Reviews of Monopoly Junior

Main advantage:

This version of the game has been specially adapted for the little ones in the house and is suitable for ages 5 and up, while retaining all the fun of the original and more traditional game.

Main disadvantage:

The game only includes 1M bills, so this version’s mathematical development capability is simpler than it would have been with a wider variety of bills.

Verdict: 9.9/10

A classic game, with a reasonable price and very fun, with which to begin to develop strategic capacity and reinforce skills such as mathematical calculation, among other abilities.

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Main Features Explained

Purpose of the game and features

The truth is that talking about the characteristics of Monopoly, considered a classic game in history, is not something that takes a long time. The objective of the game, adapted to the approach of current children’s games, is as easy as being able to bankrupt all our rivals and get all the money on the table. A known goal that remains in this children’s version of the game.

However, it is known by the players of the best children’s games that a game that is too long ends up driving the smallest of the house to despair. And precisely the traditional Monopoly is a game in which the games can last for entire afternoons or even days. Something that has been taken into account when developing the game, which according to the opinions in this regard generates games with a tight and manageable duration, of approximately 45 minutes of use.

In this approach we have other details such as a simplified board, which we will talk about later. Likewise, the game also eliminates some elements that can slow down and lengthen the game, such as the possibility of mortgaging properties, as well as the entire process of creating houses and hotels. Issues that reduce the amount of money during the game and also make it easier to manage.

game design

Another of the strong points of this game has to do with the design of the board. An aspect that the manufacturer has already modified on numerous occasions, as many as there are different versions of it. Thus, in addition to the traditional streets, we have also seen versions with companies, with places from movies like Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings, among others.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this version has also adapted the design of the board to children, with a design designed for the little ones. Among the streets of this junior version we find the ice cream parlor, the pizza house, the fair or the water park. In addition, this board is much simpler than the one for adults, with “neighborhoods” that only have two streets, compared to three in the classic version.

On the other hand, the board also dispenses with the stations, the community box or the water and electricity services, to make these games even faster and easier to manage. An approach that is finished off with the fun illustrations of the streets and other elements of the board, so that it fits perfectly into the fun of the little ones in the house.

Other details

To finish off the fun that this game offers us, we will talk about some more details about the game. Among these details we have the chips, four pawns that represent a dog, a cat, a boat and a car, although with a typically childish design. These pawns also serve to mark the properties, for which the mandatory sold tokens are included, as opposed to the property title system of the original game.

As for the recommended age, according to the manufacturer we are facing a game suitable for children from 5 years of age. An issue in which the opinions on the matter also coincide, being a good educational complement to speed up the minds of the smallest of the house.

On the other hand, the game is made of high quality materials, especially in the bills and chips. Materials that do not deteriorate with use and that allow us to play comfortably for longer, without these elements breaking, as happens with lower quality products.

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