Dremel 930 reviews

Main advantage:

This model offers you high quality when it comes to pouring all kinds of adhesives, with a comfortable and efficient design when it comes to reaching any area where you have to work. It also offers considerable performance, with two different temperatures to choose from.

Main disadvantage:

One of the few flaws with this product is that the power cord is a bit shorter than desirable. Something that can make the handling and use of the gun a bit difficult, although it can be solved with an extension cord or similar.

Verdict: 9.9/10

An already classic product on the tables of many crafts and DIY enthusiasts, with an efficient heating system and effective operation when pouring both silicone and all kinds of adhesives and fluxes.

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Main Features Explained

comfort of use

As with all products from this manufacturer, the Dremel 930 silicone gun offers considerable comfort when carrying out all kinds of work, both in crafts and even light DIY tasks. A comfort that begins with the design of the product itself, in which we find a good-sized handle and the pistol format that is already common in these models. In any case, the approach is properly balanced, so that it will be much easier for you to achieve greater precision when pouring the silicone in the area to be worked on.

This design also has an elongated area, as far as the product pouring area is concerned, with the usual conical outlet in almost all the silicone guns that we find on the market. However, we are not talking about the conventional output of a gun at an affordable price, but rather that it has enough quality to bring this model closer to becoming the best silicone gun of the moment, as stated by a large number of opinions from its users. users.

This comfort of use is rounded off with other details, such as the folding stand. This stirrup is not located in the central part, but at the tip of the pistol and it is integrated into the support. Something that makes it easier to keep the product well supported when we are not using it. But in this aspect, the best help is the base of the gun, totally flat and that is perfectly supported on the table when you are not using it, for a better balance. A moment in which there is no loss of glue either, for the nozzle design.

Charging and heating system

Since comfortable silicone guns are useless if they are not capable of adequately heating the material we are using, the Dremel 930 model also covers this section with a note. To do this, the device has two different powers, 100 and 240 watts respectively. These two powers translate into two different operating temperatures, 100 and 165 degrees of temperature. These two temperatures can be conveniently selected on the switch at the bottom of the device.

This system has the usual quality of the brand’s products, so you won’t have to wait too long for the product to start pouring the silicone. Something that helps the heated toe. With it we can maintain adequate stability at the operating temperature that we have chosen using the lower switch. Ideal for the fluidity of the adhesive to remain stable, no matter how much material you pour into your task.

As for the charging system, it is an aspect in which there are variations from what is usual. And it is that compared to the usual 11-millimeter diameter bars in these pistols, this product uses 7-millimeter bars, somewhat narrower. This difference facilitates heating with a lower power, as we have been commenting. Another benefit of this smaller thickness is that we will have to exert less force on the trigger when making the bar advance along the heating rail, which helps to adequately regulate that output of glue or the corresponding material. In any case, do not forget this detail when buying replacement bars.

In any case, to get you off to a good start, the product is accompanied by a batch of multipurpose glue sticks and another 12 sticks of shiny material, with which you can make your first crafts and practice with your new gun.

operational safety

So that you do not have to worry about burns during work, as well as the other risks that this type of tool implies, the gun incorporates everything you need to work safely in any circumstance.

Some of that protection we’ve already covered, as the gun’s T-shaped design is not only comfortable to hold, but also gives you a specific space to place your hand. This space is away from the hottest areas of the product, so the risk of putting a finger where it shouldn’t be is reduced. A risk that is also lower when placing the gun on the table when you are not using it, preventing it from falling, due to the supports that we have already mentioned.

As for the product’s heating system, it has all the safety measures to prevent the gun from overheating beyond what is necessary, as well as possible electrical problems during use. Something essential in a model with a temperature selector, which It is very easy to use and, at the same time, maintains the necessary security when working. Therefore, you will not have to worry about anything other than leaving your perfect crafts.

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