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Main advantage:

This game for adults is one of the most popular due to the plot and its playability, since up to a maximum of 6 people can participate and have fun with family and friends solving the crime that occurred in the Black mansion. 

Main disadvantage:

One downside to this Hasbro adult game is that the character, weapon, and stage cards are flimsy, so they can easily bend or break.

Verdict: 9.8/10 

If you are looking for an adult game that is entertaining, affordable and can be played by multiple people, we invite you to consider this option brought to you by Hasbro.

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Main Features Explained

plot and entertainment

In order for you to acquire what is possibly the best game for adults, an important feature that we invite you to consider is the plot. Since, this will be in charge of providing you with the information regarding the game so that you can determine if it has a striking and interesting story so that it can encourage you to play it. 

In itself, Hasbro Gaming Cluedo is a detective and mystery game where you will have to discover who, where and what weapon was used for the murder of Doctor Black, including the character you are playing with. There will be 6 eligible: Miss Amapola, Lady Celeste, Lady White, Professor Mora, Father Prado and Colonel Rubio. In addition, each one of them comes in the form of pieces, similar to the chess pawn, but with varied colors so that they can be easily differentiated.

On the other hand, the entertainment that the game has is also important, so this is another aspect that you must take into account. Visually, Hasbro Gaming Cluedo will allow 2 to 6 people to play it simultaneously, since this will increase both the interaction and the level of difficulty. So, you will have to compete to be the first to discover the mystery before the other participants.


Before you check the price of the adult game you are interested in, it is important that you evaluate the design. Since, this characteristic encompasses several aspects that are crucial for you to determine if the product is elaborated in detail and meets your expectations.

This option is presented in a renewed design, compared to previous versions, the board is made of full color laminated cardboard, which will allow you to enjoy every detail of the design of the images. A passageway has been included in each of the corners; so that you can go diagonally to the other end without having to go through the long corridors of the Black mansion. 

On the other hand, there is also a new symbol that is located in several boxes in the corridors, this is represented by a red question mark and will help you obtain various clues in the case.

Likewise, the cards come in a comfortable size so that you can have several in your hands, as well as being able to view them in great detail due to their high-quality printing and in full color. For storage, it has a resistant cardboard box with several plastic compartments in which you can store the dice, cards and character tokens and thus avoid losing them.

Rules and strategies

When users are looking for opinions about the most popular adult games, Cluedo stands out among the rest, as this is not a typical boring board game where you have to follow many rules to the letter that, possibly, can discourage you from playing. So with Cluedo you just have to find out who, how and where the crime was committed. Also, here you can move around the board horizontally, vertically, and using the secret passages, but never horizontally, so it’s crucial that you keep these basic rules in mind. 

On the other hand, the manufacturer recommends that children over 8 years old play it, since you have to have enough reasoning to develop various types of strategies and win. 

Additionally, we advise you to pay close attention to both the details and the gestures of the other participants, since they can use various techniques to mislead you; almost everything is allowed and therefore you can be disqualified if you make even one mistake. 

One of the recommended strategies is that you ask for one of the cards you have in your possession, since this way you can discard the others on your list and achieve an advantage over your opponents, a high percentage of discarded characters, weapons and scenarios and solve the crime, so you will automatically win the game. 

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