Opinions about Asmodee Doble 57

Main advantage:

It is one of the simplest children’s games of all those that we have analyzed. It’s easy to learn to play, suitable for almost any age and, to top it off, you can take it anywhere with ease.

Main disadvantage:

Since it is a memory game, it is possible that as games are played, the game loses its emotion, as it is already known in advance where the objects are or the relationship between the cards.

Verdict: 9.9/10

A game as simple as it is fun, suitable for ages 6 and up and where up to 8 people can play in the same game.

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Main Features Explained

Objective of the game

One of the reasons for the success of this product, which could well be the best children’s game in its category, is how much fun it is despite its simplicity. Something that makes it easy for even the smallest of the house to enjoy the game, being recommended from the age of 6.

The objective of the game is very easy. Simply place two of the cards included in the game to start the action. With the faces facing up, the players will have to take a look at the figures printed on each of them, in order to find the two identical objects that are present on the card. These objects are always repeated, those that are printed on the cards, with various variations that mean that there is always one that matches or is repeated with the rest of the cards.

And since we are talking about variations, in addition to the design of this product, focused on the most classic mode of Dobble, you also have a 360 mode, with a hand that supports the chips and adds more game options. Options to which the themed versions of the game are also added, dedicated to sagas such as Star Wars, Harry Potter or Disney characters, among others. These variations are fairly priced, so building a complete collection of games is easy.

game modes

As we have already seen, the main objective of Dobble is to find the same figures in the different cards that we have at our disposal. But to enjoy more fun, this game has five other different modes, with which it is even possible to do a kind of gymkhana, depending on what you prefer at any given time. In any case, these mini games add a very nice extra fun to the product, according to the opinions about it.

Among the modes that are out of the conventional game we have the so-called Infernal Tower. In this game mode, a card is given to each player and the rest are placed in a tower. Each player must look for the identical object between those on their card and the visible one, the first one to find it winning the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins the game. This same can be played in reverse in Pit mode, so that a central card is placed and the rest are distributed to the players, who must discard as soon as they find the symbol that repeats. Each discard goes to the middle pile, again changing what to look for. 

Other mini games are those of the hot potato, in which each player must “endorse” his card to his rivals looking for the common object between his own card and that of his opponents. A method similar to that of the poisoned gift, which in this case involves endorsing cards from a central pile to our rivals looking for the common symbol of the same. In these two cases, whoever has the fewest cards at the end of the game wins.

game composition

This game has a total of 55 circular-sized cards that, as we mentioned before, are distributed with different objects in different sizes, so that there are always two of the same between each of these cards. Some cards that have been manufactured in a very resistant and high quality cardboard, which facilitates the vision of the objects on its surface.

This printing system has the additional advantage of adequately supporting wear and rubbing. So you don’t have to worry about the cards deteriorating or breaking prematurely, for many games without alterations. Something interesting for cards that will go through many hands.

To complete the set, these cards are presented in a circular tin with a lid, in which it is easy to store the playing cards safely and without deterioration. In this metal box you will also find the game’s instruction manual, with which you can access the different game modes that we have mentioned before.

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