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Wooden Planter – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


Botany is a fun and rewarding hobby, and best of all, you can practice it right in your backyard or even in front of your home. However, not everyone has space to plant and that is when wooden planters become an efficient alternative. First of all, we recommend you take into account the vidaXL planter 41659; a simple model, but robust and of a good size so that you can plant the species you want. Second, you could check out the Catral 31090017 model. It is made of pine wood and even has treatment against ultraviolet rays.

The 9 Best Wooden Planters – Opinions 2022


Wooden planters are tools to easily decorate your patio with natural plants if you don’t have a place to plant. In addition, they will also help you work with species that need special care, such as light intensity or controlled humidity. If you are looking for a good model, we present a couple of options below.

1. vidaXL Flowerbed Square Planter Large Flower Pot Wood

In this selection of the best wooden planters of 2022, we start our review with the vidaXL 41659 model; also cataloged as a planter due to its usefulness in botany.

It is a model that has a cube design with dimensions of 50 x 50 x 40 centimeters and an approximate weight of 18 kilograms, due to the thickness of each of the slats that make it up.

It is made from treated pine wood, which, apart from being cleaned and polished, is also coated to make it resistant to the elements.

Apart from this, it is also highlighted that the slats have treatments to delay rot, so that you can take advantage of your wooden planter for many years.

If you want to know the pros and cons of what could be the best wooden planter of the moment, you will find them in the following spaces:


Deep: The size of the planter gives it good depth to plant various species and seeds.

Materials: The structure is made of resistant and durable boards that will maintain their shape over time.

Finishes: Each piece of the planter has smooth finishes so you can handle them safely.

Coating: The boards have a coating to prevent them from rotting due to contact with water and sun.



Assembly: The planter comes disassembled and you will need tools to install it, since a couple of holes must be made in the wood.

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2. Catral 31090017 Rectangular Pine Planter

Catral 31090017 is a product that has several of the characteristics that many users look for when they want to buy the best wooden planter for the home.

We are faced with a rectangular-shaped model that measures 70 x 30 x 30 centimeters, being comfortable to place against the wall, on balconies or terraces.

Likewise, the Catral planter has the special quality of having a coating incorporated to protect against ultraviolet rays; so that constant contact with the sun does not have negative effects on the wood. In turn, being made of pine, the slats are robust and resistant.

Finally, the purchase of the product is accompanied by a lining with which you can protect the ground and the sides of the planter to prevent the irrigation water from affecting them.

It is possible that Catral will become the best brand of wooden planters, which is why it is convenient to take into consideration the good and bad of its product:


Comfortable: The planter has a rectangular design that makes it ergonomic to plant whatever you want.

Elevated: It has feet that raise it from the ground, facilitating drainage.

Lining: It comes with its respective lining so you can extend the usefulness of the product.

Treatment: A layer of coating has been applied to the planter to make it resistant to ultraviolet rays.



Finishes: The structure could have better finishes, especially where the screws go, as some might need a little adjustment.

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3. BooGardi Rectangular Wood Planter

To continue the search for the best wooden planter, we could not overlook the BooGardi Nature model, which stands out for having a practical design, good construction materials and availability of colors.

This gardening product measures 79 x 39 x 30 centimeters and has feet that allow it to be kept off the ground, which improves both the drainage mechanism and the aesthetics of the structure.

In turn, it is noteworthy to mention that you could find it in various colors or even combined, so that you choose the one that best suits the decoration of your garden. It comes with an internal canvas for the care of the wood, as well as a construction made up of pine slats that guarantee a long useful life.

When you don’t know which wooden planter to buy, review its advantages and disadvantages to make a better decision when choosing which one to buy:


Design: The structural design of the wooden planter is attractive, beautiful and with good finishes in its joints.

Colors: Depending on its availability, you could purchase it in various shades or colors.

Feet: It has feet in each corner to conveniently rise from the ground.

Resistance: You can place this wooden planter both indoors and outdoors.



Gloss: Keep in mind that, if you opt for the colored wooden planter, some users have commented that the finish lacks gloss.

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4. FKL New Wood Steel Planter Top Flower Pot

From the FKL brand we have for you a practical and small planter with which you can enjoy wild plants, flowers or whatever you want without worrying about having a complete patio to plant.

