Original ideas to create with a hot silicone pistol

The creative possibilities offered by silicone guns in crafts are multiple, since with a little dexterity and a lot of imagination you can make thousands of small useful and functional works, such as buttons, covers for your mobile, molds to make figures with clay. polymeric, among others, so it is worth reviewing some of the most outstanding ideas.

Metallic look buttons with hot silicone

A metallic silicone button can be useful both for clothing and to decorate cushions, bows and backpacks, since you can adapt it to the size, shape and color you need. Therefore, to make your own buttons you only need the following materials: aluminum foil, body cream, glitter, awl and glue gun.

To start, take a small piece of clean, dry aluminum foil, then spread a small amount of body lotion over the entire surface so that the button doesn’t stick. Now, add a layer of glitter powder of the color of your choice and add the hot liquid silicone on top of it in a circular shape or any shape you want, add more glitter until you cover all the silicone and it begins to solidify. Once the silicone has started to dry and is warm, correct the shape with your fingers if necessary.

When the silicone is completely dry and cold, you can remove the excess glitter to make the holes in the center of the button. You can decide between making 2 or 4 holes, for which you will need a hot metal awl or stick that will help you easily pierce the silicone surface. The glitter gives it a metallic look to sew or glue on according to your needs.

Heart charms with silicone appliques

These types of pendants are especially useful for decorating door handles, hanging in windows, for Christmas pines or wherever you think they look more striking. For these pendants you will only need a sheet of thick cardboard, pencil, scissors, tape, silicone bars and a gun to melt it.

Start by drawing the hearts of your pendants on the heavy card stock and cut with flowing lines, making the edges as neat as possible. It is important to mention that you can cut the pendants in the shape of your preference or adapt it to the occasion, such as stars, moons, circles, cubes, flowers, among others.

Once the heart is cut out as neatly as possible, it is time to draw lines inside it that form a pattern. A good option is to make semicircles that join each other, like mandalas. So, choose the silicone bar of your choice, it can be colored or frosted, then start going over the lines of the previously drawn pattern, making sure to follow the course of the lines carefully until it is complete.

When you have finished and the silicone is cold and dry, it is time to paint the whole figure with transparent nail polish and before the polish dries, cover the surface with glitter of the color of your choice. At the end, make a small hole on the top edge of the cardboard, slide the ribbon, tie it and that’s it, you’ll have a new pendant with an exclusive design.

Silicone mold to create polymer clay charms

Polymer clay figures are one of the most practical and fun options to make pendants that you can hang on chains, bracelets and earrings. In this sense, the best way to carry out this task is to use a silicone mold that will allow you to recreate the number of figures you need quite accurately and in a short time.

To make your own molds you will need a plastic figure that you want to recreate, it can be flowers, toys, animals, among others. Also, you will use a little moisturizing cream, aluminum foil and the best silicone gun you have at your disposal with their respective bars. The first thing you should do is cover the surface of the selected figure with moisturizing cream, taking care to cover each corner, for which you can use a brush or brush.

Then, pour enough silicone on the aluminum foil to cover the figure you selected. Place the figure on the silicone and press so that the silicone reaches all the corners and all the shapes are well defined.

Wrap the figure with the silicone in the aluminum foil and wait until it dries and hardens. To finish, remove the aluminum foil, slowly peel off the plastic figure, trim the excess with scissors and you will have a silicone mold to create as many figures as you want.

mobile phone case

An original and fun way to make a unique cover for your mobile phone is by using a hot glue gun, aluminum foil, a marker, nail polish, glitter and a lot of imagination. The first thing you should do is completely cover the mobile phone with the aluminum foil, making sure that it is well adhered and that you can distinguish all its lines, the camera area and the quick access buttons.

Then, with the help of the marker, draw figures or patterns that join their lines on the paper, a good idea may be to make hearts of different sizes and shapes. When you have finished, go over each figure with the gun, applying the silicone slowly so that you have thick and fluid lines, without air or spaces that could cause it to break or detach. It is important to also cover the side areas and a little of the frame of the screen so that the lining holds well and avoid covering the area of ​​​​the camera and the flash.

When the silicone is completely cold and dry, it is time to apply the nail polish and spread the glitter while it is wet, wait until the surface is dry, open the aluminum foil, remove the phone, peel off the silicone paper gently and voila, you now have a unique and original lining. You must consider that to select the color of the silicone bars, nail polish and glitter, you only need imagination, so you can even make infinite color combinations.

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