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Airbrush – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Expressing our artistic side can result in the most beautiful works of art. However, the first thing you should do is define what type of artistic expression you are most passionate about, in order to choose tools that help you develop your skills. In the case of painting, airbrushes are very important, since they allow you to make precise and very fine lines on any surface. But these devices are not only artistic, but can have multiple uses in the home; therefore, it is important to know its fundamental characteristics. Among so much variety, we have models such as the Timbertech ABPST05, which includes an alternative piston compressor and a gun that controls the output through the trigger that it incorporates. Another option to consider is theGohelper Mini Kit, a versatile airbrush that has multiple accessories to achieve optimal finishes. In addition, it gives you automatic shutdown and a body made of high-quality materials.

Buying Guide – What is the best airbrush on the market?

An airbrush is a fundamental piece for those artists who want to obtain a different finish in their paintings, especially for those who want to paint on unconventional surfaces such as cars, bodies, cakes and even t-shirts. Based on this premise, we have prepared the following guide for you to buy the best airbrush, with the aim of capturing your ideas and thoughts on any canvas.


If you are doing an airbrush comparison, you should consider what you will use it for, because this decision will play a fundamental role in the type of airbrush you will need.

If you want to achieve a high degree of detail, you will need a highly maneuverable and comfortable piece of equipment; then the most convenient thing is that you lean towards a gravity airbrush, which has the bucket welded to the body, located above the mouth of the airbrush, which allows the paint to descend by gravity to be projected.

Likewise, these models can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people, since they are quite ergonomic and, being designed for detail painting, they usually come with fine nozzle or needle pitches of 0.2 mm to 0.5 mm. mm and smaller deposits, which are around 9 ml.

On the other hand, we find vacuum or suction airbrushes, which have the bucket in the lower part of the body and are ideal for larger jobs, such as color degradation.

Finally, these models usually have larger tanks, even containing up to 112 ml of paint, while the nozzles are generally larger, between 0.35 mm and 1.0 mm.


As we have already pointed out, the first thing you must define is what type of finishes you want to carry out, whether they are details or fillers; In this way, you will not only be able to choose the type of airbrush, but also the nozzles or needles that you need according to your particular needs, so that you can make good use of the paint and obtain the strokes that you want.

Ideally, you should have a set of nozzles and needles that allow you to perform both tasks. Usually a set of 0.2mm to 0.5mm is very good to get you started in airbrushing. Also, if you are looking for a cheap airbrush, then you can opt for one that has few nozzles, but differs from each other in terms of paint flow capacity and the stroke they allow.

Now, if you already master the technique and you are not too concerned about the cost, then you can count on a fine set for details and a medium set to cover large surfaces.

But you must be attentive to the treatment you give these nozzles, since they are quite fragile, so it is recommended that you have a reserve or, better yet, if your kit already includes it, you will avoid being left in the middle of a job due to that you have dropped the airbrush and the nozzle has been damaged or twisted.

Finally, make sure that the model you choose has enough spare parts, since these parts are usually replaced with some frequency.

Tank or bucket

Another factor to consider is the deposit. Its location will be defined when you choose the type of airbrush you want to use according to your needs.

However, a factor just as important as the location is its size, since this will determine how much autonomy you will have to work between refills of paint. A tank with greater capacity will allow you greater continuity at work without losing concentration.

A small tank will be lighter, allowing the user greater movement capacity, while a larger tank will allow more autonomy, but at the same time it will be a little heavier.


Finally, there is the compressor, a device responsible for sending pressurized air thanks to which the paint is sprayed and shot out of the airbrush. This factor plays a fundamental role, not only in the operation, but also in how much an airbrush costs, since the price is usually higher than those that do not have it.

Of course, remember that without it, the airbrush will not work, so if you do not have it, it is convenient that you acquire one that includes it, since it will have been designed to obtain the best benefits of your airbrush.

The 5 Best Airbrushes – Opinions 2022

When you are looking for an airbrush that meets your expectations and adapts to certain artistic requirements, you should consider its most significant characteristics, which will allow you to determine which is the best choice.

In this sense, it is good to analyze the type of airbrush, its nozzle, the tank and the compressor, to determine the utilities they offer, their advantages and disadvantages. Next, we show you a list of the best airbrushes of 2022, so you can choose the one that gives you the greatest capacity for artistic development.

