Opinions about Shimano Stradic Ci4

Main advantage: 

It has an elegant and attractive design, in a light structure that allows the fisherman to hold it and use it with total comfort, since, in addition, it has an ultra-smooth winding that eases the task.

Main disadvantage: 

It is a fishing reel made of high-strength materials. However, it must be handled with great care, to prevent some of its parts from suffering any type of deterioration or damage, as they could be very delicate.

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a recommended fishing reel for spinning, equipped with various types of technology that increase its performance, whose price is convenient and remains among the favorites. 

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Main Features Explained

Strength and reliability

Like all the articles of the prestigious Japanese brand Shimano, this fishing reel is presented as an imposing and striking model, due to the solidity and strength that denotes its entire structure, since its body is made of CI4 carbon and also incorporates a spool manufactured in cold forged aluminum, materials that provide resistance against corrosion and wear.

Its design has been created with the intention of granting great durability. This feature, added to its smooth and light handling, makes the tool stand out among the fishing reels and become the desire of most anglers, experienced or not. 

However, how robust and strong its structure made of carbon and aluminum may seem does not influence its weight, since it is light and, therefore, favors fishing without having to make a strenuous effort.

Similarly, the Stradic CI4 fishing reel has the support and guarantee of one of the best brands specialized in the design and manufacture of fishing materials. Likewise, it has a state-of-the-art technological endowment that optimizes its performance to provide the best features that every fisherman wants to obtain from a fishing reel.

strength and comfort

Among the advantages offered by the Shimano Stradic CI4 fishing reel, the strength and smoothness with which this tool can be manipulated stand out, according to the opinions shared by some users, who have also described this equipment as the best fishing reel. fishing, despite the fact that its price is not the cheapest.

The Stradic CI4 fishing reel is equipped with the G-Free Body system, a mechanism that is responsible for locating the center of gravity closer to the rod, resulting in greater comfort and less fatigue for the angler.

In addition, it has the new Core Protect technology, a mechanism that has been designed to provide greater resistance to contact with water, thus eliminating the sensation that occurs when perceiving a heavy rotation, as is common with other spinning reels. fishing.

However, the smoothness and comfort that characterize this fishing reel do not detract from its strength and power to perform its function, since it has the ability to exercise greater control, even when its load is very heavy, since it is equipped with the Hagane system. and an X-Ship pinion support, which ensure a more efficient engagement.

Technical details

Among the technical aspects that identify the Shimano Stradic CI4 and make it work in an optimized way, its line capacity stands out, offering a maximum of 0.18 mm for 290 cm, with a recovery per turn of the crank of 73 cm. It also has a gear ratio of 5.0:1. 

In the same way, it has the capacity to increase its efficiency, since it has a system of 6 S A-RB + 1 Super Stopper II anti-reverse bearings, which make it easier to place the hook more quickly, while preventing oxidation and corrosion. due to salt water and other factors. Similarly, it is equipped with a 9 kg brake, capable of withstanding the impact of fish of different sizes. 

Another of the outstanding features of the reel is its Magnumlite rotor which, compared to previous versions, is up to 25% lighter and provides greater balance, while reducing inertia, which alleviates the effort when retrieving the reel. line. On the other hand, the model is available in several shades that match the elegance of its design, so it is possible to choose between more than 5 combinations.

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