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Pellet gun – Opinions, Analysis and Comparison in 2022

To learn to shoot for recreation or sport, it is necessary to have a pellet gun that works from compressed air. The popularization of these legal weapons (but with certain regulations), has led to many brands presenting models on the market. However, within the alternatives that are available, there are two that stand out for having a quality construction. In the first place we find the Outletdelocio PR-776, a revolver replica that is made with a metal body and has a capacity for eight pellets, with standard 4.5 mm pellets. Next, we find the DAISY 415 model, a powerful replica that is made of black ABS plastic and with a capacity for 4.5 mm steel pellets.

The best pellet guns on the market

Pellet guns are weapons that work with air pressure, with different powers and are usually used for recreational or professional shooting practice. Many brands incorporate models into the market, making the choice a complex task. However, few have the backing of buyers. Below we will review the best pellet guns on the market, according to the consideration of the user community.

metal pellet gun

Outletdelocio PR-776 

For those looking for the best pellet gun on the market, they cannot ignore this option that stands out for its quality. It is a metal pellet gun, with a six-inch-long fluted steel barrel and a weight of almost a kilo, which makes it easy to handle. Its design is a revolver replica and it works with three joules of power. 

On the other hand, its magazine has a capacity for eight 4.5 mm pellets and includes a second unit. The drive of each 12 gram C02 gas cylinder for air pressure is about 60 shots. 

In addition, it has an adjustable rear sight and a fixed front sight that includes a reflective dot. Additionally, this pistol includes a cylinder holster and a loop to hang it on the belt, as well as a box of 250 cup pellets and five CO2 bottles.

Thanks to its various properties, this model is considered the best pellet gun of the moment. Know its pros and cons.


Design: It has a design that looks like a replica of a revolver, with a magazine and a handle.

Construction: It is made with a black metal body and fluted barrel made of steel.

Accessories: In addition to the revolver, it includes a box of 250 pellets and five CO2 bottles, as well as a holster.

Power: Its charger has a capacity for eight 4.5 mm pellets and works with a power of 3 joules.


Handle: It is considered that unlike the rest of the body, the handle can be fragile.

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RD Compact Red Alert

With a power of 3.5 joules, this model from the manufacturer RD Compact is commonly recognized among the best pellet guns of 2022 for having adequate operation, with high performance for shooting. 

This alternative is suitable for beginners in the compressed air modality, because it includes all the basic elements, through a kit that incorporates the pistol, a padded briefcase inside, steel balls, eye protection glasses and capsules of CO2. 

It is a metal pellet gun with a weight of 730 grams, so its structure is resistant and it is available in black, with white details. Being a replica of a semi-automatic, it fires without having to reload between shots, with a speed of 131m/s, as well as a magazine capacity of 20 units. It works with 4.5 mm steel balls and 12 gram CO2 cylinders. 

There are many manufacturers available and RD Compact is considered the best brand of pellet guns by many. Here details about your model.


Operation: This semi automatic pistol replica works with a power of 3.5 joules.

Shots: Does not require reloading between shots. In fact, its magazine has a capacity for 20 pellets. 

Kit: Includes the gun, a padded interior case, steel balls, CO2 capsules and protective goggles.  

Construction: It has a robust construction, with a metal body and shoots 4.5mm metal pellets.


Deviation: After a few uses, shooters may find that there is some margin of deviation.

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Plastic pellet gun 

DAISY 415 

This semi-automatic weapon with an initial muzzle velocity of up to 152m/s is the recommended option for those who are wondering which is the best pellet gun. The manufacturer Daisy has equipped this 4.5 caliber model with quality attributes. 

It is a plastic pellet gun, with a body made of black ABS plastic, weighing approximately one kilo, making it easy to control and manipulate. 

It is an entertainment alternative, but it is not a toy, but a weapon for target practice. It has a magazine with a capacity for 21 steel balls and works with a mechanism with 12-gram CO2 capsules, for about 40 shots, while its barrel is smooth-style. For added security, it is equipped with a manual safety, rear sight fix and a repeater fire mode. 

If you don’t know which pellet gun to buy, it would be wise for you to learn more about this model from the manufacturer Daisy.


Velocity: It is a semi-automatic weapon that works with a muzzle velocity of up to 152m/s and 0.5 joules.

Charger: It is equipped with a charger with a capacity for 21 4.5 mm steel balls and CO2 capsules.

Security: For greater security and to avoid accidents, it includes a manual insurance, as well as a fixed sight.

Construction: It has a robust construction, with an ABS plastic body. 


