opinions about Stabilo Point 88

Main advantage:

These markers are a great option for those who want to write or outline with a fine tip. There are 15 different colors of striking shades, whose proven quality makes them in common use among all who enjoy color when writing, drawing or coloring. 

Main disadvantage:

It might seem that both the yellow color and the 5 neon colored markers included in the case have very light shades to write on.

Verdict: 9.9/10

They are fine tip pens whose hexagonal design is one of the most popular and used by teachers, students and office staff.

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Main Features Explained

Assorted colors

The diversity of colors to leave your talent permanently reflected rises to 15 different shades in this case. Although the shape and color of their bodies are identical in all, their caps and ends clearly indicate the color or shade of tone of each one. In addition, the transparency of its case allows you to see them and allows easy accessibility to pick them up or return them to their place. 

You can use them to make strokes, draw, color outlines, underline, take notes, highlight notes of important information and even color the mandalas if you are fond of them. In short, only you can put a limit on the dynamism of using this multicolor option. 

Additionally, they are markers that have been hexagonally designed to be handled comfortably with a plastic material on the outside that promises durability. While it’s good to check that your lid is in place when you’re not going to use them, it’s not something you should worry about while you’re working. 

If you’re using multiple markers, alternating them quickly and constantly, having them uncapped won’t risk drying out. So you can express all your creativity with 15 colors that if you want or need you can work simultaneously without requiring to be uncovered and covered at all times.

Fine point 

The execution that is achieved with its fine fiber tip when outlining, encircling or filling in very small areas with color leads to no doubt that these are the best markers to be in the hands of hobbyists and book fans alike. to color like real artists. 

The line width of these markers is 0.4 mm and they show a firm and precise stroke that the user immediately likes. Its fine line may resemble that of a normal ballpoint pen, however, its glide on the paper feels much smoother, more stable and fluid thanks to the metal reinforcement where the tip is inserted. In this way, they become drawing instruments that offer exceptional results on paper. 

These Stabilo Point 88s are a first choice when students, architects, designers and more are trying to make sketches or graphics that require ruled lines, templates or simply fine, uninterrupted doodles.

So its position as one of the most used alternatives for fine tip pens in Europe is the result of a careful design that is also valued in more than 180 countries around the world. 


Stabilo quality could not be in dispute after so many years on the market gathering the best opinions of its users regarding the wide variety of writing and drawing instruments. Those known as fine tip accompany the pens, pencils, rollers and other types of markers that the brand manufactures.  

This German quality model will not disappoint your expectations for use in writing, drawing and double-sided coloring books. Nothing more disappointing than a marker that invalidates the possibility of working on the opposite side of the same page. 

With these fine point you can rest assured that the color you decide to give to a drawing on one side will not go through in notebook sheets and books that have a standard weight. So, just make sure of the quality of the paper you intend to stamp your color on, and each marker will take care of the rest. 

In fact, these markers are not part of a new presentation on the market, but have remained an infallible classic in the school environment, the university and the day-to-day office since 1977. In addition to this, they have an affordable price that allows many people to benefit from its positive characteristics.

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