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Main advantage:

An outstanding aspect of Devir Catan is that it is made with good quality materials and is in full color, which gives it durability and good visualization so that you can get into the plot. In addition, you can purchase expansions so you can play with more people.

Main disadvantage:

Each game has an approximate time of 75 minutes, so if you are not used to games in which you have to wait turns for the game to progress, this model could be a bit tedious.

Verdict: 9.9/10 

If you are looking for an adult strategy game that is entertaining and in which you have to monopolize, perhaps this model may be of interest to you.

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Main Features Explained

Plot and goals of the game

If you are looking for opinions so that you can acquire the best game for adults, we invite you to consider the plot before verifying its price. This will give you a clue as to what the game is about and determine if it is of interest to you.

Mainly, Devir Catan is based on conquering the territories established on the board, so it is a strategy game that can be played with up to 4 people in which you will have to think very carefully about where you are going to make the moves in order to win. Its main objective is to collect 10 victory points before your opponents, but in order to achieve them you have to be clever, draw up a good strategy and fulfill some basic aspects. In this game you have 2 trade options, the interior with the bank and the exterior with the other players, so you must be kind when exchanging resources so that your opponents provide you with what you need to build your town or city. Free trade is allowed between players, that is, you can trade sheep, stones, wheat, wood and clay for one you need or for more, there it will depend on the experience you have in trade. You must gather victory points by getting the development cards, having warrior cards, more houses, etc.

Design and materials

Another feature that we recommend you evaluate before you buy an adult game is its design. This aspect encompasses several important details that you will have to pay attention to, such as the tokens, cards, essential components and the game board, as this will ensure that the game for adults will be able to provide you with details that will help you familiarize yourself with the environment of the game. the plot of the game.

Catan comes in a square thick cardboard box that includes pieces in the shape of houses and roads, raw material cards, title cards, dice and the game board. In addition, in the box there are plastic compartments in which you can store each of the elements that we mentioned before to avoid losing them, since each piece is important for the fluidity of the game.

As for the design in general, it comes with various houses, buildings and roads in different colors so that you can differentiate one from another. Their manufacturing material is plastic, which gives them durability.

Additionally, the board is made of full-color PVC, with pieces that simulate the sea and the ports and hexagonal tokens that represent each of the raw materials; clay, brick, wood, wheat and stone. The cards are sturdy and made of cardboard, soft to the touch and of a comfortable size that several fit in the palm of your hand.

Dynamics and strategies

Something that you should pay attention to in games for adults is their dynamics, because if you buy one that catches your attention for certain aspects or because it has been recommended to you, but when playing it has very complicated instructions that in the end you do not finish understand, you may not have made a good investment.

Catan is a strategic game that, although it seems difficult, it is not. 

A strategy that could help you win is to block the path of the other players’ roads, but without affecting yours, since the player who manages to complete 5 roads of the same color in a linear way will obtain the title of great route commercial, which adds 1 victory point. Also, you can get more points by completing 3 knight cards, which gives you another title. 

On the other hand, stealing development decks are very important in this game for adults, since you can buy them from the bank to reinforce your town, acquire resources from other players or exchange the latter with the bank at a lower cost.

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