Review of Cressi Big Eyes Evolution

Main advantage:

These goggles have a high-quality adjustment system, which allows you to adjust the tension comfortably and with a high level of precision, while avoiding the discomfort and pulling of conventional diving goggles.

Main disadvantage:

Both the position and shape of the crystals vary from conventional products, so you may need some time to get used to looking with this product.

Verdict: 9.6/10

A product located among the best diving goggles of the moment, made with high quality materials and with which to gain both in vision capacity and in comfort.

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Main Features Explained

glasses lenses

Although surely from the name of the product you can already imagine it, we are talking about diving goggles with high-level lenses and an evolved design. Something that translates into a 25% improvement in visibility in the lower part of the glasses compared to conventional glasses or a mask, in an area whose visibility is always problematic.

To do this, the product places the crystals, or rather the single crystal it mounts, at an angle of 15 degrees from the vertical. A design different from the classic, which generates better visibility in any environment. This simplifies the process of seeing the lower part of the area in which we move, although logically it also offers us an approach with which to have a wider viewing angle and greater visibility than we would have with conventional glasses.

As if all this were not enough, the design of this glass is finished off with a high resistance, which does not deteriorate with scratches and does not break if you take a hit in the area of ​​​​the glasses. Therefore, the model adequately supports conventional use while maintaining its high visibility. And as a finishing touch, you have other models of this same product with prescription lenses, available with graduations of up to 6 diopters. You just have to choose the option that suits you from the offer of this manufacturer.

glasses frame

Following the line of the crystals, these diving goggles also offer us a high-quality frame, which generates pleasant sensations when diving. Something that corroborates the opinions about the product.

One of the secrets of this mount is its material. We are talking about a product made entirely of high quality silicone, which fits properly to our face and does not generate the problems and inconvenience of other lower quality products. So the fit on the face improves considerably, maintaining adequate tightness.

The product’s own design also contributes to this, with an inner lip that is located in the upper part of the face and maintains adequate contact on the forehead, without water penetrating inside. This approach also has a skirt for the nose area, which also maintains that quality and resistance, also incorporating a decreasing thickness approach, with which to increase comfort during that use.

Adjustment system and other details

To finish off this model, which also justifies its price, the product incorporates other improvements in the goggle fastening system. One of the secrets of this approach is in the area of ​​the buckles. These buckles have little to do with the conventional ones, since they offer a comfortable and very comfortable micrometric adjustment system, compared to the conventional design of classic glasses.

These buckles have the advantage of better distributing tension throughout the goggles, maintaining tightness and improving comfort during use of the product. The secret is in their high flexibility, thus improving the product in the longest diving sessions.

Finally, we cannot forget the weight of the product. Since we are talking about a model made of light silicone, the weight is about 363 grams, which does not imply too much burden on the face area. In addition, it is not a particularly bulky product either, so that the inconvenience and the feeling of being overwhelmed by other products of poorer quality disappear.

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