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Work Gloves – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Hand injuries are usually quite common when it comes to work accidents, because the upper extremities of the body are regularly used to perform most tasks, for this reason, it is necessary to protect them with gloves specially designed for activity you do. In this sense, the Wolfpack 15030036 have been made of grain cowhide, so they serve multiple uses and come in two sizes. On the other hand, the Vgo CB9501 have a double leather palm for greater protection and durability, in addition, they incorporate an elastic system for a better fit on the wrists.

The 8 Best Work Gloves – Opinions 2022

To protect your hands from possible injuries in the workplace, it is necessary to have good gloves, however, it can be difficult to select the right pair due to the large number of options available, for this reason, we have prepared a list with 8 of them. The best work gloves of 2022.

Cowhide leather work gloves

1. Wolfpack 15030036 FLOWER Leather Glove 10″

They are work gloves made of grain cowhide, a type of leather that corresponds to the intermediate part of the animal’s skin, therefore, it does not have the possible imperfections of the outer layer, nor the weakness of the innermost part.. In this sense, it offers enough resistance, but at the same time, this material is light, so the gloves weigh only 81.6 g.

They are indicated for maintenance work in general, especially in the areas of loading/unloading, mechanics, construction, automotive, driving and agriculture, since they are resistant to cutting, tearing and abrasion, thus protecting from the tips of the fingers. even beyond the wrists, which is why some users think that these are the best work gloves.

These cowhide leather work gloves come in a size 10 which would be a large size, however they are also available in a size 9 for smaller hands. In addition, thanks to its design, the hand is not very tight nor does it impede the mobility of the fingers.

To know which are the best work gloves, it is important to check that the price is consistent with the benefits offered by the product. This is the case of the Wolfpack 15030036, which are cheap and effective, however, it is worth reviewing their pros and cons in more detail:


Material: They have been made with cowhide leather, which is very resistant to mechanical actions.

Applications: They are indicated for construction areas and those that carry risks of cuts and abrasion.

Comfort: They are one of the most comfortable because they do not tighten too much and allow good mobility in the fingers.


Odour: The gloves may leave a strong odor on the skin during the first few uses, so it is recommended to wash your hands after use.

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leather work gloves

2. Vgo 3 Pairs Cowhide Leather Work Gloves

It is a package with 3 pairs of leather work gloves, specifically made of split leather, which corresponds to the outermost layer close to the animal’s fur, so it is very resistant to perforations, for this reason, some users They consider them as the best work gloves of the moment.

They can be used by logistics, regular construction, warehousing, ranching, driving and gardening professionals, but are also useful around the home when using hand tools to do heavy DIY work. In this sense, they properly protect the fingers, the palm, the back and the wrist to avoid injuries.

These leather work gloves have an elastic band for a better fit and safety when handling objects, in addition, they comply with the REACH regulation of the European Union for the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances, so it is about a safe product for regular use. 

The best brand of work gloves is the one that offers resistant and comfortable products to protect you while you carry out activities throughout the day. The Vgo CB9501 can be a good option, so it’s worth reviewing their pros and cons:


Sizing: These gloves come in size 9, but are also available in a larger size 10 version.

Set: One of the advantages of this model is that it comes with 3 pairs so you don’t have to buy gloves over a long period of time.

Certificate: It has the CE certificate and complies with the REACH regulation, so it is a safe product without toxic substances.


Dye: The yellow color of the gloves can be released with sweat and stain the skin. However, it is easy to remove with soap and water.

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waterproof work gloves

3. ATG 56426-09B Large Size Waterproof Gloves

If you still don’t know which work gloves to buy, you may be interested in this model with LIQUItech technology, which is a light and flexible coating combined with a seamless fabric, to provide low and high level chemical resistance, but without losing comfort. in finger movement. For this reason, they are able to repel liquids.

These waterproof work gloves are indicated for working in humid environments, both water and oil, therefore, they keep the hands completely dry and protected from harmful substances. In addition, they comply with the EN 388: 2016 standard, so they can resist mechanical actions including cuts and abrasion.

They have a length of 26 cm in size 10 or XL, but they are also available in sizes 6, 8 and 9. In this sense, due to their design they are smaller than traditional ones, therefore it is recommended to choose a larger size..

If you want to buy the best value for money work gloves on the market today, you should consider the ATG 56426-09B as they are inexpensive and maintain hand mobility.


