Singer Tradition 2250 reviews

Main advantage:

Something that users highlight about this Singer model is its easy and intuitive handling, making it one of the most recommended sewing machines for people who are new to the art of clothing.

Main disadvantage:

Buyers have let it be known in their comments that they miss the accessory that allows automatic needle threading. However, they believe that it is a practical and functional machine.

Verdict: 9.9/10

Its affordable cost, its ease of use and the support of a prestigious brand, are a host of virtues valued by many buyers, who recommend this machine as a good purchase.

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Main Features Explained

Easy to use 

When we start in the art of sewing and we have no previous experience, it is important to choose a sewing machine that has a design that offers easy and intuitive handling. For this reason, if you are beginning to venture into the world of sewing and you are looking for a model that facilitates the task of learning and that allows you to develop your full potential, among the best sewing machines on the market, the Singer Tradition 2250 could meet all your expectations.

It is, according to the opinions of a large number of buyers on the web, one of the simplest Singer machines and suitable for any beginner. To do this, it has a stitch selector that works with a simple turning mechanism, so you can choose the stitch you need just by turning the selector.

In addition, in order to facilitate the user experience, with this model you will receive a guide DVD with tutorials, to quickly learn the threading technique and thus be able to start sewing more easily. On the other hand, it is one of the cheapest machines at the moment, since it offers a very competitive price compared to other similar products.


The quality and quantity of stitches is one of the most important aspects to consider in all sewing machines. In this sense, compared to its little sister, the Singer 8280 with 8 stitches, with this model we go up a level, since it offers up to 10 stitches, which include useful and decorative ones. You can sew with a straight or zigzag stitch and you can also make buttonholes automatically in 4 steps and with great simplicity.

Similarly, the machine allows you to regulate the stitch both in width and length, so you will have more possibilities when sewing. The stitch length can vary from 0 to 4 mm and the width can be adjusted from 0 to 5 mm; being able to combine the stitches just by turning its controls. In addition, thanks to the 3 default decorative stitches, it will be easy for you to give a personal touch to all your creations.

It is also provided with a practical thread cutter, strategically positioned to provide an efficient cut and save you the task of cutting it manually. Likewise, it has an adjustable tension presser foot, which favors being able to work with different materials and thicknesses. In case you want to change the presser foot, it has a function that allows you to unhook it quickly and without the help of a screwdriver; You will only have to fit the piece and that’s it.

design and accessories

This model is designed for home use and especially when it comes to starting sewing work. It works with electricity and its mechanism has an easy-to-handle manual system. Its structure is made of high-quality plastic in white with red details, in which the brand logo stands out. It also has a large upper handle that allows you to manipulate the machine more easily. Likewise, it has a free arm to facilitate sewing on the sleeves and bottoms of the pants and also has a small internal compartment where you can store some of its accessories.

Like all Singer models, this sewing machine also offers all the necessary accessories to obtain the best results when it comes to sewing. In this sense, you will receive various presser feet: basic, for zippers, for buttons and buttonholes. Also a darning iron, spool pin holder, 3 plastic bobbins, screwdriver, quilting and edging guide, needles, bobbins, oil can, seam ripper and a brush.

All these accessories favor speed and efficiency and also provide better finishes in each job. In addition, you will be saving, since you will not have to buy any part you need separately.

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