This model in particular can be very useful for those who are starting to garden or do not have much space at home, since it allows you to easily sow various species, seeds, stems, etc., as well as relocate the plant to control pests. hours of sunlight it receives.

Its size, specifically, is 90 x 17 x 17 centimeters and it weighs just 6 kilograms, allowing it to be loaded without many inconveniences. At the same time, it is an advantage that it has an internal lining which has been stapled to the same wooden slats, to stay in place at all times.

For those customers who are looking for one of the cheapest options on the list, here are the characteristics of the FKL planter:


Compact: The compact dimensions of this model make it useful for small or limited spaces such as terraces and balconies.

Lined: It comes previously lined with black plastic to protect the wood from moisture.

Drain: You have already created the lower holes that will work as a drain for the planter.

Outdoors: You can place this wooden planter outside without worrying about its wear.



Height: If you are going to choose this option, you should be aware that, due to its type, it has a lower height than what you would expect in normal planters.

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5. vidaXL Solid Wood Planter with Trellis Planter Patio

If you are interested in buying a wooden planter that provides a lot of decoration to your garden, it is likely that the model that vidaXL has for you will attract your attention, since it is beautiful and its assembly is not as complicated as some might suppose.

This solid wood planter has a width of 70 centimeters, while its depth is 30 centimeters. However, its height reaches 135 centimeters long and this is due to an extra piece that has been incorporated into its design.

This piece is made up of interspersed thin slats that form diamonds, which allow the growth of climbing plants that, once the planter is filled, can create a natural wall that will look great no matter where you put it.

Since wooden planters are such useful equipment to practice botany, you need to be able to review all their characteristics on time:


Design: The product of the vidaXL brand has both a practical and aesthetic design to decorate your garden.

Trellis: It has a piece of trellis in which climbing plants of all kinds can grow.

Materials: The structure is made of solid wood, offering a long useful life.

Assembly: It presents a relatively simple and quick assembly challenge to carry out.



Thickness: A detail that this wooden planter has is that the upper part for vines is made up of thin slats that must be handled with care.

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6. FKL D6 Wooden planter for garden or terrace mounted

FKL D6 is one of the cheapest products in wooden planters mentioned in this list, so it could be the best option if you do not want to spend a lot of money.

This purchase alternative has dimensions of 90 x 17 x 17 centimeters. Being cataloged within the small size planters, you can place it on balconies, windows or terraces. However, and depending on the availability of the manufacturer, you can opt for models that are longer or shorter than this.

Its manufacture, on the other hand, is made of white lacquered wood and has previously installed a black plastic lining secured with staples throughout the entire planter. You can open holes in this to allow the water to flow out after watering your plants.

Before you buy any planter model, we advise you to review all possible aspects in detail to make sure you choose the best:


Style: This alternative is ideal if you need a wooden planter to place on the balcony, due to its size of 90 cm.

Color: It is white, but, depending on its availability, you could buy it in other shades.

Handling: Being small you can easily manipulate it, as well as move it from one place to another.

Lining: It already has an internal lining installed to protect the mother against moisture.



Drainage: Something that you will have to create yourself before using the wooden planter are the holes for the drainage, since it comes completely sealed.

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7. Furinno Tioman Hardwood Planter

Furinno offers you a wooden planter that you can use both to plant and decorate your garden, and even enjoy a seat to relax in the afternoon.

It is the model FG16011; a planter that, when assembled, reaches dimensions of 182 x 29 x 44.7 centimeters with a weight of 15.9 kilograms. This is because it is made up of 2 separate containers along with a thick plank that can be placed on top of them to function as a seat. Thanks to this design, the planter can become the center of attention in your patio, as well as allowing you to enjoy planting the species of your choice.

Its manufacture, on the other hand, has been made with dark red meranti wood which has also been treated with teak oil to increase its durability and also make it water resistant, allowing you to put it outside if you wish.

In the following space you will be able to review, thoroughly and punctually, relevant information that could help you determine if this wooden planter suits you or not:


Design: This planter has a particular design in which you can even enjoy a seat.

Finishes: Aesthetically, in addition, the darkened finish of the wood gives it an elegant look.

Separation: It has 2 separate planters in the same structure to plant in pairs.

Installation: Its installation and assembly is very simple to do and you will practically not need tools.



Bottom: One aspect that you cannot ignore is that this set of wooden planters does not have a bottom in its cubicles.