Resistance: The thickness of the palm is 1.00 mm, so they resist water, oil and other liquid substances.

Technology: Thanks to LIQUItech technology, they have a seamless fabric, which allows greater protection and comfort.

Design: They have a modern design with a purple and black finish. In addition, they have an anti-slip surface on the palm.


Size: It is necessary to choose a size larger than normal because the gloves come a little small.

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thin work gloves

4. Ansell HyFlex 11-618 Nylon Work Gloves

These gloves have been made with 18 gauge knitting technology, this means that they are extremely thin, offer high tactile sensitivity and allow great finger mobility, for this reason, they are used to carry out activities that require subtlety, since they work like a second skin. 

They are fine work gloves made of quality nylon and have a polyurethane coating on the palm, to offer good resistance to abrasion and small cuts. In this sense, they are indicated for use in mechanical, construction, storage activities, among other tasks in workshops and homes. 

They have a modern look that can be adapted to the shape of your hands with a good fit. Plus, they’re finished in dark shades of blue and black, so they hide dirt so you don’t have to replace them as often. 

If you are looking for cheap work gloves, you might be interested in this product that includes 12 pairs. However, it does not hurt to review its pros and cons in more detail before making the purchase. 


Thickness: They are one of the thinnest on the market today, so they provide great tactile sensitivity.

Material: They have been made of nylon, a synthetic polymer that provides great resistance to abrasion and small cuts.

Design: Thanks to the dark colors you can use them in warehouses, workshops and other dirty spaces, as they mask stains.


Impermeability: These gloves are indicated for dry environments, since they are not completely waterproof.

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Work gloves for the cold

5. S&R Thermal Winter Work Gloves

These are gloves specially designed for winter, since they have a very soft insulating lining made of acrylic, which keeps the temperature warm in your hands even if you work outdoors for long periods. In this sense, the gloves have the EN511 certification, so they work in extreme conditions of -10 ° C.

These cold weather work gloves come in a set of two pairs, which is more than enough to last you through the winter, and yet they are not very expensive. For this reason, some users think that they are one of the cheapest when it comes to thermal gloves.

They comply with the EN388 standard, so they are also good against mechanical risks such as abrasion and tearing, thus protecting hands and fingers. In addition, they have non-slip latex coating on the palms for a firmer grip even on slippery objects. 

Intense cold can cause serious injuries to the hands, so it is important to use special winter gloves. In this sense, we invite you to analyze the most important characteristics of these gloves:


Protection: They have protection against mechanical hazards such as tearing and abrasion. They also withstand low temperatures.

Non- slip: They have a latex coating on the palm to allow a higher level of support.

Set: Two pairs of thermal gloves come to protect you throughout the winter without incurring additional costs.


Size: They may be larger than normal, so it is recommended to choose a smaller size for a better fit.

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Anti-cut work gloves

6. Gyxtech Cut Resistant Work Gloves 

These gloves are resistant to sharp objects such as glass, knives and other dangerous materials such as metal or stone. In this sense, they have been made with high-quality Kevlar and polyester elastic fiber with wear resistance, therefore, they protect the hands and are very durable.

They are anti-cut work gloves that can be used domestically in the kitchen to cut vegetables, meat and other foods, but also in industrial activities such as construction, manufacturing of materials, among others, since they protect the hands while doing mechanical work. at risk of tearing. 

As if that were not enough, they are soft and do not limit the movement of the fingers too much because they are flexible. In addition, they allow proper perspiration, thus providing comfort during use. They come in size M, so they can be used by most people.

If you want to avoid cuts on your hands when you work with sharp objects, you may be interested in this model of anti-cut gloves, so it is worth reviewing the pros and cons of the product before making the purchase:


Comfort: They are breathable, flexible and soft, thus providing comfort when used during long working hours.

Uses: These gloves are used for domestic use in the kitchen, but also in specialized workshops as well as in outdoor activities.

Durability: They are made of Kevlar and polyester elastic fiber, so they are very durable.


Size: They come in a one size medium, which can be inconvenient for people with very large or small hands.

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Thermal work gloves

7. Ace Frost 3 Pairs of Thermal Work Gloves

This product combines the resistance of work gloves for mechanical risks with thermal gloves, resulting in complete protection to carry out different activities during the winter, such as shoveling snow, doing work in the garden and even small projects at home while You wait for the arrival of spring.

