and 0.25 cubic meters. These figures could be taken as a standard measure between these items.

How to use a wheelbarrow

Using a wheelbarrow correctly goes beyond simply placing everything inside it and moving things from one side to another. Many professionals have ended up dropping everything on the ground due to mistakes when using the wheelbarrow and, if you want to prevent this from happening to you, then with this little guide you will be able to learn certain details that are sometimes forgotten when using a wheelbarrow correctly.

Put the sturdy stuff down

It is not about placing everything inside the cart without any kind of order, but about making the most of the space so that more things can fit and, above all, organizing it correctly so that things arrive safely at their destination.

Sturdiest objects, especially if they are flat-topped, should go below to serve as a base for any other products that need to be carried on the truck.

Put the most fragile things on top

If you have to transport somewhat fragile things, such as sheets of glass, for example, these should always go on top of the most robust and resistant objects. Adding things without organization can lead you to damage some part of the cargo you carry.

In addition to that, try not to leave any free spaces and organize things well so that you can carry as many things as possible in a single trip.


If you carry a lot of things in the wheelbarrow, it is recommended that you secure the things to it to prevent them from falling. This is most recommended if things will be carried up a sloping, curvy path, or up stairs.

It is especially necessary when you use a tall forklift used in the warehouse, as these only offer a small base surface where you will have to make a tower of objects if you want to carry several things.

Do not exceed the weight

All trucks come with a maximum safe load weight that you should never exceed. Doing so could compromise the truck’s strength and performance, as well as be prone to accidents due to unweighted or falling loads.

Remember that, depending on the surface over which the truck must pass, the maximum safe load may decrease. For example, on flat surfaces, a wheelbarrow could easily carry 300 kilograms but, when climbing stairs, this load, for safety, must be reduced to 100 kg, not only for the integrity of the wheelbarrow, but also for yours.

Manage your weight well

Don’t force just one arm to take over if you can use two; Managing weight well, having a good grip and proper posture can make the task of using the truck easier, more comfortable and more ergonomic.

use the brakes

If your cart has wheel brakes, use them when placing the product in a place that is not completely flat. This will prevent your wheelbarrow from accidentally falling or moving, which can damage what’s on it.


If you feel like you can’t take it anymore, rest for a moment to regain strength. If you overwork yourself, it is possible to present muscle wasting or cause accidents, such as falls.

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Trupper 11763

Esta carretilla de mano es una de las mejores opciones para personas que necesiten de resistencia y amplia capacidad de carga. Podría ser considerada la mejor carretilla de relación calidad precio, pues su coste es económico teniendo en cuenta sus cualidades. Este producto está fabricado en acero calibre 22 y puede soportar hasta 530 kilogramos de peso, sin importar el tipo de objetos transportados.

Su ensamblaje es sumamente sencillo y es funcional para obras, jardinería y agricultura por igual. El acabado en pintura color verde le da un aspecto brillante que resalta del negro del resto de su estructura. La llanta es neumática y tiene un diámetro de 40,6 centímetros. Las dimensiones de esta carretilla son de 60 cm de ancho, 91 cm de largo y 32 cm de profundidad para llevar varias cosas en ella. Su estabilidad y durabilidad han sido reconocidas por sus compradores, debido a su soporte inferior.

Truper es una empresa que se ha destacado en el mercado de las carretillas y, por su gran calidad, podría convertirse en la mejor marca de carretillas del mercado.


Capacidad: Con esta carretilla podrás llevar hasta 530 kilogramos sin ningún inconveniente.

Estabilidad: Los soportes inferiores le dan una mejor estabilidad para poder llevar el peso con facilidad.

Materiales: El acero de calibre 22 le da la resistencia necesaria a la carretilla para mantenerse en buen estado.

Instalación: El ensamblaje puede hacerse en pocos minutos, sin ningún esfuerzo y sin complicaciones.


Manual: Este producto no viene con un instructivo y, aunque la instalación es sencilla, podría ser más fácil para quienes no tienen experiencia previa si tuviera un manual.

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