Beautiful Pets of Plasticine for Children

Playing with modeling clay can be a parent-child activity that, in addition to promoting teamwork and building a beautiful moment, will help children increase their creative abilities while having great fun. Creating animals is very entertaining, especially if they are pets, because they will become funny plasticine pets.

Considering all the benefits of playing with plasticine, it is recommended that parents encourage their children to spend time manipulating it and creating things with it. Playing with modeling clay is not just about making little colored balls or funny snakes, because a child who is interested in creating figures could develop skills necessary for other things, such as making sculptures, for example.

Allowing and promoting play with clay in children of all ages is opening the door to improve various cognitive skills, such as creativity, concentration and ingenuity; hone their fine motor skills by increasing agility, and even develop number skills by measuring and comparing amounts of playdough.

If you want to help your little one exploit all his talents, you could encourage him to create different figures to keep in his room or play with. In this way, both can share a significant moment, while education and fun are part of that moment.

1) An adorable cat:

It’s hard to find a child who doesn’t find cats cute, so this can be a very good idea. With a large ball of white plasticine and a small pink ball you can start your creation.

Take a piece of white plasticine and make a ball that will serve as the head of the creature, as well as cut two small triangles to make ears. When adhering the pieces, proceed to paint two small black dots on top that will serve as the eyes. For its part, a pink ball will work as a nose.

Making a blob-like shape out of the white clay can serve as the cat’s body. The narrowest part will be the neck and, using a toothpick, you can attach it to the head. Using the same plasticine, make a thin snake, as this will be the tail, and with this you will have a very elegant and graceful cat.

2) A turtle slowly but surely:

Dogs and cats are the most common pets, however, some little ones prefer a turtle as a best friend. To create one you need plasticine of green, pink and blue color.

To start, you will need to make four small blue cylinders to create the legs. Try to make the top part a little thinner.

With the same blue plasticine, you will have to make the neck and the head. To make the elongated neck of the turtle you will need to make a thick snake, and this should have a slightly thinner lower part than the upper part, since the latter will be the support for the head. The turtle’s face is a simple medium-sized ball, with two black marker dots that will serve as eyes. Take the pink plasticine and make several flat circles, as these will be the details of the shell.

To make the body, use the green clay and mold it into a mushroom shape. Helping you with toothpicks, attach the legs to the green shell and do the same with the neck and head. When finished, paste the previously cut pink circles. Now, you can have a colorful turtle.

3) An aquatic fish companion:

Unlike other figures, the body of a fish is so simple that only a two-dimensional model is needed. Have on hand play dough in the color of your choice, along with different secondary colors, as well as black and white.

Take a ball of plasticine of the main color and proceed to crush it, as this will make it stretch without losing much thickness. Do this on a firm surface.

Using a plastic knife, cut out one large oval of playdough and two small ovals. The first will be the body, and the other two figures will be the tail.

Adhere the glue and now cut two white circles and other smaller black ones. The white clay will be the iris, and the black clay will be the pupil of the eye. Put the figures in their place.

To finish, make small balls of different colors and cover the tail, along with half of the body of the fish. After this, only a plasticine fishbowl will be missing, because your little fish will be ready.

4) A faithful canine friend:

As a last option, but never least, comes the turn of man’s best friend: the dog. These animals always take first place when it comes to acquiring a pet as a companion, for that reason, they should not be missing from any list of pets.

Think about the breed of dog you want to create, and with that in mind, choose the colors of clay you will use. In this case, the figure will consist of a lying dog.

To make the body, which will serve as the base, you will need to make a figure that resembles the shape of a drop. The back should be thick, while the front section takes on a slightly slimmer body.

Make a small ball to serve as a head and, depending on the breed of your new clay pet, choose the shape of the ears and make them out of the clay. Attach the ears to the head and, with a small ball, create the snout and place it on the face. The eyes and mouth will be made with black marker. 

Finally, make 4 small balls of plasticine and adhere them to the lower part of the body, as these will be the legs. To finish, take the toothpick and make three thin lines on each one to be their hooves.

Keep in mind what modeling clay to buy and make a list of the figures you will create, because by following these steps you will have some pets that, although they do not eat or drink, will be just as adorable as the real ones.

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