opinions about why do not you shut up

Main advantage: 

The ability to play the game over and over again without getting bored is an exceptional quality, as the 20,000 possible combinations allow the game to remain original and fun.

Main disadvantage: 

One point against this product is that it can only be played by people over 16 years of age. Therefore, many will not be able to have fun with it until they reach the necessary age.

Verdict: 9.7/10

The great possibilities that this game offers mean that it is not unreasonable to obtain hours and hours of original and creative fun. This, together with the possibility of expansion, means that, despite the time, the game continues to look like new.

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Main Features Explained


This is the best trivia game you can get on the market if your sole purpose is to laugh out loud with a large group of people. What makes this amazing product stand out is the opportunity it gives gamers to socialize with each other, get to know each other while at the same time unleashing their creativity to play. 

As a game that promotes risque, wacky, and one-of-a-kind responses, this is not a 16-and-under purchase, and while this places limits on who can play, it also gives more freedom to those who can..

A judge will formulate a reflection or a question, while the players search among their alternatives for the most original answer that, although it does not make much sense, manages to respond to the judge’s words. This will choose the answer that is most out of tune with the topic and must respond with a strong “Why don’t you shut up?” causing the person to lose a point.

However, this game also makes room for house rules, as it is a party game, since it is easy to adapt it to different conditions and even combine it with other games and activities. For example, all players can act as judges to choose the loser, so there will be more interaction.


Unlike quiz games that seek to test the player’s knowledge or their opinions on a certain topic, this model has a unique gameplay that rewards creativity, ingenuity and the ability to make a random phrase become in answering a question. Although everything looks like fun without much thought, this game also values ​​strategy, since each card has 4 replicas, of which you can only choose one before “burning” the game card. Trying to figure out which one the judge will like the most will make everything more fun.

The box has several cards, divided into two sections so you don’t get confused. One deck is reflections and questions, while the other focuses solely on responses to these two. To save space, the judge cards have two options and the others have four possible answers. This means that there are more than 20,000 replica possibilities within the game, allowing the experience to feel like new every time, no matter how many times it is played.

It is possible to use an expansion of this game called “Why don’t you shut up, honey?” so that the fun lasts, especially if there are couples in the group.


You won’t have to pay a high price to be able to have fun everywhere you go, family reunions, parties with friends, camping and any situation that brings several people to the same place looking for fun. This product has been designed with a pocket size so that you can carry it everywhere you want. Being small, specifically with dimensions of 9 x 2.1 x 11 cm, this is one of the trivia games that you can comfortably carry in a backpack. In addition to that, it is also quite light, since it weighs 109 grams and that means that you do not have to make an effort to move it.

All the cards have questions and answers written completely in Spanish, therefore, there will be no bad translations that can complicate the game process, nor the need to explain the rules too much, since it is a simple game. The case is completely black, so it won’t get dirty easily, while it combines red and white to give the design standout details. This choice of colors is also found in the cards, which have a thick structure to resist handling.

The product comes with the user manual, reflection and reply cards, and a dice to organize the games of many players.

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