Opinions about Asmodee Dobble

Main advantage:

What stands out the most about Dobble is that it is very entertaining and fast, since each game lasts up to 15 minutes. In addition to this, this game encourages visual and mental agility, making it a good option to have fun with the family.

Main disadvantage:

One downside to this product is that the cards are made from a flimsy type of cardboard, so they can bend or wrinkle very easily, so use it with care. 

Verdict: 9.7/10 

This is a very versatile game for adults that will also allow children to participate, so you can have fun with the little ones in the house.

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Main Features Explained

Objective of the game

Before selecting one of the adult games available on the market, an important feature that we recommend you to evaluate is its objective. That is, what benefits can it bring?

On this occasion, Asmodee brings us Dobble, a card game that aims to encourage reflexes and visual agility, since they have various symbols that, only one of them is on another of the cards, so you will have to be very agile so that you have the chance to win.

The fun of this game is almost infinite, which allows you to play with your family in a very fast, healthy and entertaining way. Since each game has a duration of up to 15 minutes maximum, but this will depend on: the game mode, if there are children playing and if they are the first rounds. This is due to the fact that, when you are learning, each game can last more than 20 minutes, since you will be in the process of adapting the game.

Asmodee Dooble is a game in which reflexes are needed to be able to act before the opponent, but children over 6 years of age can also participate, since this way you will be able to develop their motor skills. In other words, you’ll be exercising their brain, so that’s a positive to keep in mind.

Restrictions and rules

When you are looking for opinions to be able to acquire the best game for adults, one aspect that you have to consider before you look at its price is the restrictions. Given that some models allow not only adults to play, but also children, so we invite you to make sure if it is suitable for everyone to participate, including even the smallest of the house.

The Asmodee Dooble is recommended for children over the age of 6 to play. Since, from that age the brain has already developed and with the help of the game you can exercise a little more.

In the rules of this game it is specified that it is only up to 8 people, whether they are children or adults, but there must always be someone supervising the little ones to ensure that the rules are being followed correctly.

In itself, you have to deal the cards to the active players 2, 3, 4 up to a maximum of 8 participants and they must surpass the others in speed and reflexes, as well as the points in each of the 5 minigames. in order to win 1 game. Therefore, it is an entertaining and versatile game that will keep you busy for a long time.

game modalities

When trying to acquire a game for adults, one characteristic that comes to the fore is its versatility. That is, if it has several game modes, since that way you could get an option that allows you to vary between them so as not to get bored.

Asmodee Dobble has 5 game modes or called mini-games, where each one has different functions, but they are similar. The first of them is the infernal tower, the main objective is to find a figure from the deck that matches the card it has and name it, whoever does so takes the card. Whoever has more cards than the others wins. 

The Pit is the second minigame, in which all the cards are dealt to the active players and a deck is formed. Then, one is placed in the center and the objective is to find the figure of our deck with the card face up, in such a way that the one who gets rid of the cards first will win the game. The next one is the hot potato, where 1 card is dealt to each player and they will have to find a common element between the one we have and theirs, in such a way that whoever has the most cards at the end loses. Therefore, we invite you to play Asmodee Dobble and discover the other 2 mini-games for family fun.

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