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Main advantage: 

This time we present you with an interesting and fun game with which to take the knowledge of the children of the house to another level, since the Clementoni brand interactive globe includes an optical reading pen, equipped with wireless technology and the opportunity to be able to know about each country they want.

Main disadvantage:

To mention one drawback about this educational game, you should know that it only works with batteries. That is, you cannot use it connected directly to the current.


Verdict: 9.8/10

If you need an educational game with which to increase and strengthen your children’s knowledge, then Clementoni Interactive Globe could be just what you are looking for.

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Main Features Explained


When it comes to buying educational games that could strengthen and increase the knowledge and cognitive development of children, any detail matters when looking for the necessary information about a particular model.

For this reason, we invite you to read a little about each of the advantages that the Interactive Globe sponsored by the Clementoni brand has to offer you, a game that could even attract the attention of mom and dad while the children have fun and learn. over countries around the world.

That’s right, this interactive globe is capable of allowing the little ones to learn about the beauties of the world, and can even solve fun riddles as well as play questions and answers with different levels of complexity.

To do this, the game has more than 500 questions that, like any learning game, are divided into different levels of progressive difficulty. This can motivate young users to strengthen each of the concepts acquired and to test the geographical knowledge they already have.

Although this game has a somewhat high price compared to other models available on the market, the truth is that it is summed up in approximately 6 hours of information, including 33 game modes so that the little ones can enjoy endless entertainment.


The best educational game should always offer functionality, practicality and, above all, fun, so as not to bore children. It is for this reason that the Clementoni brand decided to implement a functional optical pen in this model, with which to enjoy this game and achieve a very good level of fun with each use.

In this sense, children will be able to learn geography in an original way using the talking pen and positioning it on the different icons present on the interactive panel that this globe has.

According to the manufacturer’s opinions, every time they decide to use this game, the children will gain adequate learning about the world and Spain, managing to test the knowledge they already have and the knowledge they will acquire while playing with the interactive globe.

Due to how functional this model is, they could even carry out a competition between friends or family, implementing the question and answer section available in this game.

Among other details, with this pen you could also select the level of difficulty you want during the questions, or you could even vary the volume level for greater comfort. In this way, with this pen you could also start the best trip around the world, just by placing the pointer of it on the globe right on the continent you prefer, only then could you acquire specific knowledge about the country you select.

It is important to mention that the information provided by the interactive globe will be based on the world’s continents, their countries and capitals, as well as the total population, languages, territories, time zones, currencies, air surfaces and other information of great interest.


Analyzing the design of the educational game that you decide to acquire is totally valid in these cases, for this reason we could not ignore the fact of informing you about measurements, weight or even manufacturing material.

It is important that you consider that this interactive globe works with batteries that are already included with the purchase. Therefore, you should forget about the plugs.

Likewise, aesthetically this globe looks very good as it has a beautiful blue color throughout its structure accompanied by different shades that differentiate some countries from others.

As for the dimensions of this game, these are 32 x 32 x 42.3 centimeters, while its weight is 1.2 kilograms. These qualities make it robust while remaining compact, capable of providing an adequate level of stability at all times.

If we talk about its construction, then we must mention that the materials used in this model are of great quality and durability, starting with the plastic that makes up 95% of the structure of this balloon, while the remaining 5% is metal. to add more strength than it already has.

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