1. Timbertech ABPST05 Compressor Airbrush

Main advantage:

The quality that stands out the most in this model is its excellent value for money. For an affordable cost, compared to other similar products on the market, you will have an airbrush that offers you great features, high performance and durability.

Main disadvantage:

Some users miss the instructions in Spanish. However, you will be able to access the manufacturer’s website and download the manual.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is a very useful product when it comes to creating art, with minute details and finishes. Many users recommend it for its functional design and competitive cost.

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Airbrushes are tools used to paint by projecting the paint through compressed air, which allows it to come out as if it were a spray. The great advantage of these devices is that they allow you to easily create gradient tones with incredible visual effects, which would be difficult with a brush. Today we present the Timbertech ABPST05, an airbrush that delivers what it promises and can be used by anyone who is passionate about painting, regardless of whether they are an expert or a beginner.

With this device you can paint practically any surface. You just need to have the right paint for the material in question. In this sense, you can use it for all types of paper, plastic, canvas, glass, metal, leather, wood and skin. In addition, it is ideal for use in the field of confectionery to decorate cakes and in the world of cosmetics. Likewise, it is very useful for tattoo professionals and modeling enthusiasts.


This model works with a high quality reciprocating compressor, equipped with a 1.5 hp motor, capable of generating up to 1450 rpm and an estimated air output between 20 to 23 liters per minute, which ensures high performance. It also has an automatic on and off function. Likewise, the maximum amount of pressure generated can reach 4 bars, in order to provide efficiency in any job you decide to do.

It has a double action gun, which allows both the air outlet and the paint outlet to the tip of the airbrush. In this sense, the air, passing through the interior of the device, drags the paint, creating the “spray” effect of fine particles that end up on the material being worked on. To do this, you just have to press the trigger down to release the air and pull it back to control the amount of paint.

design and accessories

It is an airbrush considered by many as one of the favorites of people with great artistic qualities, given the features it offers. It is a device made of resistant and durable materials and is designed with the purpose of providing clean finishes and professional quality work. It is also silent, since the maximum noise it generates only reaches 47 dB.

Its compact body allows you to store it anywhere without taking up much space and its weight of 3.6 kg allows you to move it easily. It has a cable with a length of 1.8 m and its assembly is simple with intuitive handling.

You will receive, in addition to the airbrush, a case of rigid material, containing a set of 11 pieces; also, a compressor with air tank, filter, pressure gauge and pressure regulator. Also, it includes an instruction manual in several languages.

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2. Gohelper Mini Kit Airbrush Compressor Model Professional Airbrush

If what you are looking for is a versatile tool with which you can carry out a large number of projects, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional; This Gohelper airbrush could be the most suitable to unleash your creativity and achieve the best finishes in each of your creations.

It is an airbrush gun that integrates a double action Airbursh, so you can easily control, just by moving your fingers, the amount of paint and the air flow you want to release. In addition to this, it is a tool that offers optimal performance, since it has a maximum pressure of up to 10 liters per minute.

Additionally, it has an automatic shutdown when it is not in use, which favors the useful life of the compressor. Another of its relevant characteristics is that it is capable of spraying a wide variety of dotted effects, depending on the work to be done, from fine to thick textures.

It is an effective, versatile and high-quality artistic tool that could meet your expectations. For more information, we present below some of its most outstanding aspects.


Accessories: You will receive several useful accessories, including 3 needles and nozzles of different thicknesses, so you can get the most out of this versatile tool.

Compressor: It has a powerful compressor that offers you an output of up to 10 liters per minute, so that you can work on large projects.

Automatic shutdown: It has an automatic shutdown that inactivates the compressor when the airbrush is not in use and once it is activated, it restarts to continue with the work.

Uses: Thanks to its high quality, you will be able to carry out multiple works of art and decoration, such as makeup, pastries, body painting, tattoos, nails, modeling, among others.


Paints: It is advisable to choose high quality paints, so that the functionality of the airbrush is not compromised.

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3. Besta Abestair Double Action Airbrush Compressor Set

This model is quite interesting, because it has a fairly compact and lightweight portable compressor that will allow you to take it everywhere with total comfort, which is connected to the power outlet through a European-type plug and allows you to adjust the pressure of work.

Also, this airbrush has an adjustment screw to set the spray volume. It also has a 1.8m pipe that fits very well and gives you a lot of freedom of movement when working. This airbrush places its 7ml bucket above the nozzle, so it works by gravity.

