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Game for adults – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

Entertainment with your family and friends is essential to reduce stress a little. Therefore, it is a good idea to know the most outstanding adult games on the Internet. One of them is Asmodee Dobble, a board game with 55 cards through which you can test the speed of each player to identify the same symbols. In addition, another recommended game is Hasbro Gaming Cluedo, in which users will have to find the culprit of a murder, as well as answer questions such as what weapon he did it with and where.

The best adult games on the market

Nowadays there is a lot of variety of games for the entertainment of adults, so it may be difficult to decide to acquire a specific one. In this way, the most appropriate thing is that you review various models, such as the ones that we present below.

memory game for adults

Asmodee Dobble

It is one of the best adult games of 2022, because despite the fact that it comes in a fairly small metal case, it offers users several mini games, among which we can mention the infernal tower, all out or the pit. This is thanks to the fact that all the mini games are made with the same 55 cards that it brings.

It is a memory game, because you will have to use your brain at high speed to identify which are the similar images between the different cards. For example, if your card has a light bulb among its symbols and the other player’s also, it’s best if you discover it first. In this way you will be winning in the game and staying with the largest number of cards.

In addition, this memory game for adults offers flexibility, since you can add your ideas and create your own games.

Perhaps this is the best adult game of the moment, so we invite you to review its most important pros and cons.


Variety: It is not a simple game, but several in a single package, since with the same cards you can play the infernal tower, the hot potato, the poisoned gift, among others.

Ergonomics: It is very comfortable to store and transport, since this game comes in a small metal case.

Fun: With this memory game you will have to use your reflexes, observation skills and mental speed.

Symbols: Each card has 8 symbols and only one of them is identical to the other cards.


Material: It would be good if the cards were reinforced with plastic, since they are made of cardboard and this material may have a shorter useful life.

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Hasbro Gaming Simon

Finding out which is the best game for adults is not an easy thing, however, this product has some features that make it a good purchase option.

It is a memory game for adults in which several people can play, who must concentrate a lot to be able to record the colors in their minds according to the order in which they light up. Each player must try to make the highest possible score, that is, without making mistakes regarding the sequence of colors that the team emits.

The sequence of colors gets longer and longer. That’s when the suspense and adrenaline rise, so you won’t get bored playing with it. In other words, it is an electronic game, which emits sounds for each color, green, blue, yellow and red.

It should be noted that it can be played by people 8 years and older, so many families can have fun with this product.

According to some people, Hasbro Gaming is the best brand for adult games, so we recommend you check out one of their most prominent products, Simon.


Sound: Each color makes a sound, so your ear will also be trained when you play this classic game.

Multiplayer: This game can be used by one or more people, so that the entertainment is greater with your friends.

Suspense: If you do not make mistakes when repeating the sequences, you will level up, therefore, the suspense will increase and you must concentrate much more on each sound and color.


Instructions: The user manual does not explain how to turn the toy’s volume up, down, or completely off.

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Clue game for adults

Hasbro Gaming Cluedo

The best game for adults is not easy to choose, as there are many options, but this product may be the right one for you. It is a clue game for adults, which offers maximum fun to users. In addition, it is a game in which you will be like a detective, because there is a murderer and many suspects.

Also, this game offers various options and probabilities, but only one will be the correct answer. In addition to this, it should be noted that it can be played by 2 or 6 people.

Whoever wants to win in this game must find out who committed the crime and with what weapon. If you are playing with your friends and you think you already know the name of the murderer, do not hesitate to accuse him, you will have the most fun with your friends or family.

If you still don’t know which adult game to buy, it’s best to check out this product as it has several aspects that might catch your eye.


Investigation: In this game you will have to be a detective and investigate who the murderer is.

Characters: In this new presentation of Cluedo there is a change of character, since there is not Mrs White, but Dr Orchid.

