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Main advantage:

The Colt 1911 pellet gun stands out for being a model that has a high-quality and resistant spring. In addition, it is a replica gun with high pressure air HPA that has a high accuracy in shooting.


Main disadvantage:

In case you are looking for a replica pellet gun that comes with a case that you can use to carry it safely and hidden from the eyes of the curious, we recommend you look at another model, since this one does not come with a case.


Verdict: 9.7/10

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Colt pistol replicas, which works with pellets fired by an HPA compressed air system and has a heavy metal body, so it is quite realistic.

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Main Features Explained


gun type

Airsoft is one of the best-known sports based on military strategy and practiced in recent years by hundreds of users who are looking for some fun with a war activity very similar to paintball, but with much more realistic replicas of weapons and in a scenario much more similar to what the military experience in a real war. In this sense, one of the key and remarkable aspects that you have to look at when buying a new pellet gun is the type of gun, among which you can find two main models, which vary in price and firing system.

Pellet guns differ mainly in that they are Airsoft or spring system. The spring models generate a high trigger voltage, which is why they are the most used and common, although both offer excellent results. 

This Colt 1911 pellet gun stands out for having a spring-loading system with slide and improved BAX ball guide output that generates an output power of 0.5 Joule and with a firing speed of up to 328 FPS weighing 0.12 grams and up to 256 FPS weighing 0.20 grams.

Manufacturing materials

The market offers a wide variety of pellet guns, which vary according to their manufacturing material, so you can find models made of plastic, metal and other materials, which offer different durability and a more or less realistic appearance. While expert opinions indicate that Airsoft replica guns should be made of metal, many others opt for more basic models, made of ABS plastic, which also have small metal inserts and also provide very good results., while notably reducing the weight and price of the gun.

The main advantage of acquiring a pellet gun made of metal is that it offers greater durability and resistance to continuous use, as well as being much more similar to real gun models in appearance, feel and weight. This model has a robust and slide construction body made of metal with plastic parts, so it resembles a real gun. It has an approximate weight of 540 grams and its total length is 216 millimeters. It incorporates a high-quality spring with great pressure, which allows a range of up to 30 meters with each shot.  

Magazine caliber and capacity

On the other hand, an aspect that must be highlighted and that it is advisable to look at when leaning towards one or another model is the caliber of the weapon. The caliber refers to the diameter of the pellets that the pistol uses, which is usually between 4.5 and 6 millimeters, so it is important that you are sure of the caliber in order to acquire the correct diameter pellets for your replica pistol. In the case of the Colt 1911, this model uses 6-millimeter caliber pellets and, thanks to all its features, is considered one of the best pellet guns today.

In addition to the caliber of the pellet used by the gun, there is another aspect that is directly linked to the projectile and that is the charger. The magazine is a removable piece that stores all the projectiles or pellets and that is inserted into the handle of the pistol, depending on its design and type, so that each shot is ready when the trigger is pulled. In particular, this Colt replica pellet gun features a magazine with a capacity of up to 12 shots.

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