Reviews about Giochi Preziosi Pasapalabra

Main advantage:

This interactive game stands out for being very similar to the original game broadcast on television, so you can have fun and entertain yourself by adding points individually or as a couple. In addition, it includes most of the original games, including the final phase “El Rosco”.

Main disadvantage:

In some cases, some words may appear repeated on the screen, so this detail may affect the fluidity of the game, confuse or benefit some of the players.

Verdict: 9.6/10 

If you are interested in an interactive game and in which you don’t have to be moving pieces, this option is quite entertaining, so it could be of interest to you.

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Main Features Explained


If you are looking for opinions to acquire the best game for adults, we recommend that you take this option into account, since it comes in a DVD presentation so that you can play it and play it in a more comfortable way. The theme of this game is based on the original program The Alphabet Game and the Spanish version, Pasapalabras, which was broadcast by Telecinco and Antena3.

In itself, you have to answer the questions correctly so that you accumulate seconds for the final phase. This is one of the few interactive adult games that simulates its original version, as well as its rules and game modes, so, in short, you can also match up with your friends or family and have fun in a healthy way, differently and simulate as if you were participating in the TV word-slider. 

On the other hand, in this model, as we mentioned that it comes in an interactive DVD format presented by Giochi Preziosi, you will have to use the remote control of your player equipment so that you can answer the respective question of the game mode you are in, so We recommend that you give control to the most agile person so that they respond as quickly as possible. 

Rules and scoring

Another aspect that must be considered in games for adults is the rules, since if you buy a model at a low price, but its instructions become very complicated, you will end up keeping it in a drawer.

In this version of Pasapalabra by Giochi Preziosi you won’t have any confusion if you’re a follower of the television show, since the rules are almost the same, but with the only difference that you won’t win any kind of incentive or money, but it’s for entertainment family. However, the manufacturer considers that children over 8 years of age should play it under adult supervision due to the complexity of the questions and answers.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, when one of the players does not know the word, even if a clue has been given, they must say “Pasapalabra” to allow the other participant the possibility of guessing before the stipulated time runs out.

For each game mode, each of the participating teams or players will have the opportunity to win seconds, in which they are necessary to have enough for the final test “El Rosco”. 

You will have the possibility to start earning points by simulating the blue chair, in this you will not win seconds, but this way they will be able to determine if the team will go to the next round or a new one will be placed.

game modes

As we mentioned before, there are several different game modes, in which you will have to start from the first, with the blue chair being the most recommended to start. In this one, no second will be won, but it will be a form of elimination to find out if you will go to the next round or if you will have to face another group or participant. After the qualifying round is over, you can earn seconds for you to accumulate according to the correct answers, as long as you win the phase. 

In test one of four, you will have to choose 1 answer, which is the correct one among 4 available options, if you are right you go to the next question and so on. For each correct answer you generate 2 points, if you fail you pass the turn. In the alphabet soup you will have to guess the hidden words that refer to a phrase, if you pass 5 times you lose and, if you guess right, you will get 5 seconds. In order for you to win in this game for adults, you must answer consecutively without making a mistake so that you don’t give your opponent a chance.

When you pass the other modes of the game and manage to get to El Rosco mode, which is the last one, you have 85 seconds to correctly answer 25 words chosen at random from the dictionary of the Real Academia Española (RAE) or from the Spanish usage dictionary of the Author Maria Moliner. Whoever answers the 25 with the fewest mistakes or passes wins. 

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