opinions about DJI Mavic Pro

Main advantage: 

The model is equipped with a powerful camera, with 24 processors and five vision sensors, as well as an image stabilizer. All this makes both photos and videos of high quality. 

Main disadvantage: 

This DJI brand drone model could give the impression of having a very high cost, when compared to other alternatives with similar features.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This drone is designed with a small and compact structure, which facilitates its handling, as well as allowing greater control, as well as quality in the images that are taken. In addition, it is capable of detecting obstacles up to 15 meters away. 

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Main Features Explained


Design is an important aspect when analyzing drones, because these unmanned aerial vehicles must be compact and lightweight. In fact, the opinions of users and experts indicate that it is necessary for drones to be light in weight and have a functional design, since this will facilitate their flight and handling.

In this sense, the Mavic Pro model of the DJI brand has a really light weight of only 726 grams, which allows it to perform better in the air for more user-controlled flights. In addition, this facility in the air offers the possibility of better captures both in photographs and videos, and gives it the ability to cross certain spaces that would be impossible with larger drones.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this model is small, but not for that reason little powerful. The DJI brand has focused its efforts on developing a design that allows the aerial vehicle to reach great heights, whether it is in the home garden or in the open field. On the other hand, being its compact size, the camera is small, but it is protected by a transparent plastic film, which prevents inconvenience from being generated.

An important aspect in the design of the Mavic Pro is that it stays in the air thanks to the propellers. In the case of this model, it is also known as a quadcopter, that is, it is made up of four propellers with two blades each. Also, each of them has a small motor that is propelled electronically. Being this independent system, it prevents the device from falling to the ground abruptly, in case one of the motors stops working. 

Technology and sensors

Each brand and model of drone has a specific price that changes based on the technologies and sensors with which the manufacturer has equipped the equipment. In the case of the DJI brand, it tends to work towards improvements in developments and technological advances that allow a better flight experience for the user. His Mavic Pro model is an example of this. This unmanned flying vehicle works with a complex system, but at the same time efficient.

Through a remote control, the user will be able to control the equipment through a transmission system that has five vision sensors, as well as state-of-the-art technology, which has been called FlightAutonomy. For this reason, the Mavic Pro is considered one of the best drones that can be obtained on the current market, since it is capable of detecting the presence of obstacles at a distance of up to 15 meters. In addition, it has a high level of precision and quality when it comes to pressing the braking and turning.

The transmission distance of this drone via WiFi is 80 meters away and 50 meters high. These figures refer to open field spaces, without obstacles. Similarly, for remote control transmission, it complies with 7 kilometer FCC, CE, SRRC and 4 kilometer MIC standards. All this in relation to interference-free spaces.

All these state-of-the-art attributes make the DJI Mavic Pro drone one of the most technological alternatives with the largest sensors, which favor flight in relation to distance and precision to control the ship, either for recreational purposes or to capture photographs and videos. 

Images and accessories 

Those who want to buy a drone should know that these machines are much more than just a flight device. The important thing in them is the possibility of taking photos and recording videos, so that, when analyzing alternatives, the camera should be the strong point. Aware of this and of the hobby of beginners and experienced photographers to obtain good graphics, the DJI brand has not skimped on this aspect with its Mavic Pro model, since it is usually considered one of the most powerful and advanced flying cameras on the market., because it includes 24 high-performance processors, as well as five vision sensors.

Not only are the photographs of the highest quality on the Mavic Pro drone, but to complete its function in capturing images, it is equipped with the possibility of recording videos in 4K definition, at 30 frames per second. In addition, this model incorporates an image stabilizer that works through a mechanical gimbal with three axes, at high speeds, reaching up to 65 km/h and in any situation. So the capture of both videos and photos is ensured through the Mavic Pro from the manufacturer DJI. 

In relation to the accessories, in addition to the plane, this model includes other useful accessories such as a power cable, an intelligent flight battery, a remote control, a charger, a 16 GB microSD card to store the captured content, a micro USB cable and other cables to improve its compatibility and communication. 

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