Opinions about Shimano Sienna 1000

Main advantage: 

Its aluminum structure makes it strong and resistant, while its design and function are appropriate for spinning fishing. In addition, it is useful for fishing in both sea and river water.

Main disadvantage: 

Although it is made of high quality cast aluminium, some of its parts may suffer from oxidation as they remain in constant contact with salt water.

Verdict: 9.7/10

It is a fishing reel for salt or fresh water, ideal for those who want to start spinning fishing or do it occasionally, since its price is favorable for most.

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Main Features Explained

Utility and versatility

One of the reasons why this tool is considered one of the best fishing reels, according to the opinions of some users, is because it is useful and practical for anyone who wants to start fishing, since, unlike other reels of fishing, exclusively recommended for a more professional activity or at another level, this has a design and operating system that are appropriate for beginners in spinning fishing. 

Similarly, it is appropriate for those who carry out this practice at a basic level, only occasionally, but need to have equipment that guarantees performance and durability. Therefore, they do not need to make a large investment for a high-performance fishing reel, if it is only going to be used on a few occasions, when they can count on adequate quality equipment, for a price that is considered reasonable. 

In addition to the previous description, which is presented as an advantage of the Shimano Sienna 1000 fishing reel, its versatility is mentioned, since it is a piece of equipment that can be used for fishing both in river waters or lakes and, Similarly, it is useful to use it from the seashore. 

technology and construction

A fishing reel that stands out for being strong and durable should be made with the highest quality raw material, in order to guarantee optimized performance, durability and resistance. This is something that the Japanese manufacturer Shimano strives to implement in each of its products and fishing equipment. 

In this case, the Sienna 1000 fishing reel has a strong and robust structure, but at the same time light, made of die-cast aluminum. This material has the property of providing sufficient strength in the required area and, at the same time, offering maximum resistance against corrosion caused by the sun, salt water or sand, since it also has A-RB bearings, which favor the good performance of the rotation system and also increase its durability.

On the other hand, the Shimano Sienna 1000 fishing reel has been equipped with an advanced technological innovation, typical of this manufacturer, which is known as Varispeed or variable speed. 

This is a system made up of two gears, one oval and the other square, which, together, are responsible for distributing the line in a parallel manner, to obtain greater precision during fishing, with long casts, without requiring much effort.

Design and capacity

Most user opinions agree that, based on their experience with this fishing tool, using a lightweight reel is much more comfortable and manageable. This is another point that the Shimano Sienna 1000 fishing reel has in its favor, despite having a solid and robust construction, since its weight is just 210 g.

But, in addition, its structure is made up of a Roller Bearing and also incorporates an AR-C coil. In addition to this, the reel is equipped with different systems that increase its performance and optimize its capacity. These include the Super Stopper II and Dyna Balance mechanisms.

The first is responsible for reducing the slack in the handle when the reel is in “anti-return” mode, which makes it easier to place the hook more quickly. While the second system seeks a decrease in the vibrations that occur during practice, to achieve a smoother and more manageable performance.

In another order of ideas, as a relevant factor to take into account when distinguishing the characteristics of a fishing reel is the capacity of its line. The Shimano Sienna 1000 model offers a capacity of 0.18 mm – 170 m, which is a favorable level of compatibility.

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