Opinions about XP Pen Artist 12

Main advantage: 

The versatility of uses of this graphic tablet is one of its best advantages. You will not only be able to use the product to make illustrations, but also to embark on projects in other areas such as 3D animation, architectural planning, fashion design and photography.

Main disadvantage: 

This tablet is prone to heat up quickly on the bottom, therefore it is necessary to work with it in a place with good ventilation to prevent this from happening.

Verdict: 9.4/10

This is one of the best value for money tablets of its kind. The screen provides excellent resolution for more detail in your drawings.

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Main Features Explained


The first thing you will notice about this product is that unlike traditional graphics tablets, this model has a built-in screen as an activity panel. The difference goes beyond something aesthetic, since the fact that this screen is included in the structure of the tablet indicates that the drawing can be done directly on the device without needing an extra connection to a computer to be able to do it. This detail, in addition to making its use more practical, also allows drawing to be more natural, since it will be like drawing lines on paper and seeing your result instantly.

The product has a protective layer made of 1.1 millimeter tempered glass to keep the screen safe and allow you to enjoy the high definition of the images and every detail of them, such as colors. The glass is complemented by an anti-reflective coating to reduce the glare effect and protect your vision. This is especially important for professional artists who spend hours every day in front of the screen.

Its maximum resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels and this feature, together with the 11.6-inch screen surface, makes it easy to see every little detail, giving you a better user experience.


The price of this product is worth every penny when you can enjoy the technology it offers, as this will make your performance better and it will be much easier to achieve the best results. The first thing to note is that, so that you can have control in the palm of your hand, you can make all the adjustments you want from the touch side bar with 6 hot keys to simplify your work. From there and with light pressure, you can zoom in or out on the canvas, and even pan around the image. The buttons are customizable so you can choose which tool will be activated when a certain key is pressed.

As for the monitor, the 178° viewing angle allows you to have a better view of your drawing, adapting to your position. The 72% NTSC color gamut allows you to use more tonal combinations and achieve that paint hue you require for your illustration. The two ends of the pen have different functions: one is for tracing and one is for erasing. The grip provided by the pen is non-slip, however, it will move easily and naturally on the screen to give you a better stroke. You will be able to use the tablet for illustrations, photographs, 3D sculptures, architectural plans and even fashion design.

Technical details

When it comes to compatibility with the most famous software on the market, reviews will surely name this product as one of the best graphics tablets today. This model adapts to the programs you use and will give you professional performance in each of them, such as: Adobe Photoshop Cs4/5/6/ and CC since 2014, Adobe Fireworks and Illustrator, Manga Studio 5.0, Windows Ink, Windows Paint 3D and many more. In addition, it will be compatible with Windows operating systems from Vista to 10, and Mac from 10.8.

The graphics tablet comes in a fairly traditional black design, however the side button bar and finish give it a sleek look that will look amazing in your studio. The dimensions of 36.4 x 21.8 x 0.8 cm will make it easy to store the tablet in a briefcase or backpack, and also place it on any desk for work. The weight of 907 grams facilitates handling and will allow a better, safer grip.

The report rate of this XP-Pen Artist 12 model manages to reach 266 RPS and its USB interface allows a simple connection that will take little time. The product also comes with a small multifunctional pen holder to keep the pen in one place.

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