Package: The product comes with the Cluedo mansion board, 1 notepad, 1 yellow envelope with information about the case, 6 character figures, 6 mini weapons and more accessories to complement the fun.


Cards: The cards deteriorate with the continuous use of this game, so that users can discover what they are.

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Devir Secret Code

It is a game in which there will be clues to discover who the murderer is. It is possible to play it with a maximum of 8 people, so you can share it with the whole family.

The clue is like the secret code, one player says a specific word and another must discover the card that is related to it. In addition, it is a team game, for example, if you say computer and the other player chooses the card that has the word keyboard, he will win a clue for his team.

It should be noted that this clue game for adults lasts 15 minutes, in which the two spy bosses will say key words that you must discover. This means that it is a game in which you will develop your ability and mental speed.

In addition to this, the game includes an hourglass that will be useful for those people who take a long time to choose the clues.

To get to know this game a little, we recommend reviewing its pros and cons, which we present below.


Team: It is a game that has 2 spy bosses, but each of them will have their team that will help them discover the clues.

Keys: The keywords or secret codes are the most important elements in this game. From them you must discover where the agents of your team are.

Clock: Although not used by everyone, there are some players that will take time to respond. In that case you can place the hourglass on them and, if time runs out, they will lose their turn.


Instructions: According to some buyers, the instructions are not very clear, so you should review them carefully to understand them.

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board game for adults

Devir Catan

It is a board game for adults through which you will have to colonize, trade and build on the Island of Catan. All this with the help of dice, cards and mini figures.

In addition to this, we mention that the package includes the board, which you can assemble to your liking, since it is like a puzzle, so it will always be different, so that it does not become monotonous. This means that the desert, the mountains, the hill, etc., will change places as you mount the board.

The small pieces are roads, towns and cities, in addition to the mini figure of the thief. Where the latter is, he steals cards or points from his rivals. In addition, it should be noted that the game can be used by 3 or 4 people, so that the entertainment will be greater. At the end, whoever gets 10 victory points first will be the winner. 

Many users who have used this game recommend it, so it is worth reviewing its most important positive and negative characteristics.


Duration: It has a duration of 75 minutes, so that the games are quite long, so you can have much more fun with your friends.

Strategy: It is a strategy game, in which you will have to pay close attention and be lucky when throwing the dice.

Business: In this game you can test your ability to negotiate and get victory points faster than your rivals.


Participants: If you do not purchase the extension, only a maximum of 4 people can play.

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f**k the game

It is the best board game for adults according to some buyers, since it is based on different words and colors, demanding the total concentration of the participants. That is, in the game people will experience the Stroop effect, which confuses and delays the brain’s response. In this way, users will not stop having fun with their friends. They can even drink while playing, so the challenge of concentrating and responding quickly becomes more difficult. This is because alcohol could decrease the efficiency and speed of the brain to give the answers.

As if that were not enough, it should be noted that being an adult game includes swear words that for many people are taboos. However, at no time are these swear words to offend players against each other, but rather to entertain users. In addition to this, we mention that you can change the rules, so that you will enjoy an entertaining game adjusted to your preferences.

Before purchasing a game for adults, we recommend reviewing the characteristics of this product, as it could be the one you are looking for.


Swear words: The game uses swear words, so that users can break paradigms and taboos while having fun in a group.

Letters: They come in different bright colors, as well as the texts, so that you get confused when saying the correct word.

Level: The level of difficulty can be adjusted to your liking, as the rules are quite flexible.


Box: The box is made of cardboard and may not be the right material to transport this board game anywhere.

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Sensory game for adults

Femarvi 100% Play Couples

This could be the best value for money adult game at the moment, since it is one of the cheapest and offers fun in the privacy of the couple. In the package comes a blindfold, which you can use when you use the chocolate cards. These have sensual challenges that couples must do to get to know themselves before making love.

In other words, with this game of the senses for adults, people will experience a different, fun and pleasurable sex life, leaving the monotony behind.