They have latex coating on both the palms and fingers, so they provide a good grip on different surfaces, including cold, oily and wet ones that can be slippery. In addition, they adapt to the shape of the hands for a better fit, providing security when holding all kinds of objects. 

They have been made with a cotton loop fabric. In addition, one of the advantages of these thermal work gloves is that they are approved and comply with EN 511 and EN 388 standards, so they resist cold and abrasion. 

To avoid hand injuries, it is good to have gloves that protect from low temperatures while providing safety against cuts. This is the case of the Ace Frost, so it is convenient to review their pros and cons:


Sizes: They come in size M, but are also available in S for smaller hands and in sizes L and XL for larger hands.

Coating: They are partially latex coated for better grip on wet surfaces.

Material: They have been made of cotton loop fabric, which helps to isolate from the cold and provides comfort.


Perforation: It must be taken into account that they are not indicated for working with very fine sharp objects, since the material can be perforated.

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Rubber gloves for work

8. Peijco Anti-acid and alkali gloves

They are gloves made of natural latex, a polymer that offers great resistance to acids and other chemical substances, including alkali and oil, therefore, they can be used for cleaning inside the home and also at an industrial level, in tasks associated with use of substances toxic to the skin.

They are flexible and soft to the touch so they allow a good range of motion, yet they are just the right thickness so these rubber work gloves have tear resistance so they can be useful for metal processing. fish, sanitation work, domestic laundry, among others. 

Among its benefits, its design stands out, with a length of 45 cm, which protects not only the hands and fingers, but also a large part of the arms, so they are used for cleaning aquariums and processing chemical components in laboratories..

To clean your home in depth, it is often necessary to use strong chemical substances, so it is necessary to have rubber gloves. If this is your case, then you should review the characteristics of this product in greater detail:


Length: The 45 cm length stands out, which allows it to cover much beyond the wrists.

Material: They are made of natural latex, which is impervious to strong acids and other toxic substances, including oils.

Uses: They are indicated both for domestic use in cleaning tasks and for sanitary work in hospitals and factories.


Coating: These gloves do not have a non-slip coating, so you must pay special attention when handling greasy or wet objects.

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Shopping guide

Work gloves are essential to avoid damage to the hands, since these are often exposed to certain dangers during your working day. However, the large number of options that exist in the current market makes selection difficult, so we have prepared this guide to buy the best work gloves with the aim of making a good investment.


When making a comparison of work gloves, the first thing you should define is the use you are going to give them. This is directly related to the work area in which you work, for example, a bioanalyst needs different gloves than those generally used by a farmer, since both professionals are exposed to different dangers.

In this sense, one of the most common are gloves for general mechanics, which offer sufficient resistance against cut and abrasion risks. For this reason, they must comply with the EN 388 standard that guarantees protection in these cases. These types of gloves work well for professionals in areas such as loading/unloading, construction, driving and other activities, but they are also useful for home repairs related to your car.

If you work with chemicals, the most important thing is to select waterproof gloves. However, some are resistant to humidity and water, but not to strong acids, for this reason, it is very important to define what substances you are going to use to check the compatibility in the characteristics of the product. It is important to note at this point that liquid gloves are generally not resistant to abrasion and cuts, so if you need both properties, you should choose special ones.

If you need gloves for small jobs of all kinds in the home, then you can opt for ones that provide multiple uses, some are even used to cut firewood and carry out activities related to camping.


The manufacturing materials can give you an idea of ​​how much a pair of gloves costs, however, knowing the components they are made of is also important for conservation, so that you can use them for a long time, which in the long run will mean less. waste of money. In this sense, even if you want a cheap product, in some cases it is convenient to invest a little more for better quality and durability.

Cow leather is the material that has traditionally been used to make work gloves, this is because it offers two fundamental characteristics; resistance and flexibility. However, the usefulness of the work glove may vary depending on the type of leather used. In general, the skin of the animal is divided into three layers, external, intermediate and internal. One of the most recommended is the intermediate one, also called beef flower, since it is not as weak as the internal one, but it does not have the imperfections of the external layer either.

As far as split leather is concerned, it corresponds to the outermost layer of the animal’s skin, therefore gloves made from this material are very resistant, however they can be less flexible, while the innermost layers are very soft, but less resistant to mechanical actions. In this case, it will depend on your needs.

Other synthetic materials such as latex, polyurethane and nylon are used to make gloves that are highly resistant to cuts, tears and abrasion. In addition, they can be used as insulation in thermal gloves, therefore, these are often useful to carry out different tasks during the winter.


