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Garden Swing – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Having a home with a nice garden is a privilege that you can enjoy with the arrival of good weather. Although the market offers a wide variety of outdoor furniture, there is one item in particular that not only provides aesthetics, but also comfort and relaxation; These are the garden swings, an attractive and comfortable product in which you can relax and pass the time. In this sense, we bring the Outsunny 84A-054BK, a rocker available in various colors, made of steel and with a padded cushion. Another successful bet could be the Fp-Tech FP-JD6064, a versatile product that easily becomes a comfortable bed capable of supporting up to 340 kg.

The 8 Best Garden Swings – Opinions 2022

To take a nap, read a book, have a coffee or simply to enjoy the outdoors and nature in your garden; rockers are elements that have found a niche in homes. Below, you can find 8 of the best options offered by the current market.

garden seesaw swing

1. Outsunny Metal Sunshade Swing 3 Seats Seesaw

Among the garden furniture that provides greater elegance, comfort and a touch of personality, is the rocker; a practical swing that will allow you to rest comfortably outside your home. Thinking about it, we present you this garden rocking chair from Outsunny.

It is a model that has a comfortable cotton-filled cushion, which you can share in good company thanks to its large size and its capacity, which supports up to 200 Kg of load.

Likewise, its solid structure made of steel gives it stability and a long useful life. Thanks to these qualities, it could be the best price-quality garden swing seat , since it offers an affordable cost and great features. 

Likewise, you can also enjoy the swing on sunny days, as it has an adjustable polyester sunshade, which will protect you from UV rays; This is possible thanks to a mechanism that allows you to adjust the angle of inclination according to the incidence of the sun’s rays.

This model could be the best garden swing of the moment if you want to relax outdoors while enjoying a gentle swing. Know its pros and cons.


Variety: You can choose between the color of your choice among several available options, depending on the decoration of the environment.

Easy assembly: It is made with materials that facilitate assembly and also has an illustrated instruction manual that facilitates the process.

Washable: It has a zippered cover that allows you to remove it to machine wash whenever necessary.


Anchoring: The possibility of anchoring the rocker to the ground is missing. The good thing is that it is a robust and highly stable product.

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rocking garden bed

2. Fp-Tech 3 seater rocker roof sunshade sofa bed

Taking a nap near the pool or in the garden, especially when summer days arrive and the cool wind is the best ally to deal with high temperatures, is something that you could only achieve if you have an appropriate piece of furniture for it. In this sense, you could consider a rocking garden bed as an excellent option.

This model stands out as one of the best garden swings of 2022 given the comfort and quality it offers. Its robust structure has high-end steel, which makes it stable and safe to rest outdoors, in the space you have arranged to mount it. In addition, it offers you a waterproof and weather-resistant polyester textile.

Its total dimensions are 200 x 120 x 170 cm and its comfortable three-seater seat can easily be converted into a comfortable 160 x 98 cm bed, with a load capacity of up to 340 Kg.

If you are looking for comfort and don’t know which garden swing to buy, this could be a good option. Analyze its pros and cons.


Design: It has an elegant design that adds a touch of distinction to the environments; In addition, it includes two practical matching cushions.

Versatility: You can use the rocker as a seat to relax or as a practical bed to take a nap whenever you want.

Capacity: Given its robustness and quality of materials, it is a rocker capable of supporting up to 340 kg of weight.



Textile: The polyester used in its manufacture could be improved in terms of the softness it offers; so you should place a towel or sheet on its surface when you are going to use it.

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garden swing hammock

3. Garden Friend D953006

If you are a lover of reading or prefer to have a glass of good wine at the end of the day to deal with stress, nothing better than doing it while you sit and sway gently, while enjoying a sunset and the cool breeze. Thinking about it, we present this garden swing hammock, which you can set up in your garden, terrace, pool area and even if you have a large balcony.

This model has a timeless design that provides a touch of class to your green areas, while favoring comfort to pass the time; since it incorporates a padded cushion, both in its seat and in its backrest. Likewise, it is made of varnished steel that gives it a long useful life and its textile offers resistance to humidity. In addition, its cost positions it among the cheapest on the market.

To enjoy a moment of relaxation and tranquility, you could consider this attractive garden swing. Here is a summary of its pros and cons.


Design: It has a timeless design, which adapts to any environment, so you can mount it on a terrace, garden, pool area or balcony.

Awning: Thanks to its awning made of high-quality polyester, you can protect yourself from the sun while enjoying the weather.

Padded seat: It has a padded canvas seat that promotes comfort when you sit down.


Variety: Other versions of the model with a greater variety of colors are missing. However, its design is attractive to most.