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8. Papillon Wood Planter

Papillon offers you a wooden planter that has a simple design, but is practical for sowing or planting whatever you want at home.

Its size is 40 x 40 x 42 centimeters, which indicates a considerable height and suitable for flowers that have large stems or penetrating roots. At the same time, it stands out that the wooden slats that form its structure are thick, increasing the robustness of the product in general.

You can easily put it outdoors and the ends of the support boards that are placed in the corners have their heads lowered at various angles. This detail gives it a different aspect, as well as being decorative, to complement the style of your garden.

With the intention that you can take home a reliable and efficient product for your plants, we have prepared a list with the pros and cons of this wooden planter:


High: It is a tall wooden planter, allowing you to add a lot of compost and plant various species.

Finishes: The wood used in its construction has soft-touch finishes to avoid splinters and rough areas.

Finishes: The joints of the product have lowered finishes, minimizing its notoriety in the planter.

Exterior: The wooden planter has been treated so that you can install it outdoors without any problem.



Assembly: The assembly process of this wooden planter can be a bit tricky, as some screw holes are missing or misaligned.

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9. Diyarts Planter Wheelbarrow Wood Multifunctional Ornamental Flower Cart

Offering an affordable cost along with a different and even ornamental design, this Diyarts option could be the best value for money wooden planter.

Here we are before a wooden planter that has a wheelbarrow design, presenting both the front wheel and the handles to lift it at the rear. It has a total size of 46 x 19.5 x 20 centimeters and the container for planting measures 24.5 x 15 x 10 centimeters, being comfortable to put a couple of flowers.

It is made of abrasion-resistant natural wood, to which you can apply varnish if you want to keep it exposed to the elements. Added to this, it can be assumed that it will have a long useful life thanks to the finishes that the material presents in general.

After evaluating both the analytical review and the pros and cons that you will find below, it will be much easier for you to select the planter that suits you:


Design: It is one of the most peculiar planters on the list as it has a wheelbarrow design.

Robustness: Its joints are reliable and robust, providing resistance to the entire structure.

Mobility: Staying true to its wheelbarrow design, the planter also incorporates a functional wheel at the front.

Finishes: It has finishes that are attractive to the eye and soft to the touch, maintaining the natural lines of the wood.



Drainage: You must create the drainage holes, since it does not have an outlet for the water.

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Shopping guide


When you need a guide to buy the best wooden planter, we invite you to review the information contained in this space. Here we have compiled data about the usefulness and versatility of these tools, so that you can analyze them with a greater knowledge base.

planter size 

When entering a forum where you find a comparison of wooden planters, you will notice that many users talk about the dimensions in the variety of models. This is due to multiple factors, which can range from the species of plant with which you want to work, to the available space that can be delegated at home.

In general, wooden planters are used to give special care to certain delicate plants, although they are also very popular for those who want to enjoy a bit of nature in their home when space does not allow them. 

This usually occurs more than anything in apartments or houses without space for a garden, where wooden planters become an affordable, effective and simple solution to carry out to add greenery to home decoration.

However, when starting gardening and botany, it is important to know that each plant has its own needs, for example, that some must be germinated deeper than others or that, when they grow, they have prominent roots. This is when the size of the planter becomes important, since it must be adapted to both the space you have available at home and the type of plant you want to place in it.

Construction materials

Even if you have a limited budget and must analyze all the data carefully to find a good and economical planter, you cannot neglect the importance of manufacturing materials when determining the efficiency, durability and general quality of any product..

In this sense and when we are talking about wooden planters specifically, you should pay attention to the type of tree from which the boards have been obtained. Some species are more resistant or have certain effects on plant growth, so it would not hurt to review their qualities.

At the same time, this affects the aesthetic section, since each type of tree can have a particular color, finish, lines or texture.


Sewage system

When it comes to gardening and botany, water is an essential element for its practice, but constant contact with wood is capable of rotting it to the point of making it unusable. To avoid this type of inconvenience, certain wooden planters have structural alterations to reduce these effects.

We refer, of course, to drainage systems; But don’t let the name intimidate you, as in this category they simply refer to a series of holes at the bottom of the planter. These have the main function of serving as drainage to let out excess water after each irrigation session or in case it rains.

