how to get a leatherbeat pistol in a legal form

The use of compressed air weapons is not limited to the police and military population, since with sports and precision shooting practices, the permits given to civilians are easier to obtain. Buying a pellet gun legally is possible, you just need to follow certain steps to avoid problems.

Weapons, regardless of whether they are firearms or compressed air, are items that must always be handled with care to avoid accidents. The use of weapons and their control is an issue that causes controversial debates in various parts of the world. There are those who agree with the legal possession of firearms, while there are others who prefer state regulation and strict control over the use of these types of guns and who can obtain them.

Countries like the United States have lax laws on the carrying of weapons by civilians, however, other territories, including most of the nations that are part of the European Union, are stricter in terms of their laws, regardless of whether they are firearms or pellets.

Just because the laws are a bit tougher in these countries doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get a gun if you want to. This is even easier when it comes to pellet guns.

What are pellet guns?

Pellet guns are compressed air weapons that, as their name indicates, use air to propel their projectiles efficiently. They differ from firearms because they do not need gunpowder and because they are not considered lethal weapons.

These types of weapons are mainly used in sports disciplines, such as shooting, a sport recognized in the Olympic Games. In addition to this use, certain countries allow riot police to use these pistols to disperse or control citizen demonstrations that lead to disturbances.

Are pellet guns legal?

This depends on two things. The first thing you should take into account is your place of residence, as legislation varies from one country to another. And the second thing is the use you intend to give the gun.

In the case of Spain, it is possible to obtain one or more pellet guns. However, it is necessary to follow a strict process to be able to acquire a BB gun.

What should be taken into account?

Weapons in Spain are not something you see every day. In the case of firearms, only 7 out of 100 inhabitants own them, giving this country one of the lowest rates of gun ownership in the world. On the other hand, the possession of compressed air weapons is greater, however, the figure is not very high either, when compared to other countries.

Although the figures are low, this does not mean that obtaining a permit to carry an air gun is impossible.


All those who wish to obtain a pellet gun must be registered in the Municipal Register of Inhabitants of their municipality.

The owner of the gun must be over 14 years old and, if he is a minor, he must be accompanied by his parents when buying and using the gun. To verify this, it will be necessary to present the DNI or another document that proves the identity of the applicant endorsed by the Civil Guard.

People must not have any type of record and must meet certain mental and physical conditions to be able to use the weapon. Under certain conditions, it will also be necessary to present theoretical and practical tests; These activities can take place within a period of 6 months from the date the request is made.

If the owner of the weapon wishes to use it outside his home, then he must obtain a weapons card. There are two types of card, A and B, and getting one or the other will depend exclusively on the weapon you have purchased or wish to purchase.

If it is a category 4 pistol. 1, the corresponding card is type A. This document is valid for 5 years and will allow your creditor to carry from 1 to 6 weapons, as long as all of them fall within the previously mentioned category.

If you want to buy a category 4 pistol. 2, then the appropriate card is type B. This document will have permanent validity and will give its owner permission to carry an indefinite number of weapons of this category.

The type of card must be respected, because if you have an A card and you carry a category 4 pistol with you. 2 you will be breaking the law. It is necessary to point out that the possession of these permits only allows the use in regulated places, since it is forbidden to carry a pistol on public roads if it is mounted or unholstered.

Pellet weapons must be kept in boxes or covers, stored and disassembled on the way to the shooting area, and only there must they be removed for use.


In Spain, the use of weapons in self-defense, whether fired or compressed air, is prohibited. Therefore, if your reason for buying a pellet gun is this, you should look for alternatives for defense that are legal in the territory. The use of guns for this activity is punishable by law and you could have serious consequences due to this.

In addition to that, although certain firearms may be used for hunting, BB guns are not permitted for hunting. These pistols can only be used in shooting galleries and other places where precision shooting at targets is legal, including sports centers where this discipline is practiced.

Also remember that carrying the weapons card only gives you the right to carry the pistol within Spanish territory. You should research the laws of your destination, whether you will be moving or traveling with your airgun.

As long as your activities are recreational or sports and you have the corresponding permits, you can go looking for the best pellet gun (here you can find some options to choose from) for you. Just remember to follow the regulations in force, for your safety and that of others.

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