Opinions about Brother CS10

Main advantage:

Among the main virtues of this electronic sewing machine are its power, versatility, ease of use and the 40 stitches it offers; which allows you to easily carry out any sewing project you have in mind and with professional finishes.

Main disadvantage:

According to the reviews of some demanding people, some metal parts are missing in the structure that provide greater robustness. However, for others it has been a successful purchase.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Because it is a silent, stable, powerful machine with multiple possibilities to carry out various clothing jobs, many people consider it a recommended purchase.

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Main Features Explained

electronic model

The Brother CS10 is one of the best electronic sewing machines on the market, not only for its functional and attractive attributes, but also for its ease of use and competitive price, compared to other similar products; which makes it ideal both for those who are new to the world of sewing, as well as for those who already have previous skills and knowledge.

The opinions of the users value it as a sewing machine endowed with great features. It is versatile, powerful, easy to use and suitable for professional quality work. Compared to mechanical sewing machines, which offer tasks especially at the domestic level, this electronic model could easily be used in professional environments or in academies, given the high quality of its finishes and the variety of stitches it offers.

Likewise, unlike conventional machines that have analog buttons that turn manually, the CS10 has an electronic panel with an intuitive LCD console. To do this, it has four buttons: two located below the screen, with which you can choose the stitch of your choice, according to the numbering given on the information panel and the other two buttons positioned laterally, which allow you to adjust the width and length. stitch length.

Practical and functional

Not because it is an electronic sewing machine it turns out to be a complicated model to use; On the contrary, its handling and use are simple to carry out various tasks. In this sense, it offers the free arm function so that you can work projects with tubular parts quickly and efficiently. It also offers double height of the presser foot, in order to facilitate work with quilting or thick fabrics; Likewise, if you want to change this piece and use other presser feet, you can do it quickly and without using screwdrivers.

On the other hand, its control panel could not be more practical and functional, since it allows you to choose the stitches you want by simply pressing the “+” or “-” on their respective buttons, until you get the number that identifies the stitch. chosen stitch. Similarly, the width and length are also adjustable, and can reach up to 7 mm long and 5 mm wide, depending on your sewing project. In addition, it integrates the recoil function with the press of a button, in this way you can do auctions like a professional.

Additionally, this model has two LED lights that perfectly illuminate the work area, consume less energy than a conventional light bulb and prevent overheating; Likewise, they prevent visual fatigue and allow you to comfortably sew even dark fabrics.

Design and stitches

This is a stylish, attractive, quiet and compact home sewing machine. You will not have to deal with a heavy or large model, since its dimensions are only 11 x 37 x 27 cm and its weight is 5.5 Kg. It has a resistant plastic casing and is equipped with 40 stitches. for you to undertake any sewing project.

In addition to the basic stitches needed for sewing and repairing, it also has blind stitches, overcasting, zippers, decorative scallops, and specialty stitches for patchwork and quilting projects. Likewise, it has up to 5 types of buttonholes, all automatic and made in a single step. For this reason, it is a sewing machine with the stitches you need to start your learning and also with which you will work later.

Similarly, it is a model that has the possibility of sewing with a double needle, depending on the design you are making. It also tackles all types of textiles, from stretch, rubber and quilted fabrics, to leather, jeans and even thin, fine fabrics. To do this, you can adjust the tension manually and thus work with the fabric you need.

To make the sewing task even easier, this model has an easy threading system and a quick insertion of the bobbin. In addition, you will receive a very useful accessory kit and a user manual for you to develop your creativity.

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