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Acrylic Paint – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Acrylic paints are used to carry out different artistic, school and craft activities in general, since they have a water-based composition that allows easy modification after the completion of each stroke. In addition, they do not pollute the environment. Their presentations are varied, adapting to the needs of each user. Zenacolor ZC–AP offers a varied color range with intense pigmentation, which you can easily mix thanks to its creamy body. In addition, it has a high level of adhesion on various materials. But if you are looking for a set of 12 tubes with a plastic container and suitable for professionals, beginners or children, Zenacolor ZC-AP-120-12 is also a good option.

The 9 Best Acrylic Paints – Opinions 2022

The market has a wide range of acrylic paints, so you can select between individual containers and sets from six tubes with assorted colors. Everything will depend on the manufacturer and your needs of use. Here are the nine best acrylic paints, as described by users.

Acrylic water paint

1. Zenacolor Set of 24 tubes of acrylic paints

The water-based acrylic paint from the house Zenacolor is one of the favorites of buyers due to its high level of quality, which we can verify through its creamy texture and high concentration of pigments. 

In addition, it is a suitable product to be applied on various surfaces such as canvas, paper, chipboard, wood, plastic, metal and you can even use it to decorate your nails without damaging them. These are some of the reasons why the product has been described many times as the best acrylic paint.

The set is made up of 24 tubes of 12 milliliters of paint and the color palette is quite wide, so you can enjoy shades such as vermilion, skin, orange, carmine red, sienna, scarlet, violet, burnt sienna, white titanium, smoke black and gray, with which you can make various mixtures to achieve the right look for your creations.

This is a set with the Zenacolor quality seal, which, due to its proven quality, is recommended as the best acrylic paint of the moment.


Texture: The paint has a creamy body that mixes very easily.

Content: Each of the tubes has 12 milliliters of paint, which is suitable for multiple applications.

Usage: These paints can be applied on any metal, plastic, wood, canvas, paper surface, among others.

Color palette: The incorporated tones are varied, so you can find a wide color range.


Adhesion: If you plan to paint PVC plastic you will need to sand the surface to avoid problems with regard to adhesion.

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2. Baker Ross Acrylic Paint Pack of 6 175ml Tubes

This water-based acrylic paint from Baker Ross is aimed at children over three years of age, so both the components of the product and its packaging have been made to offer completely safe use. In this way, although it is not ideal, you will not have to worry if the child accidentally ingests the product, since the paint is free of toxic agents. 

In addition, each of the six bottles with a holding capacity of 175 milliliters is made of plastic and their respective lids are easy to open, which promotes quick handling by the little ones.

You will also be interested to know that in this set you will find colors such as pink, brown, orange, light blue, purple and lemon yellow. Each of them provides a glossy finish, their drying time is quite fast and they adhere to a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, paper, canvas, among others.

With this acrylic paint set, the little ones in the house will be able to give free rein to their imagination. Here are its main features.


Content: Each container has 175 milliliters of paint, which is quite profitable.

Color range: Pink, brown, orange, light blue, purple and lemon yellow are the assorted colors offered in this set. 

Safety: Its use is quite safe, since its composition is free of toxic agents.

Closure: The lid has a secure closure that is easy for children to handle.


Tonalities: The range of colors can be a bit limited if you want to make some basic combinations.

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Acrylic paint for wood

3. Zenacolor Kit of 12 Acrylic Paints 12 tubes of 120ml

Zenacolor is a well-known manufacturer on the market, which this time presents us with one of the best acrylic paints of 2022. It is a set of 12 tubes in varied, bright and intense colors, thanks to the fact that its pigments have a high level of concentration. In addition, the composition of the paint is water-based, so you can easily clean it from brushes or your hands. 

However, this acrylic wood paint has a good level of adhesion on canvas, paper, plaster, metal and plastic. The container of each tube is made of plastic, it contains 120 milliliters of paint and a quick-release cap. 

The product, on the other hand, has a creamy texture that improves brush glide and provides quite effective coverage even when diluted with water. You will also be interested to know that these paints can be used by professionals, beginners or children, since they are non-toxic.