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garden rocking chair

4. Outsunny Hanging Lounger with Umbrella Hammock Rocking Chair

When you have green areas at home, nothing better than enjoying the air and nature, sitting in a comfortable piece of furniture that also offers you a gentle rocking, while relaxing you. In this sense, a garden rocking chair like this model could be your best ally.

It is a single-seater lounger suitable for all types of outdoor spaces, as it offers a design that combines with any decorative style. It is equipped with a sunshade that is very useful when it comes to protecting you from the sun’s rays and its spacious seat, with an ergonomic backrest, allows you to lie down comfortably.

Likewise, it has a soft cushion filled with high-density foam that provides comfort and its structure made of steel incorporates 4 legs that add stability and resistance; For this reason, it is a hanging lounger capable of supporting up to 100 Kg of weight.

Outsunny stands out in the market for its innovative and quality products, which is why it could be the best garden swing brand. Keep reading and know the pros and cons of this model.



Ergonomics: It has an ergonomic seat that adapts to your body, which favors maximum comfort.

Modern design: Thanks to its modern and innovative design, it is a rocker that brings a touch of sophistication to your space.

Stability and resistance: It has a structure made of steel with 4 legs that provide stable support; It also supports a maximum load of up to 100 kilos.


Narrow balconies: Given the width of its curved structure, this model may not be the most appropriate for narrow balconies.

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Wooden swing for garden

5. Ass Design Garden Swing Porch Hammock Swing

If you prefer furniture made of natural materials and you don’t know which is the best garden swing that brings you harmony with the environment, you could consider this model as a viable option; given the quality of its manufacture. It is a wooden garden swing made of high-quality natural wood, with an elegant design that offers ample and comfortable space for two people.

Wood provides robustness and warmth to this piece of furniture, which is why it has a resistant structure capable of supporting a load of up to 220 Kg. Likewise, it has a padded and soft seat 110 cm long and made of waterproof material; so you can mount it outdoors without any problem. In addition, it has been designed with a protective awning that prevents you from getting wet if it rains or from receiving direct sun on summer days.

It is an elegant piece that gives you excellent finishes and a touch of class to your garden. Next, we present its advantages and disadvantages.


Safety: Its structure, as well as the chains and carabiners of the rocker are made of high quality materials, which favor resistance and safety.

Versatility: You can choose the model of your choice according to the decoration, among several available colors.

Protective cover: Includes an excellent quality protective cover that protects the entire piece of furniture from moisture and extreme temperatures.


Nuances: Since it is a rocker made of natural materials, it is possible that the wood offers different nuances in its structure.

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Children’s garden swing

6. vidaXL Children’s Seesaw Steel and Oxford Cloth

Outdoor activities encourage the physical and emotional development of our children; In this sense, when it comes to providing them with fun in the comfort of home, this garden swing for children could be the recommended accessory for the little ones in the house to spend time safely entertained.

It is a cheap garden swing, compared to similar products, offering two seats and a strong steel frame that provides stability. Likewise, its seat has two safety belts that hold the little ones, preventing an accidental fall. It also has an awning that protects children from the sun while they swing.

Likewise, both the awning and the seat are made of 210D Oxford cloth, a tear-resistant and weather-resistant textile. In addition, it offers an attractive children’s design with funny animals and its assembly is carried out without any problem.

If you are looking for a swing for your children among the cheapest on the market, you could consider this model. Pay attention to its pros and cons.


Safety: It has two safety belts with which you can hold children and prevent them from falling from the rocker.

Design and variety: It offers you an attractive children’s design, selectable between two options: green frogs or red ladybugs.

Size: Thanks to its reduced dimensions of 115 x 75 x 110 cm, you will not need a large space for its assembly.


Instruction manual: A manual with more precise instructions would be appreciated to facilitate the assembly of this model.

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Rocking sofa for garden

7. Outsunny 3 Seater Garden Swing with Tray Roof

If you are looking for the best garden swing to enjoy relaxing moments in company, you could consider this model as an excellent purchase option; since it is one of the most elegant and comfortable pieces of furniture in our selection.

It is a rocking garden sofa with three individual seats that could provide you with maximum comfort, for this it has armrests, backrests and padded seats, which provide you with hours of relaxation outdoors; either alone or in company. Likewise, it has a structure made of robust steel, which provides great stability and load capacity, since it can support up to 360 Kg.

On the other hand, for greater user safety, it has non-slip feet. In addition, its design integrates a large, adjustable and waterproof tray-shaped sun visor; the one that protects you from the sun’s rays or the rain.

For having the support of a recognized brand, an attractive presence and for providing great comfort, it would be worth taking this model into account. Read the pros and cons of it below.