Kit: It does not include other elements, so the accessories must be purchased separately.

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Umarex Import UM-25543

If you are looking for the best value for money pellet gun, take a look at the Umarex brand option. It is a model that faithfully emulates the well-known Walther P99, the same one that characterized the police forces at the end of the 90s. 

It is a compact plastic pellet gun, Softair type, that you can take with you for recreational activities. However, it is made of solid plastic and some good quality metal parts, so you can use it many times without any deterioration problems.

In terms of ergonomics, the grip offers a texture that prevents the pistol from slipping from the hands, in addition to having the characteristic reliefs for the fingers. In addition, users have given the model good ratings due to its range, which can reach 10 meters without losing the straight and accurate trajectory.

If this pistol has caught your attention, read our summary of features, below.


Practicality: This pistol has a spring mechanism, so you do not need accessories to make it work, only the pellet cartridge.

Ergonomics: It is a balanced weight model, which will allow you to aim comfortably.

Appearance: Its design offers good finishes and is very similar to the Walther P99 pistol.


Assembly: This gun, unlike others, cannot be disassembled, which could be a drawback for those who want a more realistic experience.

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Other products

Colts 1911

If you want to buy a pellet gun, it would be convenient for you to know this anniversary edition model of the Colt brand, which is a soft air gun that works with the pressure of the spring, so it is a 6mm caliber spring revolver. 

This model is made with high-quality and resistant materials, incorporating various robust materials in its body. Among these, the weapon has metal parts and others made of plastic. 

In relation to its design, it is an almost exact replica of an original and is available in black, weighing only 540 grams, making it easy to handle, in addition to its length being 21.6 cm. It works with a power of 0.5 joules for a range of 30 meters and, although it is not automatic, it has a magazine with a capacity for 12 shots.

Before making hasty purchases, you should learn more about the models of interest. Read the following pros and cons.


Power: It works with a power of 0.5 joules, which provides a range of 30 meters.

Construction: It has a robust construction with parts of the structure in metal and others in plastic.

Design: It has a design with careful finishes that make it look like a real gun, being available in black.

Operation: It is a spring gun, which means that it is activated by the pressure of a spring.


Briefcase: This pistol does not include a briefcase, which makes it difficult to move and portability.

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Ecommur SA P92 BAX

Air pistols offer a longer range than spring pistols and a shooting experience very similar to that of a real pistol. In this case, we are dealing with an emulation of the Beretta P92 pistol, which works semi-automatically and, due to its light weight, is comfortable to use.

In addition, it comes in a very complete set that includes 500 BB’s to shoot, 5 gas cylinders and a hard case, so you can start using the gun as soon as you receive it and have enough shots to entertain yourself for several hours. As for its power, it is estimated that it reaches 2.1 joules, so you will have no problem hitting targets at a medium distance. 

On the other hand, we cannot forget to mention that it offers good ergonomics and quality finishes, reasons that make it one of the best options on the market.

Although this might not be one of the cheapest pistols you will find, it is worth knowing it, to evaluate if it meets your expectations.


Appearance: It offers good finishes and its design faithfully emulates the Beretta P92 pistol.

Power: Thanks to its cylinder system, it reaches a power of 2.1 joules.

Kit: It comes with a practical rigid case, to store everything you need and transport the gun safely.


Barrel position: It is likely that in your first shots you will need to adapt to the position of the sight, because the barrel could be lower than expected.

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Umarex XBG

There are many cheap pellet guns, but if what you need is a powerful version that offers a good shooting experience, you can analyze this model.

It is a pellet gun with a design based on the Walther P99, so you will be able to hold and transport it comfortably, given its compact dimensions and light weight. However, its CO2 magazine allows it to fire at a speed of 125 m/s to accurately hit targets several meters away.

It should be noted that, as in the model it emulates, you will find a rail on the body, which will allow you to adapt some accessories, if you wish. It has a magazine of 19 4.5 mm caliber pellets and you won’t have to worry about protecting your eyes, since the purchase kit includes the glasses so you can start using the gun safely.

So that you are more sure of your purchase, we present the highlights of this model in our summary of pros and cons,


Ergonomics: It is a pistol that offers light weight and a good feeling when holding, due to the design it emulates and the resistant materials that make it up.

Power: It can reach a power of 2.73 joules. Thus, the trajectory of the shot is straight and it is more possible to hit the target.

Set: 5 CO2 charges, protective glasses and 500 pellets are included with the purchase.


Briefcase: This model does not include any case for you to place the gun and its accessories.

