Meet the different types of fishing reels

In fishing it is important to have technique, but also the right equipment to help catch better specimens. One of the most popular elements in the sports or recreational modality is the fishing rod, but the fishing reel is another accessory that can make a difference and improve the day, according to its type and modality.

Those who are regulars at sport or recreational fishing will know that the fishing equipment is made up of many accessories and elements that change according to the modality. Although novices tend to use the same equipment for all modalities, the most recommended to obtain a better day at the end of the day is to differentiate the accessories according to the type of fishing you want to practice. 

Among these elements that are part of the fishing rod is the fishing reel, a piece almost as important as the rod and of which there are different types. While these may appear similar to any fan’s eyes, there are subtle and accentuated differences in their structures, to promote long, short, controlled throws, as well as others designed to enhance technique. Next, we will review  the most popular fishing reels.

spinning reel

There is a wide variety of fishing reels in the catalog of each brand. However, one of the most popular, due to the type of fishing for which it is made, is spinning. It is a versatile reel that can return to zero and can nail the specimen at the moment the hook is bitten. Due to its structure, the spinning reel is suggested for long casts, so it has an open spool that provides good freedom from the spool. 

casting fishing reel 

Almost as well known as the previous one is the casting reel. Instead of offering long casts, its structure is designed to be precise, so it may not be the best fishing reel on the market for long casts, but it is efficient in short distances and exact trajectories. 

surfcasting reels 

Another model that fishermen will find in the comparison of these accessories is the surfcasting reel. This proposal has a covered spool, so the knots in the line with the rings are reduced. However, it is not efficient for long casts of the lure. 

Fly casting or fly reel

These models are simple and subtle, since their function is to store the line and they are usually used on long rods. So far it looks like a normal model. However, its use can be complex. For this reason, it is common for this type of reel to be used by fishermen with technique and skill in the modality. 

Within its properties, this type of reel has a direct rewind. This is because they do not have any parts that delay collection. According to experts, to use this reel, the technique of exhausting the animal before pulling the line must be used, which is why it is complex. In addition, these models have a recovery mechanism, which is activated by a lever and stops only when the fish pulls the line, so that it does not break.

trolling reel 

This type of reel is recommended for deep-sea fishing or offshore fishing, because it is resistant and has line capacity, as well as an adequate level of brake control.

Cylindrical center spool

This model is composed of a simple mechanism. It is integrated by a circular drum, which makes it easier for the line to be collected directly towards it, so that the recovery is expeditious. In addition, it has a crank that, when turning, retrieves the line. The recovery length obtained with each turn varies according to the size of the drum.

multiplier reel

This model has a mechanism per revolution. For this reason, each turn of the crank generates more turns in the drum, to make the collection faster. In addition, an organized and uniform storage of the line is obtained. Likewise, it is equipped with a braking mechanism that reduces the breakage of the threads. 

For beginners and novices in the world of sport fishing, one of the models most recommended by specialists in this sport is the spinning drum reel, because its use is simple and versatile, since it is used to catch different types of fish. In addition, its mechanism is practical, since it has a crank that allows you to release and retrieve the line. Likewise, it can be used for bottom fishing and to catch large fish. 

electric reel

Another model that has innovated the sport fishing market is the electric reel, which is picked up automatically by the power of a motor, using the current generated by a battery. Its control mechanism is simple, since it includes buttons and a screen that shows the meters of the line, the speed of the collection and other data about the cast. 

other reels  

On the other hand, it is possible to find fixed drum reels or jigging reels on the market, created to replace the rotating drum reel. Among its advantages for fishing, this model is easy to handle and has been an advance in the surfcasting modality, because it is more efficient and convenient for casting the lure. Due to its operation, in this type of reel the drum does not turn, but the line does, which is wound with it thanks to a bow connected to the crank. 

In specialized fishing stores, as well as on online shopping sites such as Amazon, you can find all these models in different brands, including Rapala, Shimano, Mitchell, among others. Prices vary according to the model and the recommendation is not to buy the most expensive, but the most convenient for the mode and frequency of use, once these aspects have been specified.

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