Alpha Style 40 reviews

Main advantage:

The most outstanding quality of this sewing machine is its functional design, since it is an easy-to-use model with great features. It provides professional finishes and can be used by anyone, from beginners to expert seamstresses.


Main disadvantage:

According to the opinions of some users, it is recommended to clean the head before starting to sew for the first time and use some old cloth for it, since it could release grease and damage the garment.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is one of the best valued sewing machines on the net and for this reason, many users recommend it and consider it an excellent purchase option.

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Main Features Explained

Power and efficiency

If you are passionate about sewing and you are starting your path in this field, it is important to acquire a sewing machine that meets your present and future needs. For this reason, if you are a beginner, but want to advance in the art of sewing, it is possible that a basic sewing machine will be insufficient in the medium term; so investing in a model that allows you to learn new techniques and that provides you with great benefits is the best option.

In this sense, we present the Alfa Style 40, a powerful machine that is easy to use for anyone. It has a motor that offers a power of 70W, so it is a product that provides high performance and efficiency when making any garment. You will be able to sew from thin and elastic fabrics to thick fabrics such as jeans, leather and any project you want to undertake.

It has 6 rows of feed teeth that ensure optimal fabric glide and various presser feet adaptable to different needs. Because of this, you will be able to sew various materials with ease and make all kinds of sewing arrangements. Due to its efficiency and power, it stands out among the best sewing machines and is known as the highest-end model of the Style series.


The Alfa Style 40 is a sewing machine that stands out for its strength, innovation and comfort. It is an improved model, compared to its predecessors, so you will have a product that offers professional finishes, high performance and all the functions you need so you can develop your full creative potential.

Its power supply is 110 volts and its connector offers an exclusive design that is only present in the Style range machines. Likewise, it is a machine equipped with an LED light illumination visor, which improves visibility in the work area and helps with energy savings, since the LED light offers more brightness and less consumption. It also features a bobbin, presser foot sleeve and spool pin, made of sturdy metal.

It is equipped with 31 predetermined stitches that are very useful for multiple tasks, among which basic, festoon, decorative, zigzag and elastic stitches stand out. Similarly, it has the automatic function to easily make buttonholes in four steps, which favors efficiency at the time of sewing.

On the other hand, it offers a double-height presser foot and has easy-to-use soft-touch control dials to select the stitches, as well as an analog stitch indicator that allows you to view the chosen stitch.


The Style 40 is one of the machines preferred by sewing academies and hundreds of students have learned the art of sewing with it. To do this, it has an avant-garde design and an attractive presence, but also offers a robust structure, with a strong and durable metal chassis. Likewise, it has adjustable feet that improve the user experience, since they provide better stability and avoid vibrations and rocking when sewing.

It is a model that offers a large fully usable work surface with an excellent field of vision, thanks to its LED lighting; with which, sewing will be a task that does not tire the eyes. It also has in its design, with an integrated thread cutter that provides a precise cut of the thread and in addition, this improved model has a double needle, especially useful when it comes to sewing on thick fabrics. Additionally, thanks to its free arm you can sew or make repairs on tubular garments, such as the bottoms of pants or the sleeves of shirts.

For its price, it includes a large number of accessories that allow you to give professional finishes to all your designs and you will also receive the pedal, a user manual and a useful canvas cover to protect the machine from dust.

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