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Main advantage:

Adults and children can color with all their imagination by calmly using these twenty markers thanks to their washable food colorings with which there will be no permanent stains on clothes. Plus, their Dry Safe feature will keep them safe from drying out.

Main disadvantage:

Although there are 20 markers, the similarity of shades between some could make you think that there is no clear difference between one shade of color and another when you paint with them. 

Verdict: 9.4/10

Their bright, washable and environmentally friendly colors have made them one of the most requested options in school settings.

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Main Features Explained


There are 20 markers that come in a transparent case so that you can observe their vibrant colors and your creativity is intensified by seeing over and over again all the options you have, including, to highlight the same color in various shades and create a very striking effect with the contribution of brightness of each one. 

The opinions of color fans position them as the best markers to have a good and relaxing time with your coloring book. Its 20 different shades give flexibility to your art and, although they all have the same color caps, they will tell you with their bodies the color they will leave on the paper without any doubt. 

Although it may vary from presentation to presentation, in general, the order in which the markers are positioned in their case begins with yellow, light yellow, flesh, Van Dyke brown, orange, red, magenta, burgundy red, lavender, violet, blue, cyan, light blue, yellow green, green, sea green, olive green, brown, gray and black. 

With each of these variations you can make an even coverage of the area you are going to paint. The idea will be to fill the surface without the paper soaking through or deteriorating. Therefore, far from irregular lines, filling the area with parallel lines, zigzag lines or techniques such as pointillism will give great results. 


With its 1 mm wide tip, excellent fine lines are achieved for underlining, drawing and colouring. This tip made of fiber material is the end of the body of the marker made of resistant plastic that keeps it stable and fixed against the pressure exerted when coloring.

Unlike other brands of pen tips, this one is locked in and won’t sink in causing discomfort during use. The experience of this German brand goes one step further in terms of useful, safe and excellently functioning designs. 

Therefore, you will be able to make the passage from ink to paper through a tip that responds very well to both gentle pressure and force. Its thickness allows its use to fill and also make lines that finish or polish details. Free drawings, coloring book drawings and mandalas will show the brightness and uniformity of your varied color palette. 

As another additional point, the Dry Safe technology allows this tip to be able to retain the color wet and ready to use even if it has lasted a long time without being with its cap. This gives the opportunity for relaxed colorings where you can have your color options uncovered until your work is done. 


The conveniences to be used by children are varied, so they are listed as recommended markers for practical use in school environments. For example, falling on the floor or exerting strong pressure when coloring with them will not cause damage, so they promise a long life in the hands of young schoolchildren.

Thanks to the fact that they have been manufactured with polypropylene, this thermoplastic polymer will maintain great resistance to impact and bending, in addition to providing no concern for any toxicity. With this, this brand demonstrates the commitment assumed more than a century ago to create products to accompany the creativity of all ages. 

Additionally, Staedtler shows in this presentation of markers several of the results of its constant research and development. Innovations such as Dry Safe, washable food pigments, a ventilated cap, in addition to its corporate responsibility in ecological control and respect are proof of the quality recognized with different certifications.

In conclusion, the price together with the benefits offered by these markers pleasantly encourage your purchase, since they are among the cheapest options for any beginner or professional who wants to be inspired by the variety of tones and type of line that they promise. 

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