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Main advantage: 

One of the best qualities of this product is the fact that it takes the typical quiz game to a higher level of technology, offering a more fun and interactive dynamic for children and adults.

Main disadvantage: 

The fact that it is a toy that works exclusively with double A batteries means that at some point they will run out and it will be necessary to acquire more to continue playing.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This Educa Borrás quiz game, in addition to giving you fun, will allow people to learn new things while laughing with friends. The combination of lights and sounds also gives it originality.

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Main Features Explained

Game mode

Many people refrain from buying entertainment products because these tend to be quite expensive, especially if they are electronic. However, one feature that makes this product stand out is that for an affordable price you can get a question game suitable for the whole family that will give everyone hours of sharing. Despite the fact that the product comes with an instruction manual, the gameplay is quite simple and intuitive.

It consists of 500 listening questions that encompass different topics divided into 8 specific categories. These are: professions, vehicles, cities, instruments, animals, countries, places and singers. The game acts as the director, and will be the one to give the track before playing the audio. As soon as you recognize the audio and know the answer, you must press your button, which will give you the opportunity to respond. However, if you answer wrong, everyone gets a point except you. The one who reaches 20 points wins.

Depending on the version of the game you use, you will be able to get questions aimed at a child or adult audience, however, the rules will always be the same. You will need to let the judge know if the answer was correct or incorrect by touching the faces under the microphone. The happy face will indicate that the answer was good, while the sad face is totally the opposite.


People who love this type of fun know that the best quiz games are those that use cards to ask, however, to show a different and more modern dynamic, this game comes with a central microphone and buttons of different colors that are used to be able to answer. This product can be used from the age of 8 and allows up to 5 people to play in perfect harmony.

To be able to use it, you must use three double A batteries and thus you will be able to enjoy the lights and sounds that this game brings to you. Fortunately, so you don’t have to spend more money than necessary, the batteries are included in the purchase and you can start playing as soon as you receive the package. The dimensions of the product are 22 x 22 x 25 cm, so it will not be difficult to move it or find a place for it. Additionally, it has a weight of only 621 grams.

This product does not require any type of assembly, so you do not have to make an effort. And so that everything is understood without a problem, this game brings Spanish as the default language. Both the rules and the questions use easy-to-understand Spanish, that is, it is not very fast and will allow concentration.  


In this hilarious game, all opinions are completely valid, since its versatility lies in the fact that the way of playing with it can be adapted to different age ranges and groups. Although the rules remain the same, this product adapts to the needs of each person. In other words, if there are little ones who are interested in trivia games and want to participate in a game of Does it sound familiar to you?, then the device will start using questions on children’s themes that both parents and children know.

If, on the other hand, it is a meeting with only adults, then the product will use its repertoire of questions for adults with more in-depth topics or mentions of movies, characters or songs from the 20th century. In addition to that, this product has different levels so that the difficulty increases every time someone wins and the game remains entertaining.

Having just over 400 audio questions programmed into the artifact, it’s hard for the game to get boring quickly, as it will take a lot to go through each question in the child mode and adult mode. In this way, it is possible to be surprised every time you play with the device, even when it is the same people who are encouraged to use it.

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