Zenacolor is for many the best brand of acrylic paints, which offers you a set with varied colors with great coverage, whose pros and cons you will learn about below.


Container: Each tube is plastic as is its lid, which allows you to take advantage of every last drop of paint.  

Presentation: The set is made up of 12 tubes of assorted colors, which will allow you to create new shades.

Finish: After applying the paint you will enjoy surfaces with intense and bright colors.

Composition: Its water-based preparation does not pollute the environment and is washable.


Tones: The absence of the ocher tone is missed, since it is a widely used color.

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4. Crafts 4 ALL Acrylic paint 24 set for paper canvas wood

This Crafts 4 ALL acrylic paint for wood is a product for professional use, which you can apply with confidence on your nails, on canvas, glass, plastic, foam, among other surfaces. 

The kit is made up of 24 tubes of assorted colors, whose composition allows obtaining finishes full of brightness and intense colors. The body of the paint is dense and its texture is a little oily, which benefits the mixing of the paints with each other. In this way, you will not have problems to create new tones.

It is important to mention that these acrylic paints have a high level of adhesion and it is possible to wash the surface without fear of discoloration. In addition, the manufacturer did not incorporate toxic agents into the paints, so they are safe for children. Its drying is fast and three brushes have been included in the package so that you can use the product from the first day.

This is a high-end acrylic paint that provides a high-gloss, quality finish. Next, we present some of its positive and negative aspects.


Presentation: It is a set of 24 tubes of acrylic paint with assorted colors.

Safety: The product is completely safe to be handled by children or adults, since it does not have toxic agents.

Accessories: Three brushes of different thicknesses are included, so you can start painting from the first day.

Paint: The paint has a robust and greasy texture, which provides good coverage and ease of mixing.


Modifications: The speed of drying of the paint does not allow modifications to the strokes.

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acrylic paint for crafts

5. The Twiddlers 24 Colors Tube Acrylic Tempera Paint

If you’re in doubt about the best acrylic paint, consider purchasing this professional-quality, patented 24-tube set from The Twiddlers. It is a series of highly concentrated pigments that will give your creations a vibrant color and a special shine, suitable for use on paper, canvas, plastic, plaster, among other surfaces.

It is important to note that this paint has a robust and creamy body, which facilitates its application on the surface. In addition, thanks to this texture you will be able to better mix the pigments to create new shades that will enrich your color palette.

Another flattering aspect of this acrylic paint set for crafts is the fact that it incorporates three brushes, which will allow you to make strokes of different thicknesses. In the same way, you will have a paint palette, so it is a couple of accessories that will improve your user experience.

After reviewing the features of this product, deciding which acrylic paint to buy may be easier.


Use: The product is suitable for use on paper, plaster, plastic, among other materials.

Accessories: Your user experience will be favored thanks to the incorporation of three brushes and a paint palette. 

Paint: The creamy and robust body of the paints allows for a better application with each brush stroke.

Finishes: With this paint you will obtain a brilliant finish on any surface. 


Quantity: The colored tubes are small, so for large projects they may not be enough.

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acrylic paint for fabric

6. Artdeco Deco Art DAO1-9 Textile and Fabric Paint

Among the recommended products on our list is the Artdeco acrylic fabric paint, which has caught the attention of buyers due to the high quality standards involved in its manufacture. It is a certified product that complies with ASTM D4236 safety standards, so it does not pollute the environment or cause respiratory or skin conditions if accidentally ingested.

The presentation of this product is a 236-milliliter container, made of plastic and provided with an easy-open lid, which allows quick handling to extract the paint. 

Its use is aimed at students, professionals and artisans, and can be applied on surfaces of wood, plastic, foam, ceramics, canvas, among others. The product is available in up to 100 different shades that you can easily dilute, thanks to the fact that it is a paint with a water-based composition.

With this paint you will enjoy a multipurpose product that you can apply to any surface and whose characteristics are explained below.


Container: The container is made of plastic as well as its lid, which facilitates its handling. 

Usage: Because this is a high-end product, it can meet the usage needs of professionals, students and children.

Application: The product offers correct adhesion on wood, plastic, paper, canvas and other fabrics.

