Opinions about Dji Tello

Main advantage: 

This DJI brand drone stands out for having quality performance in relation to stability during flight, which reduces vibrations and movements during video recording and image capture.

Main disadvantage: 

Its range does not reach 100 meters, which limits its functionality. However, this can be extended with a signal extender antenna. 

Verdict: 9.5/10

The model works properly and stands out for being stable. In addition, its design is small, compact and light, so it complies with the rules for flying in the city. 

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Main Features Explained


Design is an important feature when buying a drone and must be analyzed in many cases by the regulations that govern the use of these devices in cities. For these cases, there are some alternatives that have lighter designs. In this sense, the DJI Tello model has a compact design and weighs only 80 grams, with propellers and battery included, so it is discreet and its weight complies with the norm, being below the limit, which is 250 grams.. 

In addition, the drone has a small style that can be piloted by both children and adults, because it is made of high-grade quality and resistance materials, which gives it robustness in case of falls, being highly suitable because some of the its parts are flexible. 

Therefore, its design is considered light but durable and is joined with software and hardware protections for a better flight experience. Regarding the color, it is available in black, with a white surface, hence it looks elegant, minimalist and modern. 

The general opinions of this model are positive because the manufacturer has equipped it with four 3-inch two-blade propellers, which ensure flight and propulsion in the air. In addition, the structure includes a micro USB charging port. 

Flight and technologies

Despite having a simple and minimalist design, this model is usually considered one of the best drones that can be obtained on the market, especially in relation to its low price, the features it includes in the flight, as well as in the development of technologies used in its manufacture. 

In relation to its flight attributes, the model can reach a maximum distance of 100 meters, with a speed of 8 meters per second, at a maximum height of 30 meters. Meanwhile, its battery gives it a maximum flight time of 13 minutes. In addition, it has a high level of precision in flight and control of the command, which is done through a mobile or tablet. 

Similarly, the DJI Tello drone has an automatic one-touch landing and takeoff system. It has low battery protection, for which alarms are activated that will indicate to the user that it is necessary to connect to the power source, as well as being equipped with a visual positioning system and intelligent technology that improves movement in flight. 

All these features, coupled with a DJI flight controller, allow you to do everything from stunts, to stunts and complex maneuvers, just by touching the screen, through modes such as Theow6Go, to make it fly just by throwing it in the air. With the 8DFlips you have the possibility to do aerobatics and with the bounce mode, the drone will fly up and down automatically from your hand.


Drones are equipment used to capture images from the air with creativity and versatility. This Tello model is one of the most recognized for being a mini drone that can be flown with stability, even in roofed spaces with different perspectives. In addition, it is equipped with two antennas that allow adequate video transmission with stability.

On the other hand, the model is equipped with a high-quality Intel image processor, which allows photos and videos to be taken at a suitable professional resolution, which can be shared immediately from a smartphone. Within the videos, the model is capable of capturing short-time moving images, with different modes. It also has electronic image stabilization for greater sharpness and clarity.

In the case of photos, the DJI Tello model is capable of capturing them with a resolution of five megapixels. Meanwhile, as for the videos, the transmission is in HD 720p. One of the best features of this model is that, by incorporating a high-quality stabilizer, the images are not distorted, but remain without movement or vibration. In addition, the videos are captured in an MP4 format and the photos in JPG.

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