Reviews about Cressi F1

Main advantage:

This model stands out among the best diving goggles on the market thanks to a complete frameless design, with a much larger surface and a light and different approach than usual, to see everything much more clearly.

Main disadvantage:

According to some opinions, the design has a small inconvenience in the area that joins the strap, since it joins the rubber of the goggle. An area that should be treated with care to avoid premature deterioration.

Verdict: 9.8/10

An interesting proposal for those who are tired of the adjustment problems of conventional glasses, as well as closed frames and adjusted visibility.

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Main Features Explained

frame design

One of the aspects that places this product at the forefront of current diving goggles is the design of its frame. This frame is usually one of the main sources of problems when swimming, either because the fit is not adequate or because the visible space is reduced, due to the structure of that frame.

These problems disappear in part in this model, thanks to its novel structure. Specifically, we are talking about a design with a wider open area and measures 16.5 centimeters wide and approximately 8 centimeters high, which leaves more open space than other similar models. In addition, the format of this frame is lighter and less cumbersome in the eye area, so it improves vision when swimming, without affecting comfort.

This approach is finished off with a black silicone skirt, strategically located on the forehead and the arch of the nose, so that it does not cause discomfort in the vision area. However, as we will discuss later, this design also improves the overall comfort of the glasses.

glasses lenses

Even if you have the best mount, the truth is that it is of little use if it does not mount quality crystals. Another of the outstanding aspects of this model, according to the different opinions on the matter.

We are talking about single-crystal lenses, thus avoiding the usual problems in products assembled in several pieces or with several layers of material. The former can cause focusing problems unless placement is precise, while the latter can cause resistance problems. Two issues that disappear with this design, which makes it easier to see everything clearly when diving underwater.

But since not everything is vision, the product also has a high resistance in the area of ​​​​the lenses, as it has safety glass. A peace of mind both when facing the pressure under water and the possible blows that the goggles can take. All this without forgetting the possible scratches, typical of the use and that in this case are not a problem during use. Something that is not always common in diving goggles at this price.

product comfort

We close this analysis talking about the comfort of the product. An issue that is the Achilles heel of many of these products… but not in this case. The first aspect of comfort is formed by its skirts, which allow the glasses to rest both on the bridge of the nose and on the forehead area in a comfortable way, without the annoying sensation of the more rigid and poorer quality products.

Another interesting aspect is the included buckle system, with which we have a more comfortable format when putting on our glasses and adjusting the tension. An approach in which the straps have greater mobility and a more gentle finish, thus avoiding the pulling on the hair typical of other lower quality products. In addition, these hooks include a micrometric adjustment system, which is much more comfortable and makes it easier to adapt the glasses to the ones you need.

Finally, we are talking about a product of a good size but with a reduced weight, which also adds comfort to its use. This weight has been approximately 200 grams, so we are talking about a lighter product than other similar glasses. However, their volume is small, so they are not a nuisance when swimming.

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