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Guide to buying pellet guns

To practice shooting, participate in airsoft games, among other situations, you will need to be equipped with a pellet gun. However, there are many properties that differentiate these weapons and there are those who do not know what characteristics to look for. For this reason, we have prepared a guide to buy the best pellet gun, with everything you need to know to make your purchase a success.

Shopping guide

Manufacturing materials

When making a comparison of pellet guns, we find that the manufacturing materials are a direct indicator of the quality of the weapon’s structure, as well as giving an idea of ​​its durability. In this sense, pellet guns can be made with a metal body. These models are resistant and have in favor that it is a material that provides an adequate grip and sensation in the hands, because its weight tends to be more similar to the real models, in addition to the fact that they are not flimsy, since on the contrary, the Metal pellet guns are robust and resistant. 

On the other hand, you can also get other alternatives on the market that are made of ABS or PVC plastic. These weapons have lower resistance, but their performance is adequate. They are light pistols and depending on the person, their handling can be easier and faster. 

Finally, there are some manufacturers that make models of dual pellet guns, that is, they have bodies made up of both metal and plastic parts. These alternatives have a medium resistance level and when selecting them, it is prudent to analyze which pieces are metal, being important that the barrel is. In the case of the magazine and the grip it is a matter of preference; however, there are those who recommend that these pieces be metallic. 


Within the long weapons we find different types of models, so if there is a good and cheap pellet gun, it will be prudent to analyze the type. In this way you will know if it is suitable or not for the requirements. In general, you can get several types: there are long weapons and short weapons. In turn, this classification has a subcategory and according to this there is a regulation, since although they seem, these products are not toys. 

In this sense, you can get hand-loaded air guns that are fired by a spring. In addition, you can find pre-compressed air pistols on the market in an internal chamber of the revolver and finally, we find CO2 weapons that are activated through disposable capsules with different grams. 

The marked difference between all these alternatives is the way of firing and loading, as well as the exit speed of the pellet. You should know that this output is higher in CO2 models. Compressed air weapons are category 4. For this reason, there are 4.1 pistols that are of the semi-automatic type, with repetition, as well as double-action revolvers that are activated with air or another compressed gas. There are also the 4.2, which are single action weapons and fire a single shot for manual reloading.


In the market you can get many designs of pellet guns. From some that look like exact replicas of the original weapon, to others that are more toy-like in appearance. In this sense, there are some models of long and short weapons, within which revolvers and those similar to 9mm pistols can be obtained. However, all of these work with small projectiles of a maximum of 6 mm, which can be made of steel or plastic. In design, it is important to analyze color and weight. Weapons are recommended to be light and portable. When selecting a design, it is also convenient that it has worked finishes and is similar to the original models.


If you want to know how much a pellet gun costs, then in addition to its type and design, you should analyze whether the manufacturer includes only the weapon or a complete kit. In this sense, the higher cost models are those that incorporate various accessories that improve the shooting experience, by including protective goggles, a pistol protection case to facilitate its portability, as well as a holster and additional ammunition, as well as spare capsules. CO2 (if applicable). With these alternatives you can practice shooting immediately. 

On the other hand, with a lower cost are the models that only include the weapon and an additional load of pellets. Remember that its price is lower, but in any case it will be necessary to purchase the rest of the accessories separately.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a pellet gun automatic?

This project would be a modification. However, it is a process that requires many tools and basic knowledge. Pellet guns are not toys, so making these modifications could jeopardize the safety and proper function of the gun. It is best to buy an automatic pellet gun directly. On the other hand, you need to remember that these weapons are regulated and in the case of automatic models, they require documentation known as “weapon cards”, where the ID number must appear, as well as other data of the owner.. 


Q2: How do you load a pellet gun?

This will depend on the type of pellet gun. If it’s a spring-loaded airsoft gun, you just need to pull the spring magazine down and then place the pellets in the loading area. Next, it must be placed downwards with your finger, in order to reduce the tension of the spring. By doing this, the gun is ready to fire. If it is a cartridge model, it is necessary to remove the cartridge and insert the ammunition one by one. Then the cartridge must be put in its place.

Q3: How to make a pellet gun target?

If you want to sharpen your aim, it is best to practice shooting. To do this you need to have a target. Pellet guns are typically used on shooting ranges. However, you can make a homemade dartboard if you have a large and safe space. On the internet you can get some models of small arms targets that can be printed and that will help you have a better aim. So the next thing is to get a base of wood or other sturdy material and cut it in a circular shape, then glue the model to white. Finally, it is necessary to put the target at a distance of about 15 meters and start shooting.

