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Main advantage: 

With this product you will be able to vary between a game of questions and a game of poker, without having to look for another deck. This way you will have ways to have fun whether you are in a small or large group.

Main disadvantage: 

Due to the nature of your questions, this product is only recommended for people 16 years of age or older. Also, some questions can be uncomfortable if played in familiar settings.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Its ease of play and its practicality make these cards adapt to different needs, people and moments. Therefore, they can become the favorite game of your group of friends.

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Main Features Explained


Sometimes it is quite difficult to break the ice at parties, just as on many occasions new ways are sought to animate gatherings between friends. This amazing card product is ideal for these scenarios as it promotes constant socializing between players as it is the only way to progress the game. On top of that, it’s the perfect way to get to know each of them better, in the name of having fun.

With this game you will not only learn details of different aspects of the life of your friends, but also, since there is no loser, probably many more people will be encouraged to play. The questions are creative and can also be adapted to other types of dynamics, with their own house rules. For example, answering each question in less than 10 seconds, speaking in a funny voice, etc. You could even complement traditional drinking games. The only thing really necessary to be able to participate in this activity is to be over 16 years old and to have a lot of desire to have fun.

Being a game that consists of answering questions, it is guaranteed that people talk to each other and laugh at many things. The brave can even play as a family and pray not to receive a compromising question.


One of the reasons why this product has such a good reputation is because of its low price and simplicity of gameplay. Unlike many quiz games that require extensive knowledge on different topics and test your intellect, this card game is simply about knowing the opinions and knowing the creativity of the players. Without having to prove your knowledge of difficult topics, it’s easier for people to want to play as they won’t feel intimidated.

There’s no player limit, thankfully, so you can play pretty big groups if you want to. These are questions that will make people reveal their true selves, as they cover topics from everyday life as well as completely imaginary, philosophical, cultural and even sex or gore topics. That is, here you can find things like “What is the best meal of the day?” just as often you’ll get bawdy questions to keep everyone guessing about what they’ll have to answer.

If you don’t want to ask anything, then you just need to deck it like a traditional poker deck and you’re good to go. This product offers this convenience and versatility, so you can bet chips with your friends in seconds or ask them about their lives.


This product can be considered one of the best quiz games in a portable format, as the manufacturers have decided to give it a pocket-sized design. This little detail makes it possible for you to take the fun with you to every party you go to. The box in which the cards come has dimensions of 9 x 2.1 x 11.2 cm so you can easily carry it in your backpack or in your hands, as it weighs only 109 grams, it will not be uncomfortable to transport the game either.

Despite being small, the box contains more than 300 questions that are distributed among the 6 categories. This does not bulge due to its content, however, this does not mean that the cards are thin and of poor quality, since these are thick, which gives them better resistance to handling.

Its design uses only black and white, giving it a striking contrast and allowing a fairly easy reading, since the letters are noted correctly. The central part of the cards has the questions, while the corners show their poker value with the symbol of the diamond, the heart, etc. You will not have to make any type of change to vary between one game and another.

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