The nozzle can go from 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm, ideal to be used in works that require a high level of detail and delicacy.

When you don’t know which airbrush to buy, it’s totally normal to be insecure and doubt the qualities of a certain piece of equipment. To help you in your choice, we have summarized the characteristics of this model so that you can easily evaluate it.


Compressor: It has a lightweight and portable compressor to make it very easy for you to move it wherever you want. In addition, it allows you to adjust the pressure during use.

Volume: It incorporates an adjustment screw indicated to set the spray volume appropriately to work quietly.

Equipment: It has a 1.8 meter pipe, which facilitates freedom of movement. In addition, the nozzle can be adjusted from 0.2 mm to 0.4 mm, to give a better finish to any work in progress.


Functionality: To avoid paint jams, it is recommended to clean it frequently. Especially when changing paints or after a lot of use.

Plug: The compressor incorporates an English-type plug, so you must purchase an adapter.

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4. Royalmax 130K 7 cm3 Airbrush

In this case, we find another gravity-fed airbrush, that is, it has a bucket located above the nozzle, which has a capacity of up to 7 ml of paint.

In addition, it can accommodate 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm nozzles and needles, making it ideal for those artists who seek perfection of detail down to the smallest stroke.

On the other hand, there is the 1.8 m long hose, so you have enough freedom of movement while working.

In addition, the airbrush gun has a double action, so it allows you to control both the amount of air and the amount of paint that comes out of it. This kit is quite simple and inexpensive.

Being recommended for people who are starting to use airbrushes, this is one of the cheapest painting equipment that can be found, both in this comparison and in the general market. So that you can appreciate its functions, we will specify them here.


Fluidity: It is a device that allows the fluidity of the work to be maintained, since the 7 ml capacity bucket is located above the nozzle, being propelled by gravity.

Mobility: Favoring work, this model has a 1.8-meter hose, convenient to move freely, without affecting the finish.

Regulation: It allows to regulate the air and paint output in a very simple way.


Manual: It does not have a manual translated into Spanish, so the process of disassembling the parts can be a bit complex.

Trigger: During use, the trigger spring may not have enough force, so it must be pushed up to close the valve.

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5. Silverline 380158 Craft Airbrush

This could be the best price-quality airbrush at the moment, since it is one of the cheapest models, fed by vacuum or suction, which has a bucket located in the lower part of the gun, so its capacity is greater, containing up to 15 ml of paint.

On the other hand, its adjustable nozzle makes it ideal for painting large surfaces and, as it has two different buckets, you can make color changes quickly, without having to stop to clean the bucket each time.

Finally, it has a 1.6m air hose, which is not one of the longest, but it does allow you to move easily. Similarly, this model is not designed to achieve fine details, but for crafts with thick lines.

Users claim that this is the best airbrush for 10 euros and despite its low price, it seems to be of good quality. We include it in this comparison and we present its characteristics, so you can analyze if it is the right one for you.


Capacity: It has a bucket located in the lower part of the nozzle, which allows you to have a greater paint storage capacity of up to 15 ml.

Ease: Its use is designed for two colors, so it has two separate buckets, making it a versatile airbrush.

Price: With a very low market price, it is a highly recommended option if you want to have an airbrush for thick strokes without spending too much.


Instructions: Its user manual can be a bit confusing and seems to be from another model, according to some users, since it indicates the use of parts that this device does not incorporate.

Tank: When placing the lower tank, care must be taken that it fits correctly and adjust it well to avoid accidents.

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Timbertech ABPST05 Airbrush with compressor

This model could be the best airbrush of the moment, since it is a kit that includes a compressor of approximately 1.5 hp of power that allows a pressure of 43 psi to be obtained. In addition, the gun is double action, so the application of air and paint are controlled independently.

On the other hand, its bucket or tank is located above the nozzle, making it a very convenient and easy-to-use gravity airbrush, allowing very detailed finishes to be obtained. Also, its nozzle measures 0.35 mm in diameter.

This is a very complete kit, with various accessories and a very quiet compressor, which produces just 47 dB. It is a good option to start in the world of airbrushing.

When it comes to airbrushes, users indicate that this model is the best airbrush of the moment, due to its comfortable use and sophisticated finishes. Next, we will name some of its characteristics.


Compressor: In order to perform an impeccable job, this model has a compressor of approximately 1.5 Hp, which allows it to maintain a pressure of 43 Psi.

Gun: Its double action design makes it easy for the application of air and paint to be controlled independently.

Reservoir: It is located above the nozzle, allowing it to be used by the effect of gravity, which makes it a very convenient and easy-to-use airbrush.

Nozzle: The nozzle measures 0.35mm in diameter, so it is suitable for very fine detail and fine finishes.


Instructions: The instruction manual does not contain a translation into Spanish, which is a clear disadvantage to learn in detail the operation of the equipment.

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How to use an airbrush

Painting is one of the most popular activities related to the concept of art, since it allows a person to express their ideas and feelings through painting, either on a canvas or in body form. If you are a lover of painting, especially of the airbrush technique, you will like to know the necessary advice that you must apply, to correctly use a work tool such as the airbrush.

Check that you have the necessary materials

To use an airbrush, you not only need to activate your creativity, but you also need to have certain tools and utensils to get the results you expect. You will need a container of water to remove excess ink, different colored paints as needed, a sharp cutter or blade, and clean cloths.

Choose a flat surface

If you’re a novice painter, it’s a good idea to start with practice on surfaces like scrap canvas or laminated cardboard. Place the surface on a support space, which will support the material during painting such as an easel or table.

Make a sketch of the drawing

The success of a good painting using an airbrush lies in the technique and accuracy when doing it. To do this, you can use manual templates, which will tell you the exact point where the pieces of the painting come together and which will help you clarify which shades and colors you want to use.

Fill the tank of the device

Fill the airbrush reservoir with the paint you want to apply. Pour the content up to the indicated mark and close it hermetically, to prevent it from spilling during execution. To change the paint, simply remove the previous liquid from the tank with a little water and add the new color to be used. You can even combine different shades, for more original finishes.

Paint one area at a time

If you want your painting to look flawless, it’s important to start by painting just a section of the drawing that you can focus on and do fine finishing. Take the airbrush in your dominant hand, placing your fingers on the tip, and start spraying paint, following the pattern of the sketch.

Cover the rest of the drawing

When you have determined the first area where you will start painting, use a masking liquid to protect the rest of the piece. You can help yourself with a knife or tape to delimit the ends of each part of the sketch. Then, continue painting with the airbrush, making smooth and precise movements.

Clean the device when finished

Finally, remove the paint container and wash it with a little water and detergent. Then, use a damp cloth to remove any remaining paint, which adhered to the surface and handle of the airbrush during the process. To make it shine, use a little alcohol.

Make touch-ups if necessary

After several weeks of painting with your airbrush, the paint may tend to reduce its intensity, so you will have to retouch the drawing, using the same shades of paint. Follow the steps above and tweak the colors on the canvas.

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Estos productos solían encontrarse entre los más recomendados, pero ahora ya no están disponibles

Gocheer Kit de Pistola Aerografo Doble Acción

Se trata de un aerógrafo profesional, que funciona con la gravedad, ya que posee la cubeta ubicada por encima de su boquilla, la cual permite utilizar hasta tres clases de inyectores, desde 0,2 mm a 0,5 mm, por lo que es ideal para lograr trazos finos y detallados.

Este modelo podría responder la pregunta sobre cuál es el mejor aerógrafo, en particular porque posee un disparador de doble acción, con una tuerca trasera ajustable que permite controlar con exactitud la cantidad de aire y pintura que se libera.

Finalmente, si bien este kit no incluye compresor, es bastante completo, contando con dos agujas, dos boquillas, una manguera, varios accesorios y herramientas, artículos para la limpieza y un estuche para almacenaje.

Muchos usuarios que ya tienen experiencia en el uso de estos equipos comentan que Gocheer podría ser la mejor marca de aerógrafos presentes en el mercado actualmente. Por esta razón, te presentamos los pros y contras de este modelo.


Inyectores: Este equipo es adecuado para utilizarlo con distintos tipos de boquillas, desde tamaños de 0,2 mm hasta 0,5 mm, logrando trazos finos y gruesos con el mismo aerógrafo.

Ajuste: Para controlar de manera más efectiva la cantidad de aire y pintura que se libera, cuenta con una tuerca trasera fácil de manejar.

Accesorios: Entre sus accesorios incorpora herramientas, artículos de limpieza y un estuche para guardarlo. Además, posee dos agujas, dos boquillas y una manguera.


Compresor: Este modelo no incluye compresor, lo que puede representar un problema para los usuarios que nunca han usado uno de estos equipos.

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