If you notice that the wooden planter you want to buy does not have them, you should probably take a couple of tools and create them, since this excess water, in addition to rotting the wood, would also negatively affect the plant.


internal lining

On some occasions, whether or not the wooden planter has an internal lining, this can affect how much it costs, but if you want to save both time and effort, it would not hurt to take into account the advantages that this offers you.

A liner in this type of structure serves both to contain soil, compost and water. Its correct installation prevents excess irrigation water from accumulating in the wood and allows it to exit the planter in a controlled manner. In the long run, this prevents the material from rotting and also improves the compaction of the rest of the elements in the planting.

special treatments

Virtually all plants, flowers and vegetables that can be grown at home need sunlight. Because of this, it is necessary that the wooden planter you buy has been treated to withstand being outdoors.

Luckily, many of the available models are offered with treatments to withstand rain, sun or snow, depending on their type, but to be sure, we advise you to review all the information provided by the manufacturer in detail.

Otherwise, you should verify that its characteristics make it suitable for interiors, whether it has its lining and bottom to prevent loss of compost or water, as well as a suitable aesthetic to combine well with your decoration.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to make a wooden planter?

To build a simple planter, you will need wooden planks: one for the base of 40 x 18 centimeters, two of 40 x 12 centimeters for the sides and two of 14 x 12 centimeters that will go on the ends.

Before you begin, sand all the pieces to remove any blemishes and chips. Also, this will help the paint penetrate better when you put the finishing touches on it. When you are done, clean them to remove the dust and proceed to form the structure of the planter.

Start at the sides. Take the corresponding planks and, with the help of a drill, open holes to insert wooden blocks that serve as infrastructure to increase the robustness of the planter. At the same time, before fitting them together, pour white glue into the hole and the plug to ensure a better seal.

Once you have formed the sides of the planter, you must mount everything on the base following the same procedure. Try to install at least 3 plugs at each end and at least 5 along the length with a space of about 6 to 8 centimeters between them. Let everything dry and secure with the help of clamps and you will be done.

Q2: How to make an outdoor wooden planter?

An outdoor wooden planter can be made in the same way as an indoor one, that is, with the right size boards, plugs, glue and waterproofing. 

However, to protect them a little more, considering that they will always be outside, we also recommend applying at least 2 coats of varnish to prevent the cold and humidity from rotting the wood.

Q3: How to line a wooden planter?

Lining a wooden planter is recommended to prevent moisture from rotting the material, being one of the simplest methods to install a plastic canvas inside.

The tarps can be purchased at hardware stores and botanical stores by the meter, so that you can cut the appropriate shape according to the size of your planter. When doing so, remember to also take into account the sides and ends of the structure, to protect them from the aforementioned humidity.

When you have cut the canvas, proceed to fix it to the boards starting from the base to the sides. For this you can use nails and a hammer or also a stapler for wood and, when finished, create several small holes in the base of the canvas so that the water can drain after watering the plants.

Q4: How to waterproof a wooden planter?

One method with which you can economically waterproof the wooden planter is by using previously boiled linseed oil. Apply a couple of coats of semi-hot linseed oil to the entire planter, waiting for it to dry between coats.

When you are going to apply the last layer, while it is still wet, cover it with perforated plastic wrap to let the irrigation water out. Wait for it to dry and your planter will be ready and waterproofed.


Q5: How to protect a wooden planter?

The simplest, most efficient and practical alternative to protect the planter is to apply a complete coating of varnish to the entire wooden structure. This product is responsible for covering the pores of the material so that moisture cannot access, making it practically waterproof and resistant to the elements.

Q6: How to plant in a wooden planter?

Planting in a wooden planter is not much different from planting in a pot or even in the garden itself.

To start you will need the recommended compost according to the type of plant, as well as the additives and accelerators that you prefer. Fill ¾ parts of the planter with compost and water everything to now gently compact the soil with the shovel.  

With the compost ready, begin to open the holes that should not be more than a couple of centimeters deep, and then gently place the sprout or the stem of the plant in the center. Cover everything with soil and water until the surface looks moist.

Q7: How to make a planter with wooden sleepers?

One of the most practical ways to take advantage of wooden sleepers to make a planter is by installing them as a border. For example, you can place the sleepers parallel to the wall at a distance of between 30 or 50 centimeters, and then fill the space with soil and plant what you want.

Also, it should be noted that the finish and thickness of these pieces of wood look quite good outdoors, and you can even create intricate shapes to personalize the aesthetics of your garden.

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