In addition to this, the product comes with cards called Picante, which include more intense sensual challenges. Also, once the cards are finished, you can make love with your partner.

It is one of the cheapest adult games, but this does not mean that it is boring for couples, who can have a lot of fun with it. Therefore, review its most important aspects in the next section.


Cards: Bring 24 chocolate and 24 spicy cards, which will be part of the preliminary games in pairs.

Blindfold: The package includes a blindfold to cover your partner’s eyes and make the game more exciting.

Rule: This game is based on a simple rule, the first to reach orgasm will be the loser.


Simplicity: For some people the game has been simple and boring, however, most buyers are satisfied with their purchase.

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Password game for adults

Giochi Preziosi Pasapalabra

This game is one of the most suitable to test your knowledge on any topic in general. This is the outstanding Pasapalabra game broadcast by the Telecinco television channel in Spain.

This time we are talking about an entertaining game that comes in a box with a DVD and a practical board. Christian Gálvez will be the presenter of the game and he will ask you the questions with the letters related to the correct answers. Like the television program, you must respond well until you complete El Rosco.

It is a game of Pasapalabra for adults in which 2 or more people can play at the same time. Plus, it’s recommended for ages 8 and up, which means you might be able to play it with the whole family.

It may be the game you need to make your brain demand quick responses, so we recommend you review its most important features.


Words: This game has different words that you will have to discover, having a single letter as a clue.

Video: Apart from the board, the package includes a practical DVD Game, through which you can guide yourself to play.

Objective: The goal is to complete El Rosco, just like in the TV show.


Novelty: It is missing that there is something new in this board game, since it is simply the classic version of Pasapalabra.

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chemistry game for adults

Yuewo Distillation

This is a chemistry set for adults that includes the complete equipment with cooling tube and separating funnel. In addition, it is made of glass, but it comes with a padded case to store all the components. Thanks to this chemistry game you will be able to distill water, as well as purify it.

On the other hand, if you want to distill essential oils, you can also do it with this product. We also mentioned that it can be purchased in different sizes, for example, to distill 1 Liter, 500 ml or 250 ml of liquid, so that you can do your chemistry projects more comfortably.

This game can be used in chemistry labs to practice fractional distillation, synthesis, purification, and separation, so that you learn the processes correctly and improve your projects. In addition to this, we mention that the glass containers have been created by hand-blowing technique and later polished to brilliant finishes.  

It is a game that offers several outstanding features so that users can carry out chemistry projects and tests in the laboratory.


Efficiency: It works to separate mixtures of various types of liquids, as well as for water purification and distillation.

Quantity: This product comes in different sizes, for example, 1 Liter, 500 ml or 250 ml, which is enough for various chemistry tasks in laboratories.

Boiling: For pure compounds it will be very useful, since it assesses its boiling point.


Fragility: It is a fairly fragile product, since it is made of glass, so you must be very careful when using it.

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Guide to buying adult games 

There are many types of adult games, so sometimes it is difficult to choose one in particular, but if you go through this guide to buy the best adult game, chances are you can get a product that is right for you.

Shopping guide


When making a comparison of games for adults, it is best to review the types of games that are on the market today, for example, there are memory games. These require the user to use their memory so as not to forget specific images, colors or words.

Generally, memory games come with different cards, others come with dice. Likewise, there are some that are made with lights and sounds, to memorize each element and win the games.

In another order of ideas, there are the strategy games, through which people will have to use their intelligence, planning abilities, technical skills and cunning to obtain victory. Most of these games come with a board and users will have to create an optimal civilization to beat their rivals.

In addition to this, we can mention the clue games, which offer certain data to users through which they will have to discover names, places or culprits of murders. At this point detective games come in, so you will have to solve cases through some clues.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the types of games explained here are mainly board games, as they are made up of cards, dice, hourglasses, boards, etc. However, there are games that include other things, for example, those for couples, since they can bring extra accessories that stimulate the sexual area of ​​people.

game modes

Before asking yourself how much a certain product of this type costs, it is best that you know the game modes it offers, since the level of satisfaction you obtain when acquiring it will depend on it.

