Opinions about Gaomon Pd1560

Main advantage: 

Included accessories such as a screen protector and a comfortable glove to protect your hand are what make this tablet extraordinary, because despite its qualities, these accessories make you enjoy its advantages more.

Main disadvantage: 

This product cannot be used wirelessly, therefore the amount of cables may be inconvenient for some people. In addition to taking up space, you’ll want to prevent it from accidentally disconnecting.

Verdict: 9.6/10

This is a great alternative for those who don’t mind spending a little more for excellent drawing quality.

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Main Features Explained


If you are looking for the best graphic tablet with a professional quality screen, this Gaomon model could be exactly what you need. The brand has taken into account all the important aspects to give a suitable drawing surface, and details such as size, sharpness, display and resolution are part of this combination of good qualities to offer the best performance.

As for the measurements, this graphic tablet has a display area of ​​34.41 x 19.35 centimeters, which is equivalent to 13.5 x 7.6 inches. This is enough space to draw comfortably and freely, without losing sight of all the details. The 178° viewing angle adjusts to your position so you always have a correct view.

The colors will be splendid with this artifact, as the screen allows viewing in high definition. Its 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution makes it possible for even the smallest details to be seen and for colors to have rich, varied hues to complement each other, creating better quality illustration. This will be complemented by the report rate of this model, because being 233 PPS, you will be able to draw in a fluid and natural way. Everything will be as if you used a paper and a pencil.


The reason why many consider this to be the best graphics tablet on the market today is because of the ergonomics with which its structure has been manufactured. At first glance, its design is quite traditional: it is a rectangular tablet in black. However, it has qualities that make it quite comfortable to use.

One of the highlights is that the tablet can be configured for left-handed or right-handed use. Depending on the operating system, the settings change, but the manual explains absolutely everything you need. One of the sides comes with 10 keys that can be adapted to your needs, since they work as a shortcut to access certain features of the tablet. In addition to these buttons, you also have 5 menu keys to turn on the tablet, zoom in and out, etc.

The pen included with your purchase is also key to giving you greater comfort when working. It has an ergonomic structure that gives you an optimal and suitable grip for drawing, with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity for greater control of movement and strokes. Each line will be more fluid and natural and, when finished, you can place it in the pen holder.

Technical details

This graphic tablet, despite the price, is still quite well known and has managed to get positive opinions due to its performance and quality. Obtaining information and learning about the different technical specifications of the product will allow you to know it in depth and know exactly if it is what you need for your work or hobby.

The first thing you will notice is that the model has a much larger structure than most graphics tablets on the market and this can be an advantage for many. The exact dimensions, given by the manufacturer, are 45.2 x 25.2 x 2 cm, and the weight of the product reaches 3.26 kilograms. The report rate is 233 PPS and the reaction speed of the artifact is 25 ms, so that the fluidity is noticeable from the first stroke and you do not have complications.

The tablet is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, so if you have computers that use software from these companies, then you won’t have a problem with your new purchase. As additional accessories, this device comes with a pen holder, a two-finger drawing glove, a 3-in-1 cable, a charging cable, a digital pen, a screen protector and, finally, the user manual.   

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