Opinions about Pathfinder Dec132322

Main advantage:

A highlight of this product is that you can complement your cards with the other packs and with the basic game, which will allow you to experience many hours of fun and entertainment.

Main disadvantage: 

One of the disadvantages of Pathfinder DEC132322 is that both its cards and instructions are in English, so it could represent a communication and translation problem with your fellow players.

Verdict: 9.7/10

If you are interested in acquiring a card game in which you have to use your intellect to defeat your enemies, this model may be of interest to you.

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Main Features Explained


When users look for opinions on card games to play with several people, among the most prominent options is the Pathfinder theme. This is because it is an RPG and adventure game that will keep you entertained for a long time, due to its rules, multiple traps, enemies and allies, runes and locations that will amuse you and all your friends.

Pathfinder DEC132322 of the Rise of Runelords edition or, better known by its name in Spanish as El Auge de los Señores de las Runas: Fortaleza de los Gigantes de Piedra is an expansion that has 110 cards so you can complement your base game.

The theme or purpose of this game is to face a series of villains and monsters, as well as acquire weapons, spells and allies to be able to explore the areas. In order for you to win in the Pathfinder card game, you will have to find out where the special enemy is hidden, flip cards from the deck to make yourself stronger and thus defeat him. In addition to this, you will have to explore, dodge traps, wait for the other players to complete their turn and try to win in a maximum of 30 turns, since when it is completed and you do not defeat the villain you will automatically lose.

Rules and game form

Another notable feature of Pathfinder is that it has numerous rules that are fully specified in the users manual. In addition, its gameplay is almost unique, which will allow you to have fun for a long time. 

The price of this product is about 20 euros, so it is not a very high value so that you can entertain yourself with your friends for a long time and you can acquire one of the best card games of the moment.

The Pathfinder DEC132322 has 110 cards and dice with 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 sides that you will have to roll according to your chosen character to acquire weapons, allies and spells according to the description and even to kill the enemies that come your way.

With this card game you can play the campaign on your own to learn knowledge and skills or even with you and a maximum of 5 others, but in total no more than 6 people.

As for the instructions, they are quite clear and precise. It has a manual that will indicate in more detail the functions and abilities of each card, character. In addition, the game has an estimated duration of up to 1 hour and a half, depending on the speed used by each player. In short, it may take a little longer your first time, since you will have to read the rules and know the special effects of each of the cards according to the number of the dice you have drawn.


Before you buy a card game model, another aspect that we invite you to evaluate is its design, since taking this into account, you will be able to buy a product that has illustrations and a series of words that are the most appropriate according to the age of the people you are going to play with. 

The Pathfinder DEC132322 is specially designed for children and adults to play, but the former must be over 14 years old, since it is the age recommended by the manufacturer due to the type of language, complex words and illustrations that the game has.

This card game is conveniently sized and extremely light in weight, so it won’t be a problem for you to handle or take with you anywhere. It is made with a type of high quality semi-hard cardboard and has a full color print, which will allow you to view the images in good quality of detail.

On the other hand, the main Pathfinder game comes in a large square box with several slots available in plastic so you can store each of the expansion packs; also including spaces to place the cards of allies, enemies, monsters, weapons, spells and locations, which will allow you to collect and keep each of your cards organized.

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