There are some adult board games where people are looking for a single win. This means that in these games all the participants are rivals to each other, regardless of the number of players.

On the other hand, there are games that offer the possibility of forming teams, thus providing entertainment, rivalry and companionship at the same time. This is a good option for people who want to play with the help of one or more friends and celebrate victories with them.

Number of players

You may be able to find a cheap game online that is for 2 players, although, due to the great variety, you may be able to acquire a cheap one that works for more people. 

However, the number of players should be adjusted to your needs. If you want one of these products for large groups of friends, it is best to buy a game with 6 or more participants. On the other hand, if you are only going to play with your partner, we recommend you purchase a product for 2 players.

Also, it should be noted that some games are more fun when many people participate, so you should review their characteristics before making the purchase choice, since many manufacturers place this information in the product description. 


If the game does not have predetermined rules, it may be more difficult to enjoy it. Therefore, most board games have rules that you must follow correctly to have the most fun.

However, check that the rules are adjusted to your level. That is, if you are a beginner in board games for adults, start with one that has simple rules. On the other hand, if you already have a lot of experience playing, the most suitable thing for you is to choose a game with many rules and these, in turn, are complex. We say all this because there are people who buy board games that bore them, because they are very easy for their level.

On the other hand, some board games come with flexible rules, which means they can be mixed or changed. There are even such products that offer the possibility of creating your own game rules. The latter are also a lot of fun, because they allow users to create a list of authentic rules. This way you can adjust the rules to your level of experience at the moment, without having to buy more complex games.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an adult game?

The first thing you should do is read the user manual and understand each of the instructions, in this way you can enjoy the game. In addition, you must focus your attention completely on the game, as it may be complex and require a lot of concentration.

On the other hand, we recommend that you store the game accessories well in a hard case or case so that you can transport them anywhere. In the case of letters, it is a good idea to laminate them, so that their durability is greater, since many of them are made of cardboard, a material that is not very resistant.

Q2: How to organize an adult scavenger hunt?

First of all there must be a host, who is in charge of organizing everything. This same person has to know the game before explaining the rules to the other players.

On the other hand, it is important to know that the host does not necessarily participate in the game. In addition to this, we mentioned that in a detective game, the game director must be very creative to give the clues, creating suspense. Of course, this will depend on the game, for example, there are some in which each participant will have to investigate the names of people, so that he finds the murderer of the story before the others.

In addition to this, most detective games bring cards with some clues, so everything will depend on the intelligence or cunning of the player. If you are going to enjoy such a game with your friends, try to find the culprit first, so that you get the victory of the game. Of course, this is just an example, because there are also memory games, strategies, for the couple and many more; that is, each of them is organized differently. 

Q3: What is the best selling adult board game?

Although it is a bit difficult to decide which one to buy, the Asmodee Dobble game could be a good option. In addition, on the Internet it is one of the best sellers.

It is a card game that comes in a small metal case, so you can take it anywhere and play with your friends. It also comes with a user manual that explains how to enjoy various mini games, for example, the infernal tower, which is based on making a tower with the cards that have images in common.

On the other hand, it is a memory game, so you will have to use your brain and observation skills a lot. In short, if you are not quick to identify the similar images between the cards, you will lose the game.

Q4: How to make a memory game for adults?

You can make a memory game with ease. Simply make 20 cards with different symbols or images on each one. Then make 20 more cards with the same images, but this time you draw them mixed up. That is, if on one card or card you drew a clock at the top, on the other you put it at the bottom.

This way you will make an excellent game in which the rules will be set by yourself or by your friends. This step is necessary because if there are not a few rules, the game will be pointless or monotonous.