Seats and load: It is a swing designed for three people and given the quality of its structure, it can support up to 360 kilos of load.

Design: It has a sophisticated design, which in addition to providing an aesthetic component to the environment, favors comfort and relaxation.

Accessories: It has a useful parasol that protects you from the weather and also integrates a practical coaster that keeps your drink close at hand.


Weight: Due to its estimated weight of 40 kilos, to move the rocker you may need the help of another person.

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Garden Egg Seesaw

8. Blumfeldt Serramazzoni EggChair Edition Hammock Hanging Chair

If you are looking for a suitable rocker to mount in small spaces, either inside or outside the house; This garden egg swing could meet all your expectations and provide you with a comfortable and cozy seat to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a book, while you relax and unwind.

It is a hanging chair that takes up little space, so you can mount it on a small balcony, terrace or garden; given its dimensions of 92 x 215 x 105 cm. Likewise, it has a rounded base made of steel that provides durability and robustness. It also has a metal chain that provides stable support to the rocker, which, together with its highly resistant structure, allows a maximum load of 110 kg.

Thanks to a simple mechanism, you can adjust the height of the seat according to your build and, furthermore, its padded cushion provides you with the necessary comfort to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

As you can see, this is an attractive, cozy, easy to install and modern model; so you could consider it in your comparison. To know more details, we invite you to read its pros and cons.


Utility: Thanks to its small size and cozy design, it is a rocker that fits into any small space, whether internal or external.

Adjustable height: It has a comfortable seat that is easily adjusted in height according to your needs.

Stability: It has a robust and safe base, since it has steel and a round format. In addition, its seat suspended by a resistant chain, favors stability.


Load: It is advisable to respect the maximum load stipulated by the manufacturer, which reaches up to 110 kilos.

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Accessories for garden swings


Garden swing cushion

Beautissu Flair HS Mattress and Cushions for Swing

With the passing of time and use, it is inevitable to reach a point where we need to change the cushion of our rocker, to continue enjoying its comfort. In this sense, this cushion for a garden swing will allow you to renew and give new life to this precious outdoor piece of furniture.

Its universal design is adaptable to any type of 3-seater rocker. Likewise, it is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which makes it resistant and comfortable. In addition to this, its extra soft padding favors rest; thanks to the approx. 8 cm thickness of its high-quality padding. In addition, you can choose the color from several available options.

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garden swing awning

Ferocity Universal Replacement Canopy Hammock Cover

An awning is a very useful piece when it comes to a swing, since it is an element that provides shade and protection against any unforeseen weather. Therefore, if you are looking for a garden swing awning, this model could be your best ally to maximize comfort when you sit outdoors.

It is a waterproof canvas, resistant, with a decorative edge and easily adaptable to the tubular structure of a universal awning, since its dimensions are 210 x 145 cm. You can choose the color among several available tones, according to your tastes; The idea is to renew your swing with an awning that harmonizes with the whole.

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Shopping guide

If you want to enjoy the good weather and decorate your outdoor areas, garden swings could be the best option. Next, we present a guide to buy the best garden swing; here you can find information of interest that could help you in choosing a model that suits your needs.


Garden swings have been present in homes for a long time and it is one of those products that does not go out of style. Among the features it offers we have its decorative quality and comfort, since they allow you to sit or lie down comfortably while reading a book or to enjoy the fresh air while drinking a glass of wine.

Thanks to the gentle rocking they provide, you will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of your green areas. In addition, given their comfort, they could be the perfect ally to sit down at the end of the day, relax and deal with stress.


Because they are products that are exposed to the elements and must withstand a certain level of load; The quality of the materials used in its manufacture is what will determine how much a garden swing costs. In this sense, the most used for their resistance, safety, durability and long useful life are stainless steel, aluminum and wood.

The stainless steel rockers offer lightness and robustness, two highly appreciated qualities in these products; since they will be able to resist the weight very well and you will also be able to move them without great effort. On the other hand, among the models made of aluminum you will be able to find some good and cheap one, since it is a light material, with an affordable cost and ideal for outdoors; Although not recommended for heavy loads, you might consider one of these products if you’re on a budget.

Regarding rockers made of wood, resistance is one of its main virtues; likewise, they are models that provide a vintage touch and great beauty to environments. However, wood requires more care and maintenance; In addition, they are heavier than their metal counterparts, so once you mount it, it is advisable not to move it around.

As for the material used for the seat, backrest and even for the parasol or awning, the best brands usually use polyester; a textile that tolerates humidity and high temperatures very well, which makes it ideal for coping with various climatic conditions.


