opinions about Daiwa Ninja

Main advantage: 

Its design is structured in a compact, resistant and lightweight aluminum body, making it comfortable and easy to handle, since it also incorporates a soft-touch handle.

Main disadvantage: 

According to some user opinions, the use of this reel to catch heavy and larger fish is not recommended because, due to the dimensions of this tool, it is not suitable for it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is an ideal reel to practice different fishing techniques in the sea or river, equipped with 4 bearings, which has a modern, practical and striking design, with an affordable price for most.

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Main Features Explained

Design and manufacturing

Among the features that position the Daiwa Ninja as one of the best fishing reels, its practical and ergonomic design stands out, in addition to its compact and resistant construction. 

Part of the structure of this reel, including the spools, is made of aluminum, while its rotor is made of polycarbonate, along with other materials that provide strength and durability, but at the same time maintain lightness and comfort to be able to manipulate this tool with ease. more freedom and without causing fatigue.

Another reason why this instrument stands out among the wide variety of fishing reels, and is one of the most sought after by amateur and expert fishermen, is that its design is appropriate for use in the most modern fishing methods today. and because, in addition, its price is convenient.

It has a light body, since it only weighs 240 g, which favors holding and using it without having to make a great effort. Also, the Daiwa Ninja reel has a solid and elegant construction that attracts attention. In addition, its design offers a handle that adapts smoothly to the touch, as it is covered with a material that provides comfort and protection.

power and capacity

The vast majority of the fishing reel models designed and manufactured by Daiwa are characterized by the power, progressiveness and precision of their brakes. The Daiwa Ninja fishing reel is designed to work through a front brake drag mechanism, as its brake is located at the top, which makes the equipment exert greater force, thanks to its 4 kg power. 

This feature makes this tool useful in almost all types of fishing, because it is a light but powerful piece of equipment, which is why it is also suitable for use at sea.

On the other hand, the Daiwa Ninja fishing reel offers a line capacity of approximately 140m with 0.2mm line. This makes the Daiwa Ninja suitable for use in spinning practice. In addition, due to its great power and precision, it is also recommended for catching smaller fish.

However, its capacity and usefulness could vary depending on the size of the reel that the user chooses, since this model is available in various sizes, so it is possible to choose the appropriate one depending on the fishing technique used and the weight. and type of lure that is used to use.


The Daiwa Ninja fishing reel is made up of several components that complement each other to work in parallel and provide maximum performance. Among the main parts that make the effective operation of this reel possible is its coil. 

One of the advantages that this part offers is that it has the ability to reduce the size of the wire when the fish becomes very difficult to catch, so that the Daiwa Ninja is appropriate and recommended for the practice of fishing in almost all its modalities.. In addition, this fishing reel includes a spare spool, to replace it when necessary. 

Similarly, the reel has 4 bearings, a frame and a rotation system, equipped with the Air Rotor mechanism, a technology that makes it up to 15% lighter compared to the standard type rotors of other fishing reels.

Likewise, this mechanism favors balance and provides better fluidity, which also allows fishing to be carried out with greater comfort, since it contributes to reducing physical effort. In addition to this, this system offers the advantage of considerably reducing vibrations, by having its center of gravity in a lower area.

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