Opinions about Tombow Dual Brush

Main advantage:

There are 6 soft colored markers with two very functional ends for multicolored coloring that achieves the most beautiful effect on paper when mixed. They are ideal for illustrating comics and other designs, as well as decorating cards.

Main disadvantage:

The price of this set of 6 markers is clearly quite high compared to cases with the same or greater number of markers from other brands. 

Verdict: 9.6/10

They are markers whose purchase makes it easy to have two forms of use in each one with a wide tip with the brush movement and another for a fine line.

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Main Features Explained

set of 6

If you are a true lover of color for letters, sketches, vignettes or other projects of your own that you want to impregnate with color, you should know that Tombow has a complete collection of this model with presentations that bring together more than 100 units.

However, this set of 6, in addition to having a price advantage, brings you the most beautiful pastel shades to incorporate into your work. From its color palette, you have available 062 pale yellow, 243 mint, 452 blue, 553 mist purple, 623 sage purple and 723 pink.

This Japanese company has already stood out with the innovation shown in other products previously. Now, it comes with these ideal instruments for those who like narrative art such as manga and anime. They are double-ended water-based markers that make them much safer than alcohol markers in terms of odor intensity and transfer to other sheets. 

Although they are very soft tones, you have to try not to saturate the tracing on normal paper, however, you can show off all your ink by using watercolor paper. They are filled with an ink totally tolerable to odour, free of acids or any toxic component, guaranteeing safe use whether it is a child, young person or adult who uses them.


The opinions of the users coincide in admiring the work of the same marker as if it were two different articles for coloring. With enough pressure, the function at one end achieves a fairly thick line, and at the other end, 0.8mm thickness helps with both fine writing and fine-tuning.

So there’s no reason to settle for just the best fineliner on the market if that’s what you’re looking for. Its other brush tip is a spectacular bonus that you should not miss. The double function of this marker immediately positions it as one of the best you can get among the variety of options on offer.

Each end can display the most accurate and beautiful color finish an artist can achieve. Everything will depend on the nuance or effect that you want to obtain, so it is about taking advantage of a line width that you can vary just by changing the end. 

For brush printing, use it for its brush finish made with the quality of nylon fiber and, if you want it as a fine marker, the answer lies in its felt tip that will do a great job when writing or tracing. 


In case you want them for drawings, there are totally possible and simple techniques that you can use to achieve the most beautiful mixtures directly on paper. This can happen for any large or small drawing where you want to blend colors and have the watercolor effect stand out.

Whether you’re just starting out with coloring or advanced in creative color projects, you can take advantage of your creativity and brush. Especially in the larger spaces you can create gradients while the colors are still wet, thus generating spectacular color transitions that are pleasing to all eyes.

Dare to stamp, draw and illustrate cards, comics or mandalas, and if you like letters, calligraphy with this marker will also attract everyone’s attention. You can label by hand or with templates, combining upper and lower case letters, styles and sizes of letters different from those you can give with the brush. Diversity of depth and shading effects.

It is not only about variety of jobs, but also about having fun while doing them. Sure, good results can be achieved with cheaper markers, but the professional quality and undeniable ease of writing with the Tombow makes them an investment that won’t disappoint.

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