Opinions about Huion 1060 Plus

Main advantage: 

The additional plugins are really the star pieces of this product, as they enhance the experience and increase the comfort of the illustrator. The glove will keep your hand safe, while the pen holders keep your pen from getting lost.

Main disadvantage: 

Scrolling is not possible with this tablet and this will limit your comfort when drawing and operating your computer. It will take a little longer to perform certain actions and this is a disadvantage.

Verdict: 9.3/10

Although not one of Huion’s most modern tablets, this classic model has everything needed for someone who wants to save money and get a good drawing experience.

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Main Features Explained

Pen and additional

The pen is an essential element for graphic tablets, as it serves as a pencil on paper and is the one that will help you paint your masterpieces. If the pen is not ergonomic or defective, this will limit your performance and will make your experience less than perfect when making your illustrations. Huion knows this importance and that is why he has dedicated himself to creating the best pen for you to have an amazing artistic session. This small device, in addition to adapting in the best way to your hand regardless of whether you are right-handed or left-handed, is a rechargeable product to avoid the purchase of batteries.

The battery will last for 450 hours of continuous use on just about 2 hours of charging, so the time you’ll spend without actually drawing will be minimal. The lightness of only 14 grams that the pen has is a spectacular detail to have a better control of movement and a natural fluidity when making the strokes.

As additional accessories, this piece comes with a small individual pen holder and another attached to the tablet. This will make sure your pen is safe and won’t get lost. In addition to that, your purchase will bring 8 tips to adapt them to your pen when you need it.


The comfort when using the tablet is something that the manufacturers have taken into account in the creation of this model, for that reason, many opinions praise this great quality. The first aspect that contributes to this comfort is the recognition of the inclination, since it is no longer necessary to draw vertically. You can tilt the tablet by 60° to draw lines more precisely, without having to adapt to a unique position.

The top of the tablet comes with 16 function keys that can make your work easier when drawing, while the left section comes with 8 customizable action buttons, so you can decide which function you want to give to each button. This ease of use and accessibility is not only given in the form of buttons, but also in an ergonomic structure for both left and right-handed people.

You will not only be able to save your illustrations on your computer, but also on your device. This has a slot for inserting memory cards to expand its storage capacity up to a maximum of 64 GB. It is possible to use the graphics tablet with different software such as Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro and Corel Painter, as well as Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 and Mac S 10.11 and all newer operating systems.

Technical specifications

In order to choose a product as one of the best graphics tablets of the moment, it is necessary to first take into consideration every aspect of it. Not only is the price important, but also the technical details, because they could be what totally makes the difference between one model or another. The fact that the purchase includes a glove to improve hand posture and protect your hand when drawing already makes it stand out, however, the fact that the tablet has 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity is also a huge plus worth mentioning.

This detail makes it easy to change between textures and thicknesses with just a little more or less pressure, while the 10 x 6.25-inch surface is responsible for offering the necessary space so you can draw freely without encountering inconvenience. In total, the entire structure of the tablet reaches 41.6 x 25.2 x 4 cm and these dimensions are suitable not only for storage anywhere, but also for easy transport considering its weight of 1.32 kilograms.

By simply connecting the micro USB cable to the tablet and the computer, you can enjoy using it like a professional. The port offers a right angle to prevent the cable from being damaged by use.

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