Since they are products that are usually suspended, by various fastening mechanisms to guarantee their balance, when making your comparison of garden swings it is important that you evaluate the safety that the chosen model can offer you; since beyond the comfort you are looking for or aesthetics, safety is something that you cannot ignore.

The idea is that the rocker does not break at the time you are sitting or lying down taking a nap. For this reason, the most recommended models are those made of high-quality steel or wood, since they are difficult to break and provide great resistance over time.

Cargo and places

The maximum load that a rocker can support is another aspect that you should pay attention to; since this parameter is closely related to the number of people who can use it. In this sense, there are individual models of a single seat and others that admit up to 4 people. For this reason, the greater the number of seats, the greater its load capacity should be, being able to find rocker arms that can support from 50 to 400 kg.

Types and design

In general, there are two types of rockers: hanging and self-supporting. The hanging swings are those that need a ceiling to hang them for their assembly, so they come equipped with steel ropes or chains and do not have an awning.

The self-supporting models can be for one or several seats and have a base that supports the weight. Some offer a structure with a curved design that favors stability, while others resemble a hanging sofa. Likewise, you will find models with a rigid backrest and also reclining; In this sense, there are modern models that, thanks to this backrest, you can easily convert them into a bed and thus get extra space for rest.

In addition, in order to obtain all the necessary comfort, it is important that you consider a model with a padded seat and backrest. In the same way, try to get a swing equipped with an awning, in order to protect yourself from the sun when the summer season arrives.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a garden swing?

Seesaws are elements that add beauty to gardens and comfort to the user. If you have just bought one of these pieces of furniture, you should already know that the vast majority require assembly, so you should prepare yourself with some basic tools for this task. Start by opening the package and organizing all the pieces; likewise, it is advisable that you read the instruction manual that usually comes with the purchase.

Once you have it mounted, find a firm surface to put it on; the idea is that it is safe and stable to use. Likewise, try not to exceed the maximum load stipulated by the manufacturer.

Q2: How to fix a garden swing?

One of the pieces that tends to deteriorate more frequently is the sun visor; due to wind, sun or rain. For this reason, when it comes to fixing this part, you could use a patch or glue, so the market has small patches that are very useful for these cases; since they work perfectly when what is sought is to fix the breakage of the fabric. For it to work correctly, you only have to take into account that the patch is larger than the size of the hole.

Q3: How to restore a garden swing?

Because these products are often constantly exposed to the elements, their appearance may deteriorate over time. For this reason, to restore a rocker whose metal structure is aged, first begin by completely sanding the tubes; the idea is that you remove the old paint and that the new one has greater adhesion. Then, clean and remove all traces of dirt or dust that may have been generated. Next, apply a layer of some anticorrosive product that prolongs the useful life of the structure; Let dry and proceed to paint in the color of your choice.

Q4: How to upholster a garden swing?

To carry out this project you can visit any tutorial offered on the web, since the process of upholstering a rocking chair will depend on each design and model in question. So with a little creativity and the right tools, you could make the new covers yourself; the idea is that you get them to adapt perfectly to the format, size and design of the cushion. Without forgetting the importance of choosing a waterproof, resistant and at the same time soft textile.

Q5: How to make a garden swing?

To build a garden swing at home, you need the following tools: ruler, electric screwdriver, saw, cutter, pencil, brush and gloves. The materials needed are: rope, screws, nails, rings, exterior paint, two 120 x 5 cm wooden slats, three 70 x 5 cm slats and several garden wooden slats.

Start by screwing the wooden slats together to build the frame; then, prepare the slats by applying a layer of paint and after it has dried, you can fix them to create the seat where the cushion will rest. Also make the armrests and the backrest.

Next, on each side of the base locate 4 points where you must install the rings that will support the ropes; make the knots and proceed to hang the swing. Finally, you can decorate it with cushions or pillows according to your tastes.

Q6: What maintenance does a garden swing require?

The care and maintenance that your garden swing requires is closely related to its manufacturing materials. In this sense, in the event that the rocker is made of wood, it is important to apply a treatment that protects it from the weather and insects; for which it is advisable to clean it and then apply two layers of teak oil.

On the other hand, rocker arms made of metal offer greater resistance to weather, since most have qualities that cope with the elements. For this reason, their maintenance could be limited to washing them with soap and water periodically.

Q7: How to store a garden swing in winter?

Since these products are designed to be used in good weather, their materials are not suitable for withstanding the low temperatures and winds of winter. For this reason, regardless of the model you have, the size or the materials with which it is made, it is essential to protect them from the cold. In the case of rockers that are small and easy to move, you could store them in your garage or inside the house. However, most of them are large, so an excellent option to keep them safe during the winter season is to use a specially designed cover to prevent deterioration at this time of year.

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