This feature is very important when choosing work gloves, since a better fit favors a good grip on objects and provides more safety when performing work during the day. It is worth remembering that gloves that are too loose can be counterproductive and increase risks. Something similar happens with gloves that are too small and tight. In this sense, it is essential to know the measurements of your hands to choose the correct size.

Gloves can come in sizes 6 to 12 or XS to XL, but this can vary depending on the design and manufacturer. Chinese products are generally a little smaller than European products, so it is recommended to order a size larger than normal.

Another point that acquires great relevance is the length, in this case they are measured from the tips of the fingers to the arm, to know how much skin the gloves will cover. Generally, it is enough to cover up to the wrists, but certain jobs may require the protection of the forearms, so you should choose a model that measures at least 45 cm in length approximately.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use work gloves?

Although it seems that it is a matter of putting your hands in the gloves, there are certain recommendations that are worth taking into account when using work gloves. If you just bought them, it is important that you check the folds and seams in detail to check that they are in good condition, so that you can request the change in time, but this step is necessary every time you are going to use them, since during the day above may have deteriorated.

Also, it is advisable to wash your hands before putting on the gloves, especially if you plan to use them every day, in this way, you will not have to wash them constantly and therefore they will have a longer useful life.

Q2: How to wash leather work gloves?

Because it is natural animal skin, it is not recommended to wash leather gloves, neither by hand nor much less in the washing machine, as they deteriorate easily. However, you can clean them with special products, which have the same ingredients as those you use to clean upholstery and delicate shoes.

In this case, before applying the products, you can pass a damp cloth to remove dust and any dirt. Most gloves can be flipped over to clean the inside, so it’s good to do the cleaning work from both sides. When applying the cleanser with a cloth, try to make gentle movements in the same way that you would apply a moisturizer to your skin. At the end, you just have to wait for them to dry in the open air.

Q3: How to soften work gloves?

Some gloves come very hard from the factory, especially those made of natural cowhide. If you have this problem, you can buy pure glycerin and use a piece of cloth to apply it to the leather, making sure that the skin absorbs the liquid compound. Depending on the thickness of the leather, you may feel each work glove soften immediately.

In case you want them even softer, then you can apply a little hot air with a hair dryer, without raising the temperature too much, to help the glycerin penetrate and the hardness of the leather begins to give way. On the other hand, gloves made of synthetic fabrics tend to be softer and get softer with constant use, so they do not need any special processing.

Q4: How to make work gloves?

Depending on your protection needs, you can use various materials to make work gloves. Among the most used are leather and nylon. You can start by placing your hand on a piece of paper and drawing the silhouette on the edges, which will serve as a pattern or template, in this way, you will be able to cut the material of your choice with greater precision. You should cut two sides, one for the back and one for the palm of your hand.

You should also cut off a long, thin piece that will be the seam between your fingers. Next, use the appropriate needle and thread for the material and start sewing, taking care to make smooth stitches that don’t leave any bulges on the inside of the gloves.

Q5: How to know the size of work gloves?

This is a fundamental issue when choosing work gloves, since a good fit will allow you greater safety and maximum holding capacity. In this sense, it is best to take the measurements of the hands, for this you must measure the length from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist and the circumference of the hand with a tape measure. This last measurement should not include the thumb.

For example, if your hand is 17 cm in length and has a circumference of 17 cm, then size XS fits you, but if it measures more than 20 cm, then you should choose between L or XL. Also, it is necessary to take into account that some manufacturers have sizes smaller than normal, so in those cases you should select a size larger than normal.

Q6: When should work gloves be changed?

Some work gloves last a long time, but this has to do with the use you give them, the care and maintenance depending on the type of material. However, sooner or later you will have to replace them with new ones. Once the gloves are worn, their protection capacity decreases and for this reason you should change them.

But this is not the only possibility to replace the gloves, it may also be that in your work you have added a task that includes a new risk, therefore, you should acquire gloves with a broader spectrum of protection.

Q7: How should work gloves fit?

This is a concern some workers have the first time they are required to wear safety gloves. As a general rule, we know that very tight gloves can cause blood circulation problems and reduce the mobility of the fingers, putting the worker’s health at risk.

On the other hand, gloves that are too loose make it easier for the fingers to become trapped while the user is performing activities with machines. Therefore, gloves that offer a balance between fit, support and movement are recommended.

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