Composition: Its water-based manufacture allows it to be easily diluted and mixed with other shades.


Presentation: A set of at least six colors is missing, since each one is purchased separately and this increases the investment.

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American acrylic paint

7. Decoart Pack 6 Americana Dazzling Metallics Christmas 59 ML

DECOART presents us in this opportunity an American acrylic paint that you can use to carry out any type of craft. The body of the paint is fairly robust and was made on a water-based basis, so it is easily diluted and mixed. In addition, it provides good adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces such as fabric, glass, plaster, wood, among others.

The set incorporates a total of six plastic containers 10.2 centimeters high and 3.5 centimeters in diameter, which corresponds to a containment capacity of 59 milliliters of paint. The lid is easy to open and allows you to regulate the output of the product so you don’t waste it. 

As for the shades included, they are: pearly silver, crystal green, pearl white, old gold, festive red and ice blue. All of them with a metallic finish, good coverage level, fast drying and water resistance, so you can clean painted parts with confidence.

With this set of paints you will give a metallic touch to all your crafts, as well as a good coverage with a single pass. Next, we summarize the pros and cons of it.


Container: Each container is plastic and its easy-open lid allows you to dose the amount of product used.

Presentation: It is a set of six paints with varied colors to create different tones.

Application: You can apply the paint on various materials such as fabric, paper, wood, glass, among others.

Composition: Its water-based formulation allows the paint to be diluted quickly and does not pollute the environment.


Finish: If you want to give your crafts a solid finish, then this product might not be the one because it is metallic.

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white acrylic paint

8. Lefranc & Bourgeois Liquid Acrylic Paint 500ml

Painting is a method used to help children learn in a fun way, discovering a colorful world with a variety of textures and shapes. Thus, it is possible to stimulate their creativity from an early age. For this reason, Lefranc & Bourgeois has developed a water-based white acrylic paint for the smallest of the house, which is free of toxic agents that can cause allergies or irritations due to direct contact.

The container is made of plastic and contains 500 milliliters of acrylic paint. In addition, its lid is easy to open, the closure is safe to prevent spills and it incorporates a small mouth that serves to control the output of the product.

The paint has a fairly wide color palette and provides good coverage and adhesion on paper, textile, wood, glass, plastic surfaces, among others. In this sense, adults can also use it to carry out any type of DIY.

If you are looking for an acrylic paint for the little ones in the house, think about purchasing this product whose positive and negative characteristics are explained below.


Safe: It is an approved product to be used by children without fear of suffering any skin or respiratory condition.

Presentation: This paint is for sale in a profitable presentation of 500 milliliters.

Container: The container is plastic, has an easy-open lid and a secure closure that prevents spills.

Use: You can use this paint on paper, wood, glass, plastic and textile, among other surfaces.


Coverage: You may need to thicken the paint to get full coverage on the first pass.

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acrylic spray paint

9. Ambro-Sol V400PAST.4 Acrylic paint 400 ml

Ambro – Sol presents in this opportunity what could well be the best value for money acrylic paint and one of the cheapest in our selection of recommended products. It is an aerosol presentation of 400 milliliters of matte white paint, which you can easily apply on glass, cement, wood, ceramic and metal surfaces.

This acrylic spray paint will give you a shiny finish, which will allow you to renew your chairs, tables, cabinets and any other object in your home. The finish provided is satin and the coverage is quite extensive. In addition, the drying time of the paint layer is only 45 minutes.

It should also be mentioned that this is a product that requires some precautions because it is flammable, as well as it can cause irritation upon contact with the skin or eyes or if inhaled accidentally. In this sense, you will need to handle it using gloves, a mask and, preferably, be in a ventilated space.

Among the cheapest acrylic paints you will find this product from the house Ambro – Sol, whose use is highly recommended.


Application: The incorporated spray system facilitates the application, allowing greater uniformity in each layer.

Drying: After its application you will only have to wait 45 minutes for the paint to dry.

Usage: The product is suitable for painting tables, chairs, cabinets and any other type of structure made of metal, glass, plastic, wood, etc.

