Types of shrubs

The bush is a plant that is characterized by its resistance and good health throughout the year, thanks to its resistance to changes in temperature, which is why it may not be too difficult to care for it and help it grow, in order to enjoy its benefits, from your own garden.


What is a bush?

Shrubs are considered plants with branches close to the ground, so they do not usually have trunks, but rather large branches and roots, compared to other species.

They are also resistant and can develop in environments with different temperatures, becoming one of the plants with the greatest variety of growth around the world.

Aesthetically, they are usually medium in size and have lush foliage, which is why they are also very popular for decorating parks, gardens and other outdoor spaces.

Shrub Characteristics

If you are interested in plants that can withstand frost and a lot of sun, a couple of ornamental shrubs can be highlighted, which can be kept in good condition throughout the year, to offer aesthetic beauty to the eye.

Shrub cataloging


According to its development:

Garden shrubs can be classified in part by their development, whether or not they have climbing traits. In this sense, garden shrubs such as honeysuckle, celestite, campis and ivy can be highlighted, if climbing options are sought.

According to its leaves:

Evergreen shrubs such as laurel, are those that do not remove their leaves, once the final cycle has been reached, but rather gradually renew them throughout the year. For their part, deciduous shrubs do drop their leaves at the end of autumn, when they lose their greenish color and die.

According to its flowers:

When trying to identify a bush or plant it, you should consider that there are bushes with flowers and without them.

Among the flowering shrubs, species such as camellia, lavender, hydrangea, gardenia and more stand out, these being the most used in decoration, although you cannot ignore Mediterranean shrubs either, since they include species such as ivy, crown, caper, hazel, among others.

types of bushes

Next, we will present some of the most well-known types or species of shrubs, where you can enjoy the presence of several in your garden, as they are easy to plant and help to grow:

1. Lavender (Lavandula): This shrub belongs to the lamiaceae and is considered a medicinal plant that can be used in many ways. It needs a lot of sunlight and can be harvested twice a year.

2. Dwarf Pine (Pinus pumila): It is another of the most popular and decorative for gardens and entrances. Its maintenance is simple and, being healthy, it can be very leafy and with intense green leaves. Its height usually does not exceed 3 meters.

3. Hortensia (Hydrangea): They are within the category of ornamental shrubs, due to the color of their flowers and the distribution of their growth throughout the environment, being very popular in gardens.

4. Camellia (Camellia): The Camellia is a shrub with flowers that are very attractive to the eye and with intense colors, which can be grown at home if the levels of exposure to sunlight are taken care of.

5. Azalea (Rhododendron): The leaves of this shrub are small and dark green, although it blooms in various colors that give it its attractiveness. As for its growth, it usually measures between 40 to 50 centimeters.

6. Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides): They belong to the group of Rubiaceae plants and the flowers they generate are very attractive and delicate. Their care is focused on the morning hours, since they do not tolerate direct sun too much.

7. Celindo (Philadelphus coronarius): It is a shrub that tends to flower easily in natural environments with a temperate climate. It blooms once a year and is considered a very resistant plant.

8. Hibiscus (Hibiscus): It is also known as flower of Jamaica and is very popular in America, since with it you can prepare concoctions, dyes, masks and more.

9. Abelia (Abelia floribunda): Abelia is a shrub that originated in Central America and can grow up to 2 meters tall. It can give pink flowers with particular shapes.

10. Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum): It is a kind of deciduous shrub that can grow between 5 and 10 meters, although they are well pruned and can be raised even smaller.

Caring for a bush

The care of a bush is defined specifically for each type and species, since some may require a more or less acidic substrate, as well as a regularity of watering with certain constancy.

However, in general, a bush with flowers can be watered 2 to 4 times a week, depending on the time of year and respecting the recommended hours of sunlight. Likewise, the indication of whether it can be direct or not must be respected.

On the other hand, if we have bushes with leaves at home, here the most important thing to take care of is the regularity and style of pruning. With this action, you can boost the growth of the bush, but you must do it according to the rate of development of the plant, to avoid overwhelming it.

Considering the above, it is very important to have the recommended scissors or pruners at hand for the task, since some species of shrub can reach several meters in height and become difficult to maintain.

It also does not hurt to have a shovel, since this tool can make the task easier when you want to eliminate weeds, which will help the roots to grow better, to increase the resistance of the bush. 

Due to this, we advise you to consider investing in one of the best shovels of 2022 or also the best pruning shears, since this way you will be able to do maintenance easily, to care for and guarantee the good development of your bush.

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