Reviews of Cybergun 180126

Main advantage:

This model of pellet gun stands out for having a resistant construction with a metal body and slide with a dense ABS plastic handle that is comfortable to hold. In addition, for greater realism, this model has a magazine of 12 pellets + 1 in the chamber.

Main disadvantage:

This is an ideal replica pellet gun for people who are starting to practice this sport, so if you think you have experience and need a more realistic and powerful model, we recommend another model.

Verdict: 9.5/10

This model of pellet gun is an excellent option for those who are just starting out in the world of Airsoft, as well as having a weight of 550 grams and a power of 0.7 joules.

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Main Features Explained

gun type

When making a choice between the different types of pellet guns on the market, you will notice that there are two main types: air guns and spring guns. Both models are used in the practice of Airsoft, but they differ in some small details, among them, the firing system and the price. Compressed air models use capsules or small cylinders of compressed gas that generate the necessary power for the gun to shoot the pellet. Spring guns, on the other hand, have a mechanical push-pull system, so the movement of the gun is more realistic, although it sacrifices power output.

The Cybergun 180126 is considered the best pellet gun on the market today thanks to its operation with a spring system that allows it to fire with a power of up to 0.7 Joule, so that the speed of the pellet reaches 345 FPS and allows the projectile to travels for a distance of approximately 105 meters. Likewise, if the projectile is fired with a power of 0.12 Joule, its speed will be up to 268 FPS, traveling a distance of approximately 81 meters.

Design and manufacturing material

It is important to remember that most of the pellet guns used in Airsoft are replicas of real guns, something that, according to the opinions of the practitioners of this sport, adds more realism to the game. If you are a fan of weapons and you are looking for a replica of a weapon that you really like, it is recommended that you take care of this aspect before making your choice. This pellet gun stands out for having a very realistic design that replicates the style of Colt pistols.

In addition, if we talk about the materials with which Airsoft pellet guns are made, you will realize that they have many differences in terms of their materials, varying according to the model and the use that will be given to it. While there are models made of plastic ideal for less continuous use and more practice-oriented, you can also find weapons for this sport made of metal, which are similar in weight and feel to real weapons and are used by the most experienced in this sport. As for this model, it should be noted that the Cybergun 180126 is a pellet gun made of metal with an ABS plastic handle, which reaches a weight of up to 550 grams.

caliber and charger

Finally, one of the most important features of this type of weapon, but one that many novice users overlook is the issue of bullet caliber and magazine capacity. When talking about the caliber, reference is made to the size of the pellet used by a certain weapon, which is necessary to know when buying reloads. One of the strengths of this pellet gun model is its caliber, since, looking for similarity with real Colt models, this product uses biodegradable 6-millimeter pellets.

On the other hand, the magazine is of vital importance, especially if your model is a replica of Colt pistols, since this type of weapon uses a magazine that allows you to quickly change the cartridge when you run out of ammunition. Also, magazines determine the number of shots you can fire with your pistol. This pellet gun has a magazine with a capacity of up to 12 reserve pellets and 1 in the chamber that is ready for firing. This provides a great advantage when practicing Airsoft, since it allows you to have an extra bullet.

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