Opinions about I went to EGB

Main advantage: 

The game is not based on simply answering questions, since it is a very diverse product in which you will have to participate in challenges, mini-games, knowledge questions and general culture questions.

Main disadvantage: 

Although, with help, children can participate, this game is made specifically for adults only. All people over the age of 25 will have an advantage over younger players.

Verdict: 9.5/10

“I went to EGB” is one of those games that everyone should play at least once in their life, as it collects the best of childhood nostalgia, along with fun and many challenges.

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Main Features Explained


The format of this game is very similar to all other quiz games on the market, however, what really stands out about this game is the attention to detail that the product has and the complexity of each of the sections of the game. play.

This product, like most board games, uses a board as the main element. This is divided into various sections and these will be explained easily in the instruction manual included in the purchase. These instructions not only come with the game rules, but also have explanatory drawings that will help you understand everything better.

The box contains some cards, some soldiers, a marble and some trinket markers that will be used to have fun with mini-games within the main game. It also brings with it what is necessary for you to advance around the board, that is, a 6 die, some badges that will serve as “characters” or player identifiers, and a folder with removable icons that you must collect to win.

As for the cards, they can refer to questions or challenges. These are divided between exam cards, individual question cards, television cards, challenge cards and Everyone Plays.

Game mode

The game starts out like most of the best trivia games, with caps representing the players and a die indicating the steps they can take. The detachable icons of the folder must be placed in the section that they indicate, these will delimit the end and beginning of a new section and will also be the prize to be collected.

To get to them you must go through gray boxes, where individual questions must be answered. The category of the question must correspond to the area indicated by the detachable icon. The zones are divided into 5 phases: Classroom, Candy Kiosk, Park, Television and Room.

When landing on the symbol of two people, you must take a card from “Everyone plays”, where dynamics that involve the opinions and skills of the players will be played. If you stop on a space with the Pac-man silhouette, then they play the challenge cards. By winning the games or answering the questions in each of these boxes correctly, more spaces can be advanced.

At the end of the area, it is necessary to answer 3 of the 5 exam questions in all categories. Then you must complete the appropriate challenge for your area, which can be the candy or the soldier, for example, and only then will you be able to obtain the icon for your folder.


 “I went to EGB” is an Educa Borrás game that seeks to activate the nostalgia of adults and make them remember their time at school, memories that are priceless; however, this is not all that this product achieves, as it also allows players to gain knowledge on various things or refresh what they already know in different educational areas.

There are 5 categories of questions that will test how much the players know about math, language and literature, social, natural, and geography. But, in addition to brain teasers, players will also be able to learn about entertainment and general culture, especially in the television phase. In this area they will have to guess the television program of yesteryear and, in the process, they will remember their evenings in front of their television.

Although the game is designed for people aged 25 and over, children can also participate. The only requirement is that they are attending, or have already attended, the EGB. It is likely that they will need help in the TV area due to the age of the programs, however, they will be able to learn things in the other sections that will help them learn in a fun and family way. The colors, the images and the details really make it a game that everyone should enjoy.

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