Q5: What is the difference between an adult game and its version for children?

These games are differentiated by the degree of difficulty, for example, the children’s game has a simple level of demand and is adapted to the age of your children. In contrast, the game of adults is more complex.

That is, if it is a memory game for children, each card may have 1 image, but when it is for adults they have several, even more than 4. In addition, memory games for adults may include sexual content or other things that are not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

» Review information from previous years

10 juegos para adultos para divertirte con tus amigos

El día a día…

El día a día de muchas personas puede ser bastante ajetreado, ya sea por sus obligaciones laborales, estudiantiles o de cualquier otra índole. Esto ocasiona que sean pocos los momentos de ocio en los que es posible divertirse. No obstante, cuando a una persona se le priva de entretenimiento, socialización y diversión, puede tener efectos negativos en la salud, tanto mental como física, razón por la que es muy importante siempre procurar encontrar el tiempo necesario para relajarse de la forma que se prefiera.

Beneficios de los juegos de mesa

Se ha comprobado que los juegos de mesa pueden aportar muchas ventajas en diferentes aspectos como, por ejemplo, ayudan a las personas a socializar entre sí, al mismo tiempo que compiten y se divierten de manera sana.

Uno de los aspectos positivos del mercado de los juegos es que las opciones son muy amplias y puedes encontrar alternativas para satisfacer prácticamente cualquier gusto, pero, los de mesa en particular son fáciles de utilizar, se pueden jugar cómodamente en casa y ni siquiera tendrás que levantarte del sofá.

Además de esto, dependiendo del tipo de juego podrás estimular áreas de tu cerebro y personalidad, ya sea que el modo requiera habilidades en estrategia, mímica, dibujo, análisis, entre otros. Asimismo, se ha visto comprobado que muchos juegos de mesa también ayudan a mejorar el movimiento motriz, la memoria y más.

10 juegos de mesa que podrían interesarte:

Si te ha interesado adquirir uno de los mejores juegos de mesa del 2022, a continuación, podrás encontrar algunas opciones populares entre los compradores:

1. Exploding Kittens NSFW Edition

Exploding Kittens es un juego de naipes donde pueden participar de dos a cinco jugadores por partida, o incluso llegar a las nueve personas si se combina un mazo extra. Cada mazo está compuesto por 56 naipes de 6,35 x 8,9 centímetros y están ilustrados de forma caricaturesca para representar a los personajes del juego, así como también las herramientas o ítems para la partida.

El objetivo del juego es evitar que te toque el naipe del gatito explosivo, protegiéndote con los naipes de tu mano y causando “daño” a otros jugadores para así ser el último con “vida” y salir victorioso.

2. Cards Against Humanity

Puede que Cards Against Humanity sea uno de los juegos para adultos más conocidos. Se basa en un mazo de 600 naipes, donde 500 son de color negro e incluyen una frase que deberá ser completada con alguna de las escritas en los 100 naipes de color blanco restantes.

La diversión del juego se basa en la creatividad de cada participante para elaborar las frases más retorcidas e incoherentes en el juego y así ir sumando puntos para ganar. Está recomendado para mayores de 17 años debido al contenido explícito de algunas tarjetas.

3. F**ck The Game

F** The Game podría ser una muy buena opción en juegos de mesa para aquellos que disfrutan del humor negro y los insultos, ya que consta de un mazo con naipes de diferentes colores, para que cada uno pueda elaborar el insulto más creativo, hiriente o degradante que se les pueda ocurrir.

Si no son demasiado sensibles, las carcajadas en cada sesión de juego prácticamente podrían estar aseguradas. Te recomendamos considerarlo entre tus opciones de juegos.

4. Diplomacy

Si eres un aficionado a los juegos de estrategia, probablemente te interese Diplomacy. Se trata de un juego de mesa en el que la conquista de territorios decidirá quién será el vencedor. Para ello, se jugará por turnos negociando con los otros j

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