Coverage: The paint has a good level of coverage, so you will not need to go over the surface several times. 


Finish: This paint is only available with a satin finish, which can be a limitation if you prefer matte tones.

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Shopping guide

Acrylic paints offer great versatility, as they are used by artists, students or craft enthusiasts and even allow the little ones in the house to develop their creativity by making their first works of art. It is a product marketed by different brands and whose presentations offer the possibility of selecting one that suits our needs. Here is a guide to buying the best acrylic paint.


The presentation of the product is a topic of great importance that we cannot leave out of our comparison of acrylic paints, since this aspect determines the number of tubes and the color palette that we are acquiring.

When reviewing the proposals of the different brands on the market, we will find acrylic paint sets made up of 6 to 24 tubes with varied colors and finishes. In this sense, you have the possibility to choose the range that suits you best, as well as between the matte, metallic or satin finish. 

Similarly, there are presentations with up to 100 different tones to choose from, which offer more content. As you can see, the purchase alternatives are quite extensive, so you will only need time to review them and thus take with you the product that best suits your needs and budget. Also keep in mind that more colors means more mix options, if that’s your goal.


Accessories will always be considered a plus that allows us to improve the user experience with the product. In the same way, thanks to its incorporation we also save time and money, by not having to purchase them separately in a physical or virtual store.

Focused on these points of view, the main manufacturers of acrylic paints have decided to incorporate some tools into their products that will allow you to use the paints from day one. It is a small set of brushes that can have bristles of greater or lesser hardness and with a flat, long or short format. 

Similarly, there are those who attach a paint palette with an ergonomic design that enhances a correct one-handed grip and spacious compartments on its surface. Thus, you can deposit the paint with which you are going to work.

Other brands also give away a spatula or sponges to paint, which will help you develop different techniques in your strokes. Of course, all this can influence how much the product costs. However, in the long term, more than an expense, it will be an investment.

Type of container

It does not matter how good and cheap the purchased acrylic paint is if the container that contains it does not offer a good grip, a resistant body and a good closing method. It may seem unimportant to you, but these aspects, added to the packaging material, can make a difference in terms of product safety and even savings.

There are metallic paint tubes, which are more convenient to be used by adults, since in the hands of children they could be dangerous. Also, if we are not careful enough when pressing them to extract the product, we could unintentionally waste it. Likewise, you will find this same design in plastic, which allows better handling, as well as medium and large-sized containers that can be much more practical.

Regarding the lid, check if it can be opened easily and if, when closed, it fits tightly so that the paint does not leak in case of tipping over. If possible, select a product that incorporates a dispenser in its lid so that you can control the output of the paint.

Composition and use of acrylic paint

A particularity of acrylic paint is that it is made up of a water base, which is quite beneficial for its use and application. In this sense, we can mention that, thanks to this feature, it can be diluted more easily than other paints. To do this, just add a couple of drops of water. In addition, it allows you to modify the strokes more quickly, since you can moisten the brush and gradually dilute the intensity of the pigment without staining or damaging the surface, to give another stroke over that area.

On the other hand, we must mention that its water-based composition facilitates cleaning in case we stain our hands or clothing, as well as making it easier to clean brushes, palettes, sponges and other work utensils.

With regard to this type of acrylic paint, you will be interested to know that they offer very good coverage and adhesion on practically any metallic surface, glass, wood, plastic, plaster, textile, polystyrene sheets, foam and even on nails, to decorate them..

Ways to create your own acrylic painting

Creating your own acrylic paint at home is an entirely possible alternative to buying the jars or tubes at art stores. Its preparation can be part of a fun and convenient project in which, in addition to composing particular shades of colors, you will have more paint at a lower price.


The reasons to prefer acrylic paint when it comes to unleashing your creativity painting pictures or decorating beautiful crafts are very valid. For example, its plasticized material not only makes colors shine more vividly, but also allows easy impregnation on a variety of surfaces.

Being encouraged to create your painting does not have to mean a lower quality product. It is enough that you follow some relevant recommendations to try to achieve the maximum coverage and color retention in which the performance and effectiveness of acrylic paint lie.

using white glue

If there are children in your house, surely you already have all the necessary materials to stand out with the best acrylic paint made in your own home. For most children, forms of entertainment go beyond digital and fill their time spaces with moments of imagination through crafts.

These little artists and painters of the future do not lack tempera paint and white glue among their basic implements. That’s all you need for a DIY version of acrylic paint that’s so easy to prepare, it’s child’s play. The only trick to success is mixing really well.

It is only a question of combining tempera and white glue as a plasticizing element. The effective measure is ¼ white glue of the amount of tempera you want to prepare. Use a brush to mix non-stop until a homogeneous paint is achieved in which neither lumps nor traces of white glue are perceptible. 

Pigments as ingredients

Another way to achieve acrylic paint with effects that are not fake at all is by using dry paint pigment as a base. You can go to art stores and choose the pigment of the color you prefer and that will help you create the ideal paint to get into artistic practice.

Aside from this basic ingredient, you will need an acrylic medium, a flat tray or palette, and a spatula to help the pigment work into the mix. To select the medium or medium for acrylic, as it is also called, you must consider the special characteristic that you want to give to the paint.

Among the most used types of media are gels, which, in addition to giving the paint a fluid or creamy consistency, can give it a matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish. The so-called fluid medium or pouring gives it the perfect consistency to adhere to the surface with the splash technique. The textured medium gives your work an impressive 3D layer with a sand or pumice feel. 

Another one that is among the most popular is the retarder whose purpose is to lengthen the drying time of the paint, giving you more time to experiment with mixtures.

Once you have everything ready, pour a tablespoon of pigment onto the palette and add just two drops of water to start softening the pigment. With the spatula, mix until you don’t see lumps or lumps and that’s when you add two tablespoons of the acrylic medium. Continue mixing until you get the desired viscosity and voila.

How to use the paint

When you finish making your own acrylic paint, you are ready to use it and apply it in a variety of ways. For example, a brush can be an instrument capable of achieving different results either for the background or the details of the drawing.

If the brush is dry, you can achieve a strong stroke with uneven lines of color that reflect an interesting texture. For its part, a wet one is capable of creating the best watercolor or splash effect in your work. For details that sharpen detail, a small, fine brush will highlight technique.

On the other hand, achieving a fun texture like dabbing requires the use of the corner of a sponge and applying the paint with a palette knife or spatula will feel like decorating a cake. Regardless of the instrument chosen, remember that acrylic painting requires the painter to be fast in order not to dry, so it is something to develop as you explore your techniques to create art. 

Important Recommendations 

Doing everything as directed is essential to prevent the effort and emotion that went into creating your own acrylic painting from being wasted. Although the procedure can be described as simple, it is necessary to anticipate safety measures that prevent the triggering of any allergic process.

The first thing is to arrange all the materials in a ventilated place and do not allow pets, children or other people to be very close when mixing the powder or pouring the acrylic additive or medium. Not only do you have to protect yourself from chemical toxicity, but also from strong odors or dust. Therefore, the use of a respirator is highly recommended.

Another important tip is related to where to store the paintings you have created. Remember that this type of paint dries quickly, so the characteristics of the container are key. The most advisable thing is the use of tubes or small bottles that are made of glass and that cannot lack an airtight form of closure with lids that seal very well.

Due to the aforementioned property of fast drying, acrylic paint can be disastrous on your clothes or carpet. It’s not impossible for you to find a way to remove it, but it will take some effort. So it is best to use an apron for yourself and spread a cloth on the mat before starting your creation session.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use the acrylic paint?

To use your acrylic paint you will need some supplies such as a paint palette, spatula, brushes, sponge and a small container of water. Select the shades of paint you are going to use, take the palette and pour small amounts of those colors into its compartments. It is important that you leave at least a couple of free spaces on the palette so that you can mix paints, thicken or dilute the product. 

Then pour water into a container and moisten the brush. Thus, you can place its bristles on the paint to load them with the pigment and unload said color on the surface to be worked on. Depending on the technique you want to apply, you can replace the brush with a sponge or spatula. Remember to let the paint dry, especia

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