Q4: How to fix a pellet gun?

One of the most frequent problems is that it gets stuck. This happens because some pellets were fired but when the trigger was pulled they did not come out, which leads to the gun jamming. To solve this problem, what must be done is to remove the cartridge and see how many pellets are left, so you will have an estimate of the amount that is stuck. Then with a rod he tries to remove the pellets, remembering that the gun must be unloaded. Another problem that frequently occurs is in the charger area. For this reason, it is recommended to remove the charger, remove the pellets and reassemble. In general, these weapons have an estimated life time of 8 months. 

Q5: How to paint a pellet gun?

The paint to be used must be spray paint and it is necessary that, regardless of the shades that are selected, they must be matte, since the glossy ones are not suitable for these projects. A wide surface should be placed with newspaper and a bit of cardboard and the gun should be placed on it. Cover the barrel by wrapping it with paper, as well as any other holes. Next, apply the paint, let it dry and you’re done. Do not forget that the weapon must be unloaded throughout the process. 

How to use a pellet gun

Pellet guns are instruments used to improve shooting through safe practice. Although they are not real weapons, they are not toys either and care must be taken with them. In recent years they have become popular, but there are those who do not know how to use a pellet gun. Therefore, below we will give some keys and tips that will help you improve its use.

Check the contents of the packaging and take out all the accessories

When receiving a pellet gun, the first thing to do is check the contents of the package. To do this, it must be opened and the contained elements removed. Depending on the model, the package must include at least the pellet gun and an additional set of ammunition. However, other alternatives include eye goggles, a large ammunition pack, a carrying case, and even a holster. Therefore, it is indicated to check if there is a specification outside the packaging that indicates what accessories it includes. If they are not complete, you should contact the seller or manufacturer.

Find and read the manufacturer’s instructions  

The next thing is to look for the manufacturer’s instructions where the considerations that it recommends for the safe use of the equipment are established. Therefore, it is convenient to take a look at these indications and follow the safety advice. 

Arm and supply the pellet gun 

Once you’ve read the manufacturer’s instructions, it’s time to assemble the pellet gun. In many cases, these weapons come half-assembled, requiring only the charger and provisioning. To do this, take the pellets and projectiles indicated for the chamber of the gun and remove about 12 from the packaging.

Next, take the magazine with your hands and place it vertically on a flat surface and introduce the ammunition one by one, until it is fully loaded. The magazine then needs to be placed in the gun and it is ready to go. 

In case it is a model that works with projectile propulsion through CO2 capsules, you must also place them. Each of these cylinders usually has the strength to fire at least 15 pellets, so one bottle will suffice for a full load.

Get the weapon card 

These items are not toys, they may not be deadly, but they do require documentation known as a weapons card. It must include the ID number, as well as the user’s data. This document is processed before the town hall and to grant it the conduct and background of the person is considered. In the case of so-called automatic weapons, it is valid for five years.

Use the gun responsibly

Remember to only use it in polygons, shooting ranges and authorized places. When you take the shots, protect your face with glasses and remember that safety is paramount, to take care of your life and those of the people around you.

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These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Cybergun 180126

When looking for a cheap pellet gun, this model presented by the Cybergun manufacturer stands out for its competitive price and attributes that make it an alternative that you should include on your list. 

Se trata de un arma de muelle, que funciona por la propulsión de un resorte, con una potencia de 0,7 julios y un alcance entre 10 y 15 metros. El fabricante ha dotado este modelo con un diseño de piezas trabajadas, con acabados realistas, incorporando tanto metal como plástico ABS en su estructura y cuerpo. 

Por otro lado, tiene un peso liviano de 550 gramos, lo que facilita su portabilidad y manejo, mientras que también posee una longitud de 21,7 cm, siendo un tamaño realista. Esta arma corta está equipada con un cargador con capacidad para 12 balines de 0,25 gramos y 6 mm. Es conveniente como arma de apoyo en partidas de airsoft.

Las compras exitosas son las que se analizan y aquí puedes conocer más de este modelo. 


Potencia: Funciona con una potencia de salida de 0,7 julios, para un alcance eficaz de 10 a 15 metros.

Construcción: Tiene una construcción resistente, con cuerpo metálico y áreas en plástico ABS.

Diseño: El arma corta tiene un diseño de réplica similar al original, disponible en color negro.

Peso: Es un arma liviana, pues su peso es de menos de 600 gramos, lo que facilita su portabilidad.


Cargador: Se ha dicho que el cargador no tiene el mejor funcionamiento y calidad.

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