Opinions about Fournier Parchis and Oca

Main advantage:

If you are looking for the best children’s games and you want a proposal at a reasonable price, this Parcheesi and goose game is all you need. A game suitable for the whole family, easy to learn and at a reasonable cost.

Main disadvantage:

The outer packaging is efficient, but it is missing that some kind of closed box is included, in which we can keep the dice, the cups and the chips safe and without it falling out.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A simple proposal but with which the whole family can enjoy long moments of fun, while learning notions of mathematics and strategy. 

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Main Features Explained

Game Description

The truth is that talking about the game of Parcheesi and the goose is something that is not necessary, since they are two of the most classic games for children and adults that we are used to playing. In addition, the game of Parcheesi is so international that it is played in all kinds of countries, even having special versions such as Chinese or Oriental Parcheesi.

However, in this case we are talking about the most traditional Parcheesi and designed so that two to four players can meet at the table. A Parcheesi that maintains the design of 68 squares and the four usual colors, with spaces for red, green, yellow and blue. So if you are already used to playing, you can easily deploy your strategy.

If we turn it around, we will find the other classic that is part of this board. This game of the goose also follows the most traditional design, with its usual 63 squares. Among these squares we have the geese, which allow us to go from “goose to goose”, the bridge, the well, the inn and the rest of the usual squares of the game, which in this case is also suitable for playing from 2 to 4 participants..

game construction

Even though it is a cost-effective product, the truth is that its manufacturer is one of the most recognized in the world of cards and other elements dedicated to the game. We are talking about Fournier, whose quality in the preparation of this type of product is more than recognized by users.

Something that is perceived in the sensations that the board transmits, reflected in the opinions of the product and referred to both by the quality of its printing and by its manufacture. We have already discussed the visual aspect, while in terms of materials we are dealing with a board made of high-quality, high-density cardboard, which does not deform with use. It is not as resistant as a wooden board, but it does not have to envy this type of board either. As a finishing touch, the board has measures of 33 centimeters on each side and a square format, so that the playing space is sufficient. 

But since you can’t play anything without tokens, this Fournier Parchís and Oca kit also includes the rest of the elements necessary for the game. Specifically, we are talking about four cups and four sets of chips, each of its own color, so you can start playing without having to buy anything else.

Presentation of the game

As the last aspect of this game, it is time to take a look at the product presentation. A presentation that follows the simple line that we have been commenting on, so in this case we are not talking about high-quality cases, or other first-rate and high-priced elements. In any case, considering the product we are talking about, the truth is that it is not essential either.

In this case, the Fournier Parchís and Oca game is presented in a cardboard box, inside which is the board. It is true that the box has enough protection to store the board after the game and prevent it from being damaged by dust and dirt.

Regarding the game chips included, these are presented in a blister of light plastic material and that is fixed to the board by means of a tape. Something that has the drawback of not being able to be used for later storage of these cups, chips and dice, as happens with rigid plastic cases. However, if you store these game elements well, it will not be a problem to always have them ready to play.

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