Reviews about Parrot Mambo Mission

Main advantage: 

This Parrot drone is an alternative that stands out for having a resistant and robust construction made from quality materials, which makes it a convenient option to withstand falls and be used by children.

Main disadvantage: 

The camera that the model incorporates does not offer very good resolution images, although this does not represent limitations for basic flight practices.

Verdict: 9.1/10 

This is a model that is used for young people to learn controlled flight, this being an initiation alternative. It has an efficient controller and is lightweight. Being a drone for children, it fulfills its function. 

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Main Features Explained


Drones are devices that have become popular lately. However, to get a professional drone, there are opinions that suggest that it is first convenient to know the basic operation of the equipment and learn to fly. Therefore, both for children who are just starting out and for adults who are looking to have fun with an unmanned flying vehicle, the Parrot Mambo Mission model can be the convenient alternative.

This drone is designed with a small, compact and lightweight body that weighs less than 100 grams. This characteristic of its structure allows it to have a correct performance and to be easy to handle, as well as to fly. Being its light structure, it flies precisely and can be controlled.

Its design is simple, but at the same time practical, so that the little ones can play and learn the art of flying an aerial device controlled from the ground. Its style is modern and it is available in black, with the central body in white. 

In addition, to stay in the air, it incorporates four black propellers and is equipped with green main lights and a low-definition camera. On the other hand, its structure is versatile and can be controlled by adding other accessories that will allow more entertainment in games. 


Price is often an important attribute when making a decision to purchase a drone. According to the design and flight attributes, this can change. In fact, the professional models tend to have a higher price, but the entry-level alternatives for children are affordable and competitive. This is the case of the Parrot Mambo Mission model, which has an adequate flight system made up of two options for piloting the ship, either through its controller or through the use of the smartphone, with an immediate response capacity.

The model is equipped with a free fall take-off system, and it is also possible to do pirouettes, tricks and acrobatics in the air. Due to its characteristics, this is an alternative for thrill, game and precision flights because the quadcopter can stay in the air for approximately 10 minutes, with a high level of stability at a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour and up to 100 meters of distance in relation to the scope.

In addition, the Parrot Mambo Mission is equipped with several sensors and technologies that allow it to perform better in the air, with a low level of movement against the wind. Likewise, it has been manufactured to be able to be flown both indoors and outdoors, with the same quality and precision in piloting.

controller and accessories 

This Parrot model is much more than a simple toy, since it includes a camera and is a multifunctional piece that helps healthy recreation and acquire flight skills, being recommended for adolescents over 14 years of age.

In order to fly the Mambo Mission, the manufacturer has equipped it with a controller that has intuitive as well as practical buttons to enhance the flight control experience. So that the user will be able to perform maneuvers in the air just by going backwards, forwards and braking, and can even take pictures from above. In addition, to give it greater versatility, the manufacturer included a phone holder in the model, so that it can be controlled and managed with precision by activating Bluetooth. 

On the other hand, this alternative is considered to be the best beginner drone for the entertainment of young people because, in addition to the latest generation software and sensors that provide stable flight, it is equipped with a couple of accessories such as balls to launch cannons and grabber clamp to transport light objects, to later drop them. In addition, the brand’s engineers have managed to enable some systems to add accessories to the device. 

On the other hand, the model includes the drone, the battery, the cannon to launch the balls, a controller, a clamp, the instruction manual, the mobile support and the